Destination Wedding in Europe – FULL GUIDE of TOP VENUES

Why to plan a destination wedding in Europe?

Who doesn’t know that a destination wedding is hosting a wedding away from home, simple? Right? Duh!
But, there is so much more to it. Time has changed, couples are very specific about what they want for their wedding day.
More and more couples are opting for weddings that are custom made only for them.

From choosing a location that is special to them to opt for a theme that reflects the essence of their story.
A destination wedding in Europe among all the places is simply one of a kind. So, dreaming of a wedding that wows, we get it.
Traveling miles away from your home is a bold move, and this calls for a bold statement. How about romantic an intimate elopement, or
a big cremony in a historic castle, or an Italian villa in Tuscany? Yes! You guessed it right. Destination wedding in Europe. The dreamiest of all for destination weddings happen in Europe, as Europe is filled with hidden gems ideal for your most magical day.
Super excited to explore the destination wedding venues in Europe with me? Let’s Go!

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Meet the expert: We as SuperWeddings are an award-winning wedding videography and photography team that has traveled to various destination weddings in Eruope and trust us – we have seen it all. Now based on our experience and that of our couples, and the fact that we live in Spain(a European Gem) and our work takes us around the world. We decided to create this mind-blowing guide to help you choose from various unique wedding venues in Europe and to help you start planning your amazing destination wedding in Europe.

I love when couples choose to infuse a blend of culture and sophistication with the flair to the wedding. If you are on the same page, I am sure by the end of this read you will be able to whittle down your choice for your dream destination wedding in Europe. The good news is that there is an endless number of wedding destinations in Europe to choose from. And being a wedding photographer I have traveled to various destinations for weddings around the world, but I have come across the most majestic and dramatic venues for destination weddings in Europe. From a luxurious hotel nestled on winding cliffs to rustic and lush green countrysides. From royal and historical castles (allow me to share that the photographer in me already can think of all the picturesque backdrops for your wedding shoot) to classic and sophisticated villas. 

Destination Wedding locations in Europe

By now, you must have already understood our passion for travel and wedding photography and videoegraphy. Over the years with our experience and carefully observing and understanding client’s reviews, we have produced a list of destination wedding locations in Europe. Moving further in this section, how about discussing the types and styles of destination weddings in Europe?  We can’t wait to explore the most unique and dreamiest types of wedding destinations in Europe with you. Let us dive right into it.

1. Wedding Villa in a private Village

Yes, you read that right. A freaking village as a venue for your destination wedding in Europe. Think of saying your vows in a private church and ceremony room all for only you. Imagine a dazzling main house followed by an enclave of cottages for guests. All these surrounded by beautiful parkland will certainly turn your big day into a weekend celebration of love with music, laughter, and your crazy bunch of people. 

2. A Wedding in a Castle

A luxurious castle as your wedding venue will leave your guests flattered with delicious food from on-site farms and indulgent wine from the on-site vineyards. This will give your wedding an all-natural and organic vibe. Moreover, destination wedding venues like so can easily take your intimate wedding to a large gathering celebration with its unique touch.   

3. A Five Star Hotel wedding

Europe is often in conversation for its greens and beautiful landscapes, but the glam side of it is equally ravishing. Are you a couple who loves all things glamorous? Then you must opt for a hotel in Paris. Second-home to the gods of the glam world, this will glam up your wedding with your unique touch. 

4. A wedding in a Chateau

Imagine a wedding venue that was once home to a prince. Dreamy. Right? Choose to say “I do” in an ancient Chateau with a complete fireplace, bay windows, and panoramic terrace views. Chateau makes a lovely venue for a destination wedding in Europe as they reflect a perfect blend of a past and present elegant style. 

5. Island wedding

You and the love of your life love the blue waters, sun, and sand? Look no further than an island getaway. Go for a villa or a boutique hotel or a beach club overlooking the mesmerizing sea for a seaside wedding destination in Europe. Groove to the cool and relaxed boho vibe with drinks and music on your destination wedding in Europe

Luxurious Wedding Venues in Europe

Hosting a destination wedding in Europe has become very popular among millennials. This is for a simple reason, that Europe is a place that can bring every fairytale wedding live, as it is filled with many such popular and hidden gems fitting each different style of wedding. Are you hosting a luxury wedding soon? Europe is known for its romance and having luxury in the air. Isn’t it? Here we have a curated list of a few of the many luxurious destination wedding venues in Europe. 

1. Dukes London, United Kingdom

We all know of the United Kingdom for the existence of the Queen, the whole royal family, and the royal traditions. What can be more luxurious than getting married in a hotel that hosted the royal Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? This popular hotel is located at a distance of just five minutes from the royal Buckingham Palace. Be it an intimate affair with near and dear ones or a champagne reception with the trimmings, the wedding will leave the guests wowed with the essence of royal feels. 

