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So if you are planning your Mallorca Wedding in 2024 or 2025 and are in search for the best Mallorca wedding videographer has landed you here, than I am sure you know your research well.
But, first things first – let me tell you that you have great taste. Hosting a destination wedding in Mallorca is simply an amazing decision! Saying the wedding vows on the most stunning Balearic Island is unbeatable. And you know what, the beautiful blend of Mediterranean setting and rich Spanish culture brings out the best of any destination wedding. We as SuperWeddings have been to many ceremonies in Mallorca, and we are more than happy to guide you through the island with some tips & tricks of advice to make your day even more special. So if you are looking for something personal, creative, fun and full of emotions and good energy – look no more!
We hope to become your Mallorca wedding videographers and party together on your wedding day on the island.

Mallorca Wedding Videographer – why SuperWeddings?

Well, let me keep it simple because you want a personal, unique and well told story about your love and your day. You deserve cooler memories and not yet another wedding video, but something that is really personal and transmits your unique energy.
As an award-winning wedding videographer in Mallorca, me and my team we have captured weddings worldwide, worked with people from different cultures and traditions, and loved the experience every time – of creating personal stories of the two of you. I am sure if you invest five minutes in this read and stay with us till the end, you will find your wedding videographer in Mallorca and why it should be Supperweddings. 

At Superweddings, we believe in helping people make cooler memories and aim to create a tressure that your generations will cherish. Because I am from Spain and Mallorca has my heart, I will not only be your wedding videographer in Mallorca; I will be your local man here. You can count on me for anything you need help with Or when you just love to see around this beautiful place. 

So if you are already on fire to write us – Let us discuss in detail the things you should know when looking for a wedding videographer in Mallorca.

“We love our wedding video – simply amazing!

Anastasia & Ross from NYC on their Mallorca wedding video.

Mallorca Wedding Videographer – Ana & Ross

Ana and Ross, It was one of the craziest and most fun weddings we have ever wittnesed. A Dutch girl is marrying a New Yourker with Irish roots on Mallorca – with guests flying in from all over the globe. And you know what made the wedding memorable and fun for us? I wasn’t only their Mallorca wedding videographer; we bonded while we explored the town, sat by quaint cafes, helped them with their wedding, and of course, captured their most magical day. 

Why to have a wedding videographer on Mallorca?

Well its really important to have someone who understands the local vibe, places and culture. Someone who not only can create a unique and personal story from your wedding day but also can help you maximaze your experience by exploring the island together. And oh boy – there is so much to explore on Mallorca!
Mallorca is home to stunning views and picturesque backdrops.  There is so much about Mallorca that makes everyone love the place – the beaches (also called “calas”), old little towns, the nature up in the mountains and the heart of the island, Palma de Mallorca.

Well, if you wish to know more about Mallorca and its places, we can discuss this over an email. Now, let’s get going and focus on finding you the best wedding videographer in Mallorca.

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So chosing a local wedding videographer in Mallorca is good or not?

Apart from excellent videography skills, it is best if your wedding videographer is a local man. No one knows the land better than the locals. In case of any emergency, a local wedding videographer will be able to reach to appropriate contacts. 

Moreover, a local wedding videographer is well aware of the weather and the hidden gems for a shoot that will make your wedding video unique and different from the rest. 

To add further, it will be best if your wedding videographer in Mallorca can double as your wedding photographer. Yes, you read that right. We at Superweddings can be your wedding videographer and photographer both. 

If you haven’t gone through our previous wedding video and photography, I suggest you check it out immediately after reading this. And please write to us with any queries. 

Also, do not forget that we love reading heart-melting notes even if you write to us if you like our work. So shoot us your thought now. 


Is it worth hiring a wedding videographer in Mallorca – or any other place in the matter of fact?

Will you visit a random family member when unwell or ask a doctor to design your house? Of course not. Right? Then how can someone else who is not an expert fill in as your wedding videographer in Mallorca?

Before we get ahead with this, I was hoping you could take a moment to consider these points.

  • Is your wedding day one of the most magical days of your life?
  • How do you plan to cherish this day? 

