Malaga Wedding – Melissa & Ian in Hacienda Nadales

Are you planning a Malaga Wedding or a wedding as such and are looking for some real life example of a super cool wedding? Oh boy then you will love that couple. Melissa & Ian fell in love with Malaga and decided to organize their wedding in this amazing city ofAndalusia. 

Malaga is home to sublimely picturesque sunsets, warm sandy beaches, and aesthetically pleasing palaces. Out of many beautiful wedding venues in Malaga, our adorable couple chose to take their wedding vows at the royal Hacienda Nadales. Ian is an architect at heart and best at what he does was wowed with the architectural beauty of this 18th-century palace. I am super happy to be adding beautiful memories to their list, not only as of the Malaga wedding photographer and videographer to this power couple from Brussels but more as a friend now. Trust me! When saying this, with Melissa and Ian I have explored Malaga with completely different eyes and fell in love with it all over again. Thus, in this read, I have curated everything that will help you host a spectacular wedding in Malaga. 
All set to explore Malaga with Melissa and Ian and yours truly? Let us dive deep into this read.

Malaga Wedding Video – Melissa & Ian

Below you can discover all the beautiful photos that we have made on this amazing Malaga wedding, but before you do make sure to watch the highlight video of Melissas and Ian’s amazing wedding in Malaga.

Malaga Wedding – The pre-wedding Session

As I already said Melissa and Ian are from Brussels, so being their wedding photographer from Spain I took them around to show a little bit of Malaga before their wedding day. And guess what? We did a stunning pre-wedding session. Melissa being a company lawyer at work loves to travel and is very passionate about music & dance. She enjoyed exploring the sunny beaches and the vibrant and fun vibe of Malaga. Shooting the pre-wedding session on beaches was completely a different experience than that of getting married in a palace for both Melissa and Ian. and you know what I loved the most about it? We captured some really amazing moments for them to cherish for a lifetime. Being in love is truly magical. Right? 

Malaga Wedding – The wedding in Hacienda Nadales

The stunning Hacienda Nadales as their wedding venue was the right choice for my gorgeous duo Melissa and Ian. the 16th-century palace always wows me with its beauty, being a destination wedding photographer and videographer in Spain, I have shot many beautiful weddings at this stunning venue, but everytime i find something more beautiful about this palace. It has a very gorgeous traditional style architecture yet offers a stunning variety of locations to host different ceremonies. I always love wedding venues that are located near a church or a special area where the wedding ceremony can take place. And guess what! We have a church just around the corner. Moreover, this beauty is home to lush green gardens, a beautiful terrace, and a tastefully done glasshouse. On this note, would you believe it if I told you that we started shooting at 3 PM for an outdoor ceremony in the garden and ended up shooting till
1 A.M. for a fun and stunning party in the glasshouse. Yes! You read that right. This is how smooth it was to capture this adorable couple at this beautiful wedding venue. 

This palace from the history has enough rooms to accommodate around 100-300 guests in the house. (weddings are more fun when you have your friends and family stay close all the time. Isn’t it?) located in the heart of Malaga this wedding venue is only a 20-minute drive away from the airport. And located in the heart of Malaga (ready to collect all the brownie points from your guests for selecting a very commuter-friendly wedding venue.) and who doesn’t love commute-friendly wedding venues? Right. 

Malaga or Marbella, what is better for my wedding?

Ahh! That’s a tough one for me. I would say if you are someone who loves fun and vibrant party culture, if you prefer to explore the nightlife and dance the nights out with your friends and family. Then my friend Marbella is the place for you. But, just like my adorable duo Melissa and Ian, you like to take a moment and tap into the rich culture and history of Spain then Malaga is the perfect choice for you. Malaga is a one stop choice, it is surrounded with quaint towns, sunny beaches, and beautiful architectural history to explore with the love of your life. 

How much does a wedding cost in Malaga?

Hosting a wedding for me is more about the warmth that your guests are greeted with, the love that is in the air, and the memories that your guests take along with them to cherish for a lifetime. Isn’t it? Ok ok talking business now. I understand everything comes at a cost, and the cost of hosting a wedding totally depends on the wedding venue that you opt for, the catering services, florist, boutiques & vendors, and various other factors that influence the budget of the wedding. Speaking particularly about wedding costs in Malaga, an average wedding at a descent wedding venue cost starts from 15000 Euros. And to host a comfortably luxurious wedding, the cost should start from around 22000 euros. 

Are there any other wedding locations close to Malaga?

Malaga has a lot of untapped hidden gems in its close proximities to be explored for weddings. I have three favorites to list:

  • Nerja: This tiny town is home to several pretty coves and small beaches. This lovely place offers a wide number of restaurants, tapas bars, and tourists accommodation and thus is a major tourist animation. But, this can be the best choice for a summer wedding. Winters in Nerja are beautifully silent and quiet.
  • Mijas: This one definitely tops my list of the most beautiful list of towns around Malaga. This beautiful little hillside town offers a stunning picturesque view of the landscape below. Furthermore, the rustic lanes of white-washed houses make a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. 

PRO TIP: Love to travel like a local? Do try the ‘Burra Taxi’. Thank me later. I won’t spill all the beans of what exactly it is. I am sure you will love it. 

  • Frigiliana: if you are planning for a simple and intimate wedding, (more like a holiday in your wedding)Frigiliana will be a perfect wedding destination for you. This is the smallest and yet the most beautiful white town around Malaga. It is home to breathtaking views of stunning sunsets and rustic cobblestone streets that are best explored by foot. Getting all the touristy vibes already? 

Do you want to book us?