2. Villa Balbianello, Italy

Italy is known for its classy taste in aesthetics. Villa Balbianello has become a popular choice for luxurious wedding venues in Europe after many celebrities gracing the venue with weddings. A huge mansion with beautiful suites and luxurious bathrooms is the most prestigious venue in Lake Como, Italy. This venue provides the best of both worlds, on one side is the view of majestic mountains, and on the other side overlooking the beautiful lake. Luxuriously dreamy. Right?

3. Chateau de Chantilly, France

If hosting a royal wedding is on your horizon, then this Chateau is the perfect choice for your luxurious destination wedding in Europe. With the second largest collection of antique paintings, this is a popularly chosen location for various movies. Furthermore, alongside the beautiful lush green gardens, the property also boasts of having the largest stables in Europe. Think of those pictures clicked in or around the stable with horses. Classic romance. Right?  

4. Villa Veneziano, Greece

Planning to take your vows in the spring or summer? How about combining a glorious wedding with an ultra-relaxing vacay? Villa Veneziano is the perfect choice for your luxurious destination wedding in Europe. It perfectly blends in with your love for the sun and the sea. Located on Lefkada Island, Greece, this is a luxurious venue with a view of the Lonian sea. Also, the island airport adds to the luxury and comfort of your guests and makes travel hassle-free.

destination wedding in europe venue

Destination Wedding in Europe – Italy

One can never fall short of mesmerizing backdrops for weddings when in Italy, scintillating ocean views, splendid architecture, and romantic cities whisper the tales of the past. Italy offers the most beautiful destination wedding venues in Europe. And Italians best know how to throw a party! Right? From ancient castles perched upon a hill in the countryside to frescoed villas with lush green gardens full of flowers. It is hard to choose one wedding destination in Italy. Here is a list of a few wedding destinations in Italy, perhaps this will help you shortlist our favorite one.

Destination Wedding Venues in Tuscany

If I had to pick my favorite destination it would be Tuscany. Do you know why? Quaint villas, majestic castles, medieval wedding villages, and luxurious resorts, you name it and Tuscany offers it all. Tuscany is the dreamiest wedding destination in Italy. Below are some of our favorite destination wedding venues in Italy. 

1. Villa Centinale

Influenced by Roman Baroque style architecture located near sienna. If a relaxed wedding in the most beautiful landscape of Italy is what you are looking for then this Villa will be your best bet as it is situated amidst lush green flower-filled gardens.  

2. La Foce

If you and your partner are keen on an intimate wedding with your near and dear ones then this is an idealistic destination wedding venue in Italy. It features a spectacular view of beautiful Italian gardens overlooking the Orcia Mountains. Doesn’t it sound picturesque scene straight out of a movie?

3. Borgo San Felice

This luxurious 5-star property is a Tuscan hamlet converted into a hotel. It is a perfect blend of world-class amenities and rural luxury with countryside charm.  Borgo San Felice is a great choice for couples wanting to host a luxurious rural intimate wedding.

4. Borgo Stomennano

Up for a rural wedding in Italy? This one is my personal favorite. I am sure you will love this one too. Surrounded by woods, vineyards, and olive groves, this family estate is now a converted holiday residence. It is located only at a distance of 10 mins from Siena by car, which makes this a perfect venue for your luxurious rustic and rural-style destination wedding in Italy. You can choose to get married in an elegant villa decorated with 17th-century frescos ideal for intimate and close weddings or in the wonderful, bright, and charming farmhouse perfect for larger groups. 

Destination Wedding Venues in Sicily

 Love a summer or a warm wedding? Sicily will be your best. Being one of the driest regions of Italy, Sicily is guaranteed a warm and summer wedding throughout the year. This enchanted island falls no short of beautiful backdrops, romantic vineyards, elegant beaches, and refined villas is a dream destination for weddings in Italy. Below are some of our favorite picks in Sicily that will help you choose your destination wedding venue in Italy. 

1. Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea

A wedding at Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea will exceed all your expectations. You can hire the entire property and wow your guests with complete freedom and privacy. If you are a romantic couple then this property located beautifully on the coastline overlooking the aquamarine sea of Italy will be your best bet. Sounds perfect. Isn’t it? 

2. San Dominico Palace

Can you think of anything more romantic than exchanging wedding vows in the medieval pomp against a backcloth of the aqua blue sea under the Mediterranean sunny sky? If you are the romantic type, then this Luxurious 5-star hotel is all that you will fall in love with. Make the wedding special for guests and your partner by giving it your unique touch. 

3. Therasia Resort

Your wedding deserves all the attention! Nesting on the cliff of Vulcanello is this 5-star hotel surrounding the blue waters and beautiful black rocks of the cliff.  Alongside offering the most breathtaking backdrop for your wedding stage, it will wow your guests with exclusive and elegant romantic interiors, reflecting the wild and rustic nature of the island. Pamper your guests with delicious food from a wide choice of food menu.  I am sure you will fall in love with every detail of your wedding here. Luxuriously romantic. Right? 