If you have thought over the questions above, you already have an answer. You do not want hazy, unclear videos or pictures from your wedding day. Think of it differently; these are not just wedding pictures or videos. These are the memories you will cherish for a lifetime; this is how you will relive the memorable moments from this day for your entire life. It is only your wedding video and pictures that your children and grandchildren will get to see, and that’s how they will know your wedding story. 

And, needless to write, whom should you reach out to for anything that screams wedding videography & photography in Mallorca? (hoping you thought of Superweddings in your mind).


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Pricing Wedding Videography Mallorca – Our Packages

Package 1 – Creative Wedding Film

This is our entry package for your Mallorca Wedding film.
This will include what we are known for – the creative highlight which is a short video packed with emotions, dynamic storytelling that will make your social media go crazy.  

  • Prewedding online meeting
  • Creative Social Media reel of up to 1 minures
  • Creative Highlight Video of 3 to 5 minutes
  • Drone Footage
  • 10 hours on the wedding day
  • High Quality of work
  • Travel & Accomodation
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Package 2 – Full Wedding Film

In this package as well we will make your social media drop its jaw while watching your wedding video highlight, as well as you will receive a full wedding film reportage. This way we can include a lot more details of your beautiful wedding in Mallorca.

  • Prewedding online meeting
  • Creative Social Media reel of up to 1 minures
  • Creative Highlight Video of 3 to 5 minutes
  • Full Wedding Reportage of 12 to 15 minutes
  • Drone Footage
  • 12 hours on the wedding day
  • High Quality of work
  • Travel & Accomodation

Package 3 – Wedding Film & Photos

Yes we can create for you both – wedding videography on Mallorca as well as photography.
This will include what we are known for – the creative highlight which is a short video packed with emotions, dynamic storytelling that will make your social media go crazy as well as lots of photos

  • Prewedding online meeting
  • Creative Social Media reel of up to 1 minures
  • Creative Highlight Video of 3 to 5 minutes
  • Full Wedding Reportage of 12 to 15 minutes
  • Approx 500 photos
  • Drone Footage
  • Online gallery
  • 10 hours on the wedding day
  • High Quality of work
  • Travel & Accomodation
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Mallorca Wedding Videography – how much does it cost?

Well, even though your wedding destination Mallorca is a one package fits all deal, I am afraid the wedding videographer in Mallorca isn’t. The cost of wedding videography depends on the scope of work, the photographer’s expertise, the number of events, and more. 

You might find wedding videographers in Mallorca ranging from as low as 1500 euros to as high as 10000 euros. It is best advisable to be clear about the scope of the work and the number of events if you want to squeeze in a pre or post-wedding shoot to your wedding videographer and create a custom package that suits your requirement. 

At the super wedding, our wedding videography packages in Mallorca start from 2950 Euros and vary according to the scope of work. We are always open to creating a custom package for you, so please do not hesitate to write to us with any queries. 

 Mallorca Wedding Videographer – how long will the videos be?

At Superweddings, as your wedding videographer, we believe in creating a wedding video that matches your vibe. You can opt for a wedding video in a documentary style; this will be a little more detailed and subtle. A wedding documentary is usually about 15-30 mins long. 

If you want something short and more fun, You can also go for a short creative film that will definitely create a buzz on your social media. A creative wedding film is about 10-15 mins long.

If you are a classic at heart, go for a wedding documentary, but if you like something more fun, something that’s creative and more trending, then you must opt for a creative wedding film. 

Moreover, if you are still confused about choosing what style of wedding video you should go for, just open your phone and email me. I am right there waiting for you. 

I hope you have all answers about your wedding videographer in Mallorca and how to find one (we will be over the moon to be the one for you). Most importantly, you must know at Superweddings; our focus is on helping you create memories; we aim at capturing a happy tear, the twinkle in your eyes when you look t the bride, a warm hug, crazy group selfies, and fun nights with friends. Because, in the end, this is what matters. Right? 

Let’s create some magic together. And capture your happily ever after for a lifetime.

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Why should I make your wedding photos in Mallorca?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning destination wedding videographer and photographer that works in Mallorca.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me – I am more super excited to answer all your questions and starting planning you your wedding day in Mallorca!

Btw – if you still have not decided for a wedding venue in Mallorca, please make sure to check this best Mallorca wedding venues list.

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Wedding Videographer Mallorca

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