All good stories start with a heartbeat

Sebastian Nandryka

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I don’t think I ever chose to become a wedding videographer; It’s destiny that pulled me in this direction. And you know what? I would not change a thing. I consider myself the luckiest person on earth by doing something I fell in love with. Yes, I definitely love portraying emotions with my films!

Check how creative you can be with me!



My wedding films are about the little things. The smiles, the tears, the sparkles in the eyes and the lips that anticipate the kiss of the loved one. It’s the people who make the story, it’s you who are the most important people for me on the wedding day – you fulfill my universe.

I want to feel your emotions, breath your love until I find the proper vocabulary to tell your unique story. First strangers, we will become friends.

What will happen on that day will become eternal for you, me – us.

This is why you are so special to me too.
This is why I make wedding films.

Yay! Super exciting Seb! So wonderful to see the day put together in such a romantic way. Phenomenal work, amazing skills. You really caught all of the emotions and it was a pleasure to have you around for our wedding

Cat & Max, Seville

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Even Batman didn’t work alone

I deeply believe that to be able to develop and constantly move forward, you must surround yourself with fantastic people, with which we can dream together, create and reach the stars.

Meet my partners in crime.

Adam Fabian Szewczyk

Probably one of the few people in the World who is not afraid of living on another planet.

Ever since I can remember the universe was a great interest of mine. I would definitely love to go into space one day and use the space shuttle as a drone substitute. Actually, whenever I am not shooting a wedding I love to go out into the wilderness and look at stars and contemplate about life and space – having my camera with me I do love shoot astrophotography. Will you be on my milky way?

Other than that I took on a healthy lifestyle a few years ago and I am not looking back. Thousands of miles done cycling, running or swimming, peak climbing and traveling off the trail above and beyond the horizon.

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kamil wojtak superweddings

Kamil Wojtak

It always seemed to me that following the crowd was a good idea. Now I know that the only route I need to follow is that of the heart.

Here I am: a cheerful realist addicted to the feeling of freedom and good music that comes with it. A biker, live band member, a fan of boxing and outdoor lifestyle and adventours.

Agnieszka Ostrowska & Maciek Jencz

We photograph, write, travel the world, sleep in a tent, eat plants, get lost, travel without a plan, learn about traditions, cultures, and we soak up nature. We escaped from the big city to a small village in Norway.

We are flexible, in love with travel, and we will go to your wedding to the last frontiers.

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My Playlist

I really believe that the best way to actually get to know a person is to listen to the music they like. This playlist will help you better understand my vibe. But honestly, there are some great tunes that will make you wanna dance, jump, have fun but also feel melancholic or lose a tear or two. Enjoy!


I simply love to travel. Your wedding might take place on the other part of the globe, but it’s just one flight away. There are so many places around the world I would love to visit and experience. Here are a few of the places I will go to witness firsthand.

Destination Wedding Videographer

May Italy, Como Lake

May Portugal, Porto

July Italy, Puglia

August Morocco, Marakech

August Italy, Rome

August Greece, Santorini

September Italy, Sicily

October Spain, Gran Canaria