Destination Wedding Venues in Rome

Considering Rome for your destination wedding in Italy? You can never go wrong with this one. Getting married in the most enchanting city of the world that is home to the unique history, legendary iconic landmarks, and modern architecture. Destination wedding in Rome is the best choice and will be most loved by your guests. Let me tell you why! It is conveniently connected to the rest of the world by an international airport just 30 mins away from the center. No wonder your guests will love to extend their stay to explore the city post-wedding. Following are some of the top picks that will help you select a venue for your destination wedding in Rome.

1. La Posta Vecchia

La Posta Vecchia will be the excellent choice for your destination wedding in Rome if you are both romantic at heart and love the elegant estates. The authentic Italian food, mesmerizing artifacts, an enriching yet a romantic museum, and everything else about this property suggest that it has been carefully created for elegant, romantic, and grand weddings in Rome. you can never go wrong with this one. 

2. Hotel Hassler Roma

Are you a couple who are hosting a very relaxed wedding? A wedding that is more like a mini-vacation with your immediate loved ones? Hotell Hassler is all that you should resort to for your intimate destination wedding in Rome. Allow me to highlight what makes this one so relaxed and magical! The hotel offers exclusive access to the 7th-floor terrace that has one of the best panoramic views of the Eternal City, and also offers an in-house spa treatment for the guests to relax and enjoy the wedding like a vacation. Isn’t this all that you want for your relaxed intimate wedding? 

3. Aldrovandi Villa Borghese

Are you willing to host the most luxurious and elegant wedding? You can never go wrong with this one for your destination wedding in Rome. Aldrovandi Villa Borghese has made it to our list of top picks because of its uniqueness and sophisticated vibe. It is a truly magnificent wedding venue surrounded by historic monuments and picturesque views. Your guests can enjoy the luxury with complete privacy as this property is home to its own secluded garden, spa, and restaurant. Furthermore, you are offered 10 function rooms and halls furnished with the classiest Italian decor for the wedding or reception. Sounds luxurious and perfect for your wedding. Right?  

Destination Wedding Venues Lake Como

If there is one location that is undeniably the most popular wedding destination in Italy, it has to be Lake Como. This place offers a setting that is simply what dreams are made of. Here you can host your true fairy tale dream wedding, with a choice to create a dynamic flow of your events or to go for a wedding venue so one-of-a-kind that you do not move. One of the most unique places in the world where you opt for a ceremony spot, a lake cruise, to host a stunning reception and create a unique and magical experience. Geared up to explore our top picks for destination wedding venues in Lake Como?  

1. Villa Erba

Villa Erba tops the list of destination wedding venues in Rome for two main reasons. Firstly, it exudes elegance, luxury, and royalty. And secondly, because it is close by and very easily accessible from the main train station. This venue is home to beautiful roaring lion statues and an impressive staircase that reflects grandeur. Moving further, the property is unique in itself as it is home to a stunning lakefront garden, reception room, and the villa chamber for an after party. Truly unique. Right?

2. Villa Pizzo

Always imagined getting married somewhere rustic and most romantic? Look no further. Villa Pizzo is the wedding venue of your dreams for your destination wedding in Italy. Every corner and every wall of this Villa narrates a beautiful love story. The captivating terrace of the villa makes a perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Dreamy. Isn’t it?

Destination Wedding in Europe – Spain

The most spectacular location for your destination wedding can be none other than Spain. It is home to so many destinations that are romantic, adventurous, full of history and culture. We as wedding videographers and photographers have done over 300 plus weddings in Spain and the world. And will love to share all that we know about destination weddings in Spain. Excited about this? Let’s read further. 

Villa Aurelia Wedding in Rome

A destination wedding in Rome
in Villa Aurelia.

Would you like to see the wedding photos and vidoes that we made at a beautiful destination wedding in Rome?

Destination Wedding Venues in Barcelona

Dreamt of getting married in one of the oldest cities in the world? Barcelona lyes by the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by mountains and vineyard valleys make a beautiful wedding destination in Spain. It is home to old castles, modern hotels, and rustic country villas. Hopefully, we will be able to help you pick a venue for your destination wedding in Spain with our top picks mentioned below. 

Important note: And, you know, we are destination wedding videographers and photographers from Spain and we have covered weddings at the most stunning and mind-blowing locations and venues. We’ve created a detailed list with our TOP WEDDING VENUES IN BARCELONA to simply make your Barcelona destination wedding way more amazing. So let us help you with that here. 

1. Palace Barcelona

The Palace is the only classic luxury hotel in Barcelona to maintain its 1920s decor while being faithful to the Belle Époque tradition. It’s the ideal atmosphere for a dream Barcelona wedding and for those brides and grooms who want to celebrate their union in an intimate area. With its central location and spacious, elegant halls with high ceilings, the Palace is the ideal choice for exceptionally celebrating your luxurious Barcelona wedding.

