Welcome in our tiny piece of world that I call SuperWeddings. And yes, my story starts somewhere deep inside of my heart that beats to family – my wife and two amazing kids, who I love to death. I am a destination wedding videographer & photographer traveling across Spain, Italy, France, Dubai and all over Europe and the Globe with my adventurous couples. My story is all about the sensual emotions and beauty between two hearts on their journey in becoming one. That’s how I define Fine Art Wedding Films. That’s how I define my way of life. Me and my amazing team are ready to work with you.

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The work of Super Weddings is truly a piece of art.


Frequently Asked Questions

to a destination wedding videographer & Photographer

It seems that you are looking for a destination wedding videographer or photographer for your destination wedding in one of the amazing countries like Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal or possibly Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or France? Or even if your destination has a different name I will do my best to explain how wedding videography and photography works and how should this help create your Destination Wedding into an even more amazing experience!

First of all you will find the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that couples tend to ask when booking wedding videography for their destination wedding.

Basing on our 7 year experience I will shortly explain the most important factors of our work that will hopefully give you a better understanding of what’s what.

How much does destination wedding videography and photography cost?

First of all reasonable and tailored to your personal request. We put a lot of our own emotions and heart to all the wedding films and wedding photos we do. Money is not our first priority, but of course you have to keep in mind that this is seasonal work and we only do this in our life.
I guess this allows us to call ourselves professional destination wedding videographers and photographers.

The prices for destination wedding videography and photography are different from country to country and from obviously as many companies that many prices you can find. Something that makes the biggest difference in my perspective is the sense of style and individuality – that the person you book represents the visual and personal taste that you love so much.
Every destination wedding videography and photography company has their own package list.

Our packages start as low as 750 Euro if you decide to shoot an adventure in Gran Canaria with us. You can find a good example of an adventure shoot here. Please feel free to contact us on the form below to get our full price list of packages.

Do you offer both destination wedding videography and photography services?

Yes we do offer photography services as well. With time after shooting so many wedding videos we have realized that photography has grown on us as well and we feel blessed to explore this art form for our amazing couples. Many couples love our style and the way we shoot video and love the idea of having similar frames for their destination wedding photography.
You can find more examples of our photography here

Do you work alone?

Yes and now – because Super Weddings is a team of a few super talented and creative people.
We share the work between each other in order to provide for the right person to your wedding.

But even though we work as a team in 90% of cases the destination wedding videographer or photographer will actually be one person. If you are reading this page in English then most probably your wedding requires for us to travel. For you having one cameramen is an advantage when it comes to transportation and hospitality costs – its simply less expensive. Also working alone gives us more creative freedom, which is vital for your story. Nevertheless if you really think that you need more people involved – let us know and I will arrange for as helping hand.

How do you work on the wedding day?

Most of your guest will think that I am one of your friends that they have never met before. I will never make you feel uneasy. You will actually love the time spend together. A typical destination wedding day is about 10 hours me filming you, from the getting ready until the dinner and party.

What do you offer?

What you receive from us is first of all a unique and emotional story of you and your special day. That’s the most important outcome of our services.

I don’t think that we can define love by the number of minutes or films. Our work is always very individual and people – oriented. Nevertheless usually the couples are happy having either a creative highlight film that lasts about 3-5 minutes, or a combination with a longer story that is around 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the weddings are big and last for a few days which very often is the case for indian Weddings – then we will do our best to prepare a tailored offer basing on your requirements and needs.

Are you able to come to our wedding even if it’s located in a different country?

Of course! We simply love destination wedding. As a destination wedding videographer – the travel is a big part of the story writing process. The journey itself has a great influence on our work. In the last few years we have traveled to each and every corner of the Globe and are more then happy to use this experience for you and your amazing wedding.

Super Wedding team is located in various countries around Europe – Spain, Norway, Poland and we are just a flight away from your wedding.

How do we meet?

Usually we meet on skype, or whats app. I think it is very important for both you and us, to speak and build a personal connection. Don`t worry usually it’s lots of fun to talk to each other.
We speak English, German, Polish and some Spanish.

How do we book a date?

First of all please fill in the form below or write us in the CONTACT tab When you are ready to choose Super Weddings to be your destination wedding videographer and/or photographer simply. When have already spoken and met each other online and you are as excited as we are – we sign a super simple contract and you guys make a deposit of 40% and we are good to go!

Can we have a couple session before the wedding itself?

Sure! We can come a day or two before and we can have some extra time together.

What we can also plan is to have another adventure a few weeks before your wedding in another destination and shoot something very personal and beautiful that you can show later on your wedding day to your guest.

Wedding Packages

Here you will find a brief information of our wedding videography and photography packages

01. The short creative film

This is the heart and soul of our videography. The short creative story is always about you but in many cases also a little about us. This is where you fall in love with the unexpected. We make a lot of effort and time to deliver you this fine art piece of magic.

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02. Full wedding film

This is where you get to see how it really happened. The longer film will include more of your family, friends the venue and ceremony parts for you to fall in love with the film again and again for years to come. Usual length is about 10-15 minutes, but in same cases on request we produce longer films as well.

03. Wedding Photography

As mentioned before we love shooting both destination wedding videography and photography and we love our couples for choosing us to document their destination weddings on film and photo. Normally we deliver between 250-650 photos depending on the package delivered on an individual gallery for you and your family to experience. There is also the possibility of requesting extra  prints and albums.

04. Extra Services

As each of our couples is different therefore our service as  destination wedding videographer of photographer for destination weddings can also differ from event to event. There is always an option of adding some extra to the packages of your choice such as:

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  • drone shots
  • extra shooting day
  • extra videographer/photographer
  • extra editing
  • raw files
  • speeches
  • prints and albums

I had come across Superweddings Film on Instagram, while researching someone perfect that would match our style for the wedding. Sebastian’s work just stood out. From his stunning cinematography and storytelling to the amazing music – we knew we had to reach out to him. SuperWeddings films and photography are truly artistic and we knew he would tell a beautiful, real story. We are incredibly lucky to have worked with him. The whole family has watched the wedding film over and over again – still in awe. He was extremely professional but also so sweet and friendly which made the whole experience that much better. I couldn’t thank him enough for giving me such wonderful everlasting memories. His work is truly storytelling at its best! – an amazing destination wedding videographer

Sonam & Shrenik, Abu Dhabi

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elope in spain - in the eyes of a wedding videographer

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We created an Ultimate guide on to how to elope in Spain.
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