While capturing Melissa & Ian, I explored a totally different Malaga from the point of view of a wedding photographer, and i would happily say that, oh! I fell in love all over again. Did you enjoy exploring Malaga with me, Melissa & Ian?
Lets be honest, if you really did, and you wish to take your wedding vows here in Malaga. I am here! To help you organise your wedding and help you create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Can you help us organize a Wedding in Malaga?

We are destination wedding videographers and photographers from Spain. And we do what we do because of our love for travel and helping people create memories. We would love to extend our scope of work to help you make the best day of your life just the way you have imagined it to be. 

What is your personal opinion on hosting a wedding in Malaga?

Oh! You can call me biased here. Well, I jumped up with joy when I heard Melissa & Ian are hosting their wedding in Malaga. Malaga is one of the most stunning wedding destinations in Spain. It is home to stunning sandy beaches for a beach wedding, and well, if you like to host one in a palace enriched with history and culture like Melissa & Ian, Malaga has many options to explore too. In my opinion, hosting a wedding is not a tough nut to crack. And if at all you get stuck anywhere. You now very well know whom to reach out to. Right?

Wedding planner Malaga –  Is it worth having one?

Travelling the world, and capturing wedding all the time is what i do out of passion and for the love of it. And in my experience I feel asking for expert help is always a good idea. But i would also say that hiring a wedding planner or not is a very individualistic call.  This a lot depends on if you are hosting an intimate wedding or you love to go all out and make it a grand affair. Please See: I would love to write here that, I feel happy and blessed that with the grace of almighty i have built the required connections on the insland and i will be able to help you organize an intimate wedding or an elopement. (feel free. I am just a call or an email away).And if you love to host a grand affair we recommend Nubeddos wedding planners, they are really good at what they do. 

Do you offer wedding videography and photography services in Malaga?

Yes! We do. We do not offer only wedding videography and photography services, we believe in helping you build memories and having you cherish them forever. I would love to add that we also love it when people want to capture their elopement or shoot a stunning pre-wedding.Write to us and we can discuss some really interesting shots for your special day with your loved one.  
If you are here with me in this read, I am sure you are enjoying exploring Malaga as a wedding destination. Let’s get going further. 

Malaga Wedding – what to do before & after the wedding day?

You know what i loved about Melissa & Ian as a couple? They enjoyed the wedding, explored Malaga while opting for a super special pre-wedding shoot. Your wedding destination is not only a city, but it also has a deep connection with you and your couple, your personalities, your likes, and dislikes. Isn’t it? I always suggest my couples relax and explore their wedding destination either before or after the wedding. Also, what is better than planning your post and pre wedding shoot while exploring the city. Right?. (well, you know I am only a call away).Malaga is a city filled with love & warmth, it reflects the rich history and culture. Moreover, i can say that its a perfect blend of all things touristy and a fun party and work culture vibe.

For you to explore the city like a  local i have curated this tiny list of must visit places in Malaga:

  • The Alcazaba of Malaga perfect place that reflects the influence of the Moorish vibe in the city of Malaga. This historical piece of art was built in the 11th century and is very beautiful maintained. I am sure you will fall in love with the beauty of it. 
  • Museums are must visit when in Malaga. The city flaunts its rich history and is home to over 30 museums. 
  • La concepcion botanical garden is a must visit if you are inclined towards the beauty of tropical plants, exotic flowers and trust me you will fall in love with the romantic style grounds filled with vibrant, meidterreran, tropical flora. You will be stunned with the beauty of fountains, waterfalls. 

Malaga Wedding – how to get there?

Malaga has the fourth largest airport in Spain. The city has convenient options like uber, taxi or even public transport to reach from airport to the city center. In my opinion renting a car at the airport is relatively cheap and best if booked in advance. Moving further, if you choose travel via train or bus, the railway station is located just a kilo meter away from the city center. And so is the bus center located comfortably close to the city center. I love cities where transport is located close to city centers, specially in wedding it makes arranging for logistics convenient. 

Malaga wedding venues – other top 5 locations.

Even though i cannot talk enough about good Hacieda Nadales is to host the dream wedding of your life, there are some amazing other options that this wonderful city is home to. (Only if you like exploring it all) so ready to explore these wedding venues?

  1. Finca Le concepcion

This stunning venue will wow your guests, 10000mt garden surrounding stately house is a perfect setting to host an unforgettable cocktail party. This should be an ideal choice if you fall for all things elegant and glamorous that is away from the hustle bustle of a city. 2

2. Palacio Limonar

Love to host a fairytale, romantic wedding? No better place than hosting your wedding at charming Palacio Limonar, located in luxurious residential neighbourhood, it is home to 12000 m2 estate. Your guests will be awestruck with all the luxurious and royal vibe of the venue. 

3. Hotel Cortijo Bravo

A Recently renovated boutique hotel is one of my favourite wedding venues in Malaga. A beautiful blend of contemporary styled hotel in a rustic Axarquia region privileged with natural tropical beauty.

4.  Cortijo Lagoona Chico

Love the beaches? Planned to take your wedding vows with sand in your feet amidst the soothing music of the waves hitting the shore? Well this is the perfect wedding venue. Located just co meters away from the beach is thi stunning venue. This two storey house is home to 8 bedrooms and three apartments, just perfect to host a cozy and intimate wedding or even to celebrate your elopement.

5. La Roca Rara

Love to host your guests at a hidden gem? If planning for an intimate wedding this hidden gem is your best bet. Offering the best view of both the stunning hills and the sea. further more, the venue boasts 2.5 acres of garden, and oh! The heated pool gives the luxurious fell to the whole experience of the stay.