2. Gran Villa Rosa

If you want to have an intimate, personal, and private affair, then a villa is your must. This destination wedding venue in Barcelona promises anonymity, luxurious lodging, convenience, and a special location to reflect your personality. Located 25 minutes from Barcelona International Airport, Gran Villa Rosa is a beautiful villa near Sitges previously established in 1496 as a wine castle. The villa has been restored and renovated with lavish facilities while retaining an antique and majestic atmosphere. At Gran Villa Rosa, you can have an outdoor or indoor wedding in a luxurious environment. An important fact might be that this venue has its own wedding chapel, making your destination wedding a little easier to plan. Might be one of the most chosen wedding villas in Barcelona. 

3. Castle of Vilasar

Who is not dreaming of getting married in a medieval castle? Here is our favorite, the most amazing venue where you can have your Barcelona castle wedding in a royal style. Being one of the oldest castles in all Catalunya, the Castle of Vilassar de Dalt offers several spaces for different types of weddings. If you’d like a religious ceremony, you can share vows at the cozy chapel and have the banquet and celebration at one of the several gardens next to the majestic castle. Having its own chapel makes this castle one of the most attractive wedding venues in Barcelona. It’s truly amazing – and we can’t wait to work there with you. 

Destination Wedding Venues in Mallorca

Mallorca, let me tell you that, once you visit Mallorca, you won’t want to leave! And what’s even more incredible, this delightful island is home to some magical, beautiful, and unique venues for you to celebrate your love and exchange vows with your partner in the most extraordinary way. Let me show you this fantastic list of my favorite wedding venues in Mallorca that will make you fall in love as well with the ever-popular star of the Mediterranean.

Important note: We’ve created a detailed list with our Top 25 Mallorca Wedding Venues to simply make your Mallorca destination wedding way more amazing.

1. Son Togoros

A Finca, with its typical Mallorcan arches and natural beauty, offers you a combination of rustic charm, a traditional environment, and peaceful experiences that will make your wedding day the most awesome and relaxed celebration of all time. Finca Son Togores is one of the best wedding venues in Mallorca if you’re looking for an exclusive setting rich in history and oozing traditional Mallorcan charm. Being a large estate situated only 20 minutes from Palma, Son Togores this old Mallorcan rustic Finca fits perfectly with a relaxed and elegant wedding or elopement celebration. Oh, and let’s not forget about its exquisite patios and gardens and the exposed stone facades that will serve as a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos and video.

2. Bellver Castle

There’s nothing better than making dreams come true, especially when it comes to love and marriage. And which girl hasn’t ever dreamt about getting married in a big castle, with a horse-drawn carriage and a prince charming? I must emphasize here that there is no better way to start this section than with the famous Castell de Bellver. Built in the 14th century for King James II of Mallorca, this Gothic-style castle straddled in a wooden hillside is the only circular castle in Spain. This astounding venue has served as the residence of the Kings of Mallorca, a military prison, and now is one of the main tourist attractions of the islands. Isn’t it awesome? And you can get to celebrate your wedding here! Has your childhood dream been to get married in a castle? Then, Bellver Castle is your ideal setting!

Destination Wedding Venues in Gran Canaria

Beautiful beaches, prominent mountains, breathtaking ravines, sand dunes, fairy tale forests, stunning gardens, caves, you name it! If you are looking for the most fun and adventurous wedding or elopement experience of all times, then Gran Canaria is a MUST destination for it! Let me show you some of the gems that this island has to offer and of course, I will list you some of the best Gran Canaria wedding venues.

Important note: We’ve created a detailed list with our Best Gran Canaria Wedding Venues to simply make your Gran Canaria destination wedding way more amazing.

1. Maroa Beach Club

Gran Canaria, there’s no fairytale setting you can’t find with the wonderful seaside venues you’ll find here. What is more romantic than having your wedding at a heart-shaped isle? Yes, darling, come now and get married at Maroa Beach Club, the largest leisure terrace located on the Island of Anfi. Involve in this world of sensations that only the spacious, comfortable, and differentiated spaces of Maroa will provide you. Have a beach wedding like no other, with an unforgettable ceremony on the beach, and then a relaxed yet joyful celebration at the beach club’s restaurant full of magical sensations. Oh, and if you are in love with water sports as well, this is the best wedding venue and holiday destination!

2. Montecristo Botanical Park

Gran Canaria is home to some lovely, picturesque gardens that will make you feel like inside an enchanted forest. Imagine exchanging your vows surrounded by natural beauty and celebrating until 5:00 in the morning at this botanical garden located in Maspalomas. Montecristo Botanic Park is this impressive wedding venue founded by the famous French designer Guy Martine, which has several of his famous sculptures coexisting with gorgeous plants and trees from around the world. Oh, and don’t worry about accommodations for you and your guests, because the park also includes a lovely hotel with magnificent views of the gardens. And you, what’s the best of this oasis? You can actually have the banquet and party in an authentic cave on the site. How cool, isn’t it?

Destination Wedding Venues in Marbella

If you have zeroed down to Marbella for your destination wedding in Spain then you are in for plenty of magical and unique wedding venues to consider. It is a heaven for those in search of sea, sunshine, and sangria as it enjoys the Spanish sun for almost 320 days around the year. While the city is known for luxury and professionalism, it is also loved for its lively neighborhood, romantic flower-filled streets with white-washed houses, and flower-filled balconies. Marbella has covered it all, whether you are party people? Or beach bums? Or are you super laid-back? Or if you like all things classy and sophisticated. Marbella offers unique wedding venues from resorts, luxury yachts, classic hotels, beach villas to a castle in the countryside, it offers a variety for you to plan your wedding exactly how you want it to be.

Important note: We’ve created a detailed list with our Unique Marbella Wedding Venues to simply make your Marbella destination wedding way more amazing.

The Marbella Club

Marbella is home to the most Urbanic and enviable coastline, the view of mountains and the sea makes an idyllic and romantic backdrop for a perfect beach wedding. If you wish to take your wedding vows barefoot and feel the golden sands, with the soothing sound of waves, under the warmth of the magnificent Spanish sun then The Marbella Club is for you. The vibe here will put you in the mood for a wedding and also a holiday with your friends and family. It is the amalgamation of a beach club, a golf course, and a stunning botanical garden. Your guests will fall in love with the gentle microclimate, the sea air, and the mountain view. Your beach wedding will be nothing less than a show-stopping fiesta by the sea.

Hotel Monasterio

Who will not love a quiet, rustic, and enchanting typical village-style getaway from the hustle and bustle of Marbella, I will. I am sure you will too. Now, take a moment and imagine a rural wedding venue ripened with Spanish history, prestige, and culture. Reflecting the charm of traditional 18th-century Spanish monastery, this rural setting hotel near Sotogrande makes the ideal location for a rustic private wedding. Hotel Monasterio is one of the top rural wedding venues in Marbella, and I am sure the magnificent entrance, the grandeur of wooden beams, and exposed brick walls will leave your guests stunned and make your special occasion a grand one.

Villa Padierna

Marbella is popular for its glamour and luxurious lifestyle, this city has it all from designer shops to luxurious properties. Marbella is second to none when looking for top luxurious wedding venues. What better than getting married in a palace surrounded by the Sierra Mountain? This extravagant hotel is located 4.5 km away from the very popular Puerto Banus. The luxurious hotel is strewn with well-equipped suites, villas, and rooms, your guests will be stunned at the beautiful paintings, amphitheater, and fountains adorned by this property. I am sure The Anantara Villa Padierna needs no detailed explanation to be your choice for a luxury wedding venue in Marbella.

Destination Wedding Venues in Fuerteventura

Destination wedding in Fuerteventura is best for you if you are a couple who is looking for a relaxed destination wedding celebration with your close family and friends. Fuerteventura weddings are perfect as this place is home to lovely people, delicious food, and great weather around the year. Convinced already? Here is more. Fuerteventura is the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. If a beach-style destination wedding in Europe is on your cards, then hosting a destination wedding in Fuerteventura will wow your guests and I am sure you will create beautiful memories that will live forever. Interested? Below are my favorite picks of destination wedding venues in Fuerteventura.

Sheraton Beach Golf & Spa Resort

The Sheraton Beach Golf & Spa Resort is the ideal venue for your destination wedding in Fuerteventura as it is home to a perfect blend of both worlds, set in spectacular gardens, filled with Canarian flora but also with a very classy and intimate lounge and dining area. Imagine getting married on the golden sand in a beautiful garden with a panoramic ocean view. Perfect for your intimate romantic wedding. Right? But if you are a couple who loves all things grand, then this property offers 6 private and luxurious function rooms. And also holds an impressive capacity of 500 guests. 

Secrets Bahia Real Resort & Spa

Up for catching some rays at the beach and celebrating your wedding while you spend the day relaxing at this luxurious resort for your destination wedding in Fuerteventura. It is perfect for a beach wedding yet is located very close to the city center. Your guests will be flattered when they enjoy the variety and delicacies offered at 9 restaurants, furthermore, the well-decorated 245 rooms will accommodate all the guests (in case of the elaborate wedding with bigger groups). Did you think your venue will be more like a holiday resort? This is just like that. Isn’t it? 

Destination Wedding in Europe – Greece

destination wedding in europe greece

Greece is one of the most unforgettable choices for destination weddings in Italy. Ask me why? Because Greece is home to beautiful beaches, impossibly blue waters, romantic sunsets, and offers world-class cuisine. And these are all essential ingredients for you to host a dream destination wedding in Italy. Right? Greece certainly is home to some of the most majestic and magical destination wedding venues which is why many millennial couples hop on a plane to say their wedding vows. Let us together discover the wedding venues in magical Mykonos, charming and seductive Santorini. 

Destination Wedding Venues in Mykonos

Mykonos is the most desired venue for destination weddings in Greece, and this is not an accident. It is home to a uniquely cosmopolitan lifestyle, sophisticated nightlife, stunning natural beauty, and picturesque villages. I am sure, your wedding pictures will make your family and friends believe in postcards. It is all things beautiful and dreamy. Come explore with me the top picks for your romantic and beautiful destination wedding in Greece.  

Mykonos Blu

Always dreamt to say your wedding vows at a destination often seen on Instagram feeds and glossy wedding magazines? Mykonos Blu is the perfect venue for your oh-so picture-perfect destination wedding in Greece. This beauty is home to various indoor and outdoor and also ocean-front spots to host the ceremony. Also, you can choose from an island bungalow or a private villa for your guests. It is the dreamiest venue where the sun wraps each day in brilliant white sand. Straight out of your dream. Right? 


Nammos is the best-known beach club for destination weddings not only in Greece but worldwide. Located on the Psarou beach this is a go-to place on the island to see and also to be seen. Amongst the many spectacular destination wedding venues in Greece that Mykonos has to offer Nammos is one of the most elegant. Hosting a destination wedding at Nammos in Mykonos, Greece will be a unique experience and wow your guests with delicious food, lively music, and beautiful fireworks. Make sure to spice it up with a surprise entry on the Riva yacht. 

Villa Allegria

An epitome of luxury, featuring top-notch amenities, a private helipad, and an infinity swimming pool is this most coveted property for a destination wedding in Europe. The villa is home to a poolside event area, a garden event area with a panoramic sea view, and a private chapel for hosting a wedding ceremony. Your guests will be flattered by the hospitality and comfort of well-decorated suites and executive rooms. I am sure you can never go wrong with this one. Right? 

Destination Wedding Venues in Santorini

Hosting a wedding by the beautiful setting of one of the most dramatically spectacular islands in Greece? How about hosting a destination wedding in Santorini? Being a wedding videographer and photographer, I have always seen Santorini promising a treasure of beautiful memories with its breathtaking views overlooking the Aegean Sea. Choose from a tasteful and rich variety of wedding venues as you say #ido on your #mostmemorable day while you witness a stunning sunset. Already convinced at Santorini to host your destination wedding in Greece? Let us explore some of my favorite venues.


Imagine a dreamy wedding in a whitewashed cubiform house, with a backdrop of volcanos and impeccably beautiful blue waters. Insanely beautiful. Right? This beautiful property is farmed by the sea and the mountains, to give this your unique touch choose to say #ido on the wedding terrace high on the hillside or at the sea in the private yacht. I am sure the wedding memories will be for a lifetime. I am more of a wedding on the terrace person. How about you? 

Venetsanos Winery

Who doesn’t love wine? And wedding and wine go hand in hand. Right? That is what makes Venetsanos a perfect venue for your destination wedding in Greece. Being the oldest vineyard on the Island, its authenticity is what flatters guests. The panoramic view of the Caldera Bay and the volcano makes a beautiful backdrop for your wonderful and memorable pictures. Ready to say #ido at this magical venue? So are we to click your #mostmemorableday

Canaves Oia Epitome

Think of getting married in one of the top destinations for intimate weddings in Greece. Dreamt to host your guests with bespoke hospitality? You can never go wrong with Canaves. This place is home to the best view of the Aegean Sea, it is a poetic reflection of romantic luxury. Can there be any better place to host your dream destination wedding in Greece? I am all in for this one for a super luxurious intimate wedding. 

Destination Wedding in Europe – France

Hosting a destination wedding in France? There is not one but many reasons why people from all over the world flock to France for their dream destination wedding. Destination wedding in France is all about timeless romance. Your guests will be flattered with poetic landscapes, rustic charm, and sophisticated style, and oh the delicious food and wine. Need I say more? If you are a couple with extraordinary taste, then France is undoubtedly an excellent choice to host your dream destination wedding. Cannot wait to explore the destination wedding venues in France? Neither me!

Destination wedding in Paris

Can there be anything more romantic and dreamy than getting married in the city of love? Think of your wedding pictures with a backdrop of the world-famous Eiffel Tower. Call me biased for this, but I cannot disagree with Audrey Hepburn for saying – “Paris is always a good idea”. And why wouldn’t anyone listen to Audrey, Right? So let’s dig into some of the most beautiful destination wedding venues in Paris.

Shangri La Paris

Being extra romantic, getting married to your one and only in the city of love? Ever dreamt of getting married with a view of the majestic Eiffel Tower as your wedding backdrop? Shangri La Paris is the place for you my dear. Impress your lady love and leave your guests spellbound with champagne under the starry night with the view of the twinkling Eiffel Tower from your very own rooftop. Need a pinch? Yes! this is how hosting a destination wedding in Paris can look like. Straight out of your dreams. 

The Four Seasons Hotel George V

I cannot recommend this venue enough to host your dreamiest destination wedding in Paris. I can go on and on for hours talking about how magical this wedding venue is. This place redefines luxury in the city of love & light. And my dear, weddings are all about love, light, luxury, and laughter. Right? So this place is all you need to host the most magical destination wedding in Paris. And your guests will fall in love with the city too, as it is perfectly situated for exploring the city. Can’t get any better. 

Ritz Paris

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then this is the best choice for you. Ask me why? Because the furniture here changes by the season, ‘just like fashion’. Interestingly unique. Right? Home to a large outdoor garden space and well-decorated ballrooms this wedding venue is perfect for you to host a unique destination wedding in Paris. All packed to say your vows here?

Destination Wedding Venues in Provence

Decided to flock towards the South of France to host your destination wedding in Europe? Well, think of soothing summer, lavender fields, majestic landscapes, rich cultural experience. Dipped in the atmosphere of celebration already? How about hosting your destination wedding in Provence? Provence is the breathtaking part of southern France, home to a Mediterranean climate and a spirit of tranquility. I love Provence for a destination wedding because it has a little bit of everything amazing to host a perfect destination wedding in France. Let us explore a little bit of Provence and my favorite wedding venues in Provence.  

Chateau De La Gaude

This quiet wedding venue is home to beautiful gardens, an onsite brewery, wine caves, an upscale restaurant, and a view of the majestic Sainte-Victoire Mountain of the French Alps. Can you think of anything else that can make your wedding more dreamy than this? This place is a perfect blend of French Chateau’s old charm and a modern minimalist style. Recently renovated with the latest 5-star amenities, it is a dream venue to host a magical destination wedding in Provence France. 

Chateau Martinay

Hosting a cozy and intimate wedding? How about going all out and hosting a destination wedding in Provence the celebrity style? Chateau Martinay was the choice of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s cozy wedding too. This property is beautifully surrounded by nature and hosts 7 bedrooms and 3 suits. All the bedrooms are tailored with beautiful and modern interiors and a unique color palette. Think of splashing in the swimming pool with your friends and family for that extra after-party fun. Sounds perfect and fun. Right? 

Destination Wedding Venues in Brittany

Do you wish to host your destination wedding at a venue that is an all-in package with idyllic landscapes, quaint villages, and stunning seashores? I must say you have great taste. What if I say, you can add a charming castle in the countryside to your list too. How about hosting your destination wedding in Brittany? It is home to all things you wish for. Located in the northwestern region of France, Brittany has a beautiful mild climate and is packed with a character and an off-beat track to lift your wedding to a level up. All set to explore the wedding venues for a destination wedding in Brittany?

Expert tip: Do not forget to add crepes and cider to your menu when hosting a destination wedding in Brittany. It might sound basic but trust me it is worth a million dollars. Sorry for being a foodie here! Ok now let’s transport you straight to Brittany. 

Beautiful Brittany Chateau

Beautifully sitting at the water’s edge of a small lake is this breathtaking property for your destination wedding in Brittany. Huge terraces and lawns, and the long and rustic french windows give the perfect and authentic french vibe to your wedding setting. Think of a royal entry by the lake with a display of sparkly fireworks. Sounds like a perfect destination wedding venue to me. How about you? 

Chateau Du Grand Val

Think of your destination wedding venue in Brittany as a quaint town sitting on the hill with lush green surroundings, and beautifully Brittany-style cottages all to yourself to host a very private and cozy destination wedding. Chateau Du Grand Val is home to a chapel for an indoor traditional wedding ceremony, also with a choice of an outdoor well-manicured park for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Spoilt for choices already? Read further. Host a wedding brunch with bubbly champagne on the terrace with a view of blooming hydrangeas and a stunning pond, or go for a BBQ lunch by the pool for a more relaxed vibe. Enjoy your wedding in your style and make it the #mostmemorableday of your life. I hope after this really elaborate read you must have realized how difficult it is for a wedding photographer and videographer to not fall in love with Europe to shoot a destination wedding. I am sure you have picked up your favorite venue for your destination wedding in Europe. Let me guess, Paris? Or Greece? How about getting into further details of planning a destination wedding in Europe? Ready to read about it. Let’s get going.

Destination Wedding in Europe – photographer and videographer

I will be more than elated to be a part of your #mostmemorableday. Being a destination wedding photographer and videographer, capturing weddings is not just business but it’s more about creating memories that last for a lifetime and are passed on from generation as a tressure. My love for travel and passion for wedding photography makes us the best at what we do. If you loved exploring Europe as your wedding destination with me, then why not go through the wedding films here that we have created. If you like these then feel free to write to us and we can discuss in detail your destination wedding photography and videography.

Destination Wedding in Europe packages

If saying I-do in a faraway land has always been your dream then I am sure this read must have been the most beautiful ride for you. Destination weddings get riddled with long-distance conversations, language barriers, and cultural and legal differences. We always suggest taking the help of a local expert. We at Super Weddings will not only provide you with all-inclusive wedding videography and photography services but also will be more than happy to help you find the destination wedding venue that fits your alley just right. Because we believe in building a bond with our clients we truly go out of our way to make your day just as you imagined.
We will introduce you to the list of vendors for wedding supplies and destination wedding planners.  Team Super Weddings will be with you at every step and help you make your dream come to reality.  

Destination Wedding in Europe checklist

However, thrilling a destination wedding in Europe sounds, it does need a lot of additional planning to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day. Don’t worry here is a short checklist for you to follow.

  • Decide on your wedding destination and wedding venue.
  • Double-check your passport and travel visas.
  • Book a local wedding planning team and define your wedding style and priorities. 
  • Legal requirements to get married:
  • Full birth certificates from both parties (originals or certified copies)
  • If divorced or widowed, the divorce certificate or the spouse death certificate. 
  • In case of the name change, deed proof of name change. 
  • Please know that travel and marriage regulations change regularly and vary from country to country. Make sure to double-check the regulations of the destination you choose to get married in. 

Destination Wedding in Europe – frequently asked questions

destination wedding europe party

1. Where is the best place to get married in Europe?

Finding the right partner that makes your heart skip a beat must be easier than selecting a wedding destination out of many wonderful ones that Europe has to offer. The best place for a wedding might vary for every couple according to their preferences. Some might like a glamorous wedding in the city of love – Paris, while others might want to go for a more historic and country-side rustic vibe. The Good news is that Europe has something amazing for everyone. If you ask me, I have two favorites, Tuscany and Greece. 

2. Cheapest Place in Europe to Get Married

Europe is home to a few destinations that offer all the fancy perks of picturesque locations and a  classic romantic atmosphere, but without a head-spinning cost for the same. The ones that top my list are Santorini, Greece, and Dubrovnik, Croatia.Important note: Please know that you can still host a wedding in your budget at your dream destination by working with the right vendors and involving a wedding planner that will cater to your needs accordingly. 

3. What are the most expensive wedding venues in Europe?

Europe is synonyms to sophistication, romance, and luxury. Saying the vows with the love of your life is certainly the #mostmeroableday of your life. As said Europe has much of romantic and luxurious air to offer, these two are my top favorite luxurious destination wedding venues in Europe, Dukes London in the United Kingdom, Villa Balbiano, Italy. 

4. How to Plan a European Wedding?

Europe is most preferred for destination weddings by people from all over the world. However romantic and magical hosting a wedding in Europe is, planning a picture-perfect wedding might be a little daunting. Following are some tips you can plan a destination wedding in Europe like a breeze.

  • Check the weather:

IF you choose to get married in the southern part of Europe then you must watch out. The European weather can be quite unpredictable, it can get very hot and also very rainy at the same time. 

  • Plan the wedding well in advance:

Wedding venues in Europe are often booked in advance, it’s always advisable to choose the wedding destination and venue and book it at the earliest to get the destination wedding venue of your choice. 

  • Hire a Wedding Planner:

Organizing everything on your own for a destination wedding sitting in a foreign land might cost a dent in your pocket. It is always advisable to hire a local wedding planner to make your dream destination wedding stress-free and cost-effective. 

  • Visit the wedding venue yourself:

It is always advisable to visit the potential venues for your destination wedding venues in Europe with your wedding planner. The pictures that you might see on the internet might vary in person and also it is important to double-check the hospitality of the venue. 

  • Travel ahead of your guests:

Always a good idea to be uber prepared. Right? I suggest traveling a minimum of a week in advance to meet your wedding planner and vendors and sort out the last-minute details. As a destination wedding photographer and videographer, I prefer to travel at least one or two days in advance to study the wedding venue and plan the shoot well in advance for the best results. 

5. How much do weddings in Europe Cost

Europe is a popular choice for destination weddings, and as said it has something for everyone, the cost for a wedding here can be altered according to the budget of the host. But to give you an approximate estimate of the cost of hosting a wedding in Europe, here are the details:

  • Venue: £3000-£10000 (depending on the choice of the wedding venue)
  • Photography: £1000-£2000
  • Videography: £1500-£3500
  • Dj/Band: £500-£1500
  • Florist: £1000-£2000
  • Food: £3000-£6000
  • And the additional expenses for dress, makeup, wedding favors, and others. 

6. Is a destination wedding in Europe legal?

Yes, a destination wedding in Europe is legal. However, according to experts, it will be a great idea to hire a wedding planner for this, navigating the legal requirements for marriage in a foreign land in a foreign language might get a little too overwhelming. Every European country has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to marriage. I know I know this was quite a long read, but I hope this has helped you in planning your dream destination wedding in Europe. Also if you enjoyed this information and you are on your journey to plan a dream destination wedding in Europe then please free feel to reach out to us for building memories for a lifetime.
Bon Voyage!

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