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Are you planning your wedding and you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Mallorca to join you on your amazing day?
Do you wish to tie the knot on a beautiful Balearic Island and are you planning to hire a Mallorca wedding photographer that knows the island and will create mind blowing photos from your wedding day? With the perfect combination of rich Spanish culture and the famous Mediterranean setting, Mallorca is the most preferred choice for destination weddings amongst millennial couples. Believe me, when I say you will fall in love with this stunning location for your destination wedding. And, I am sure you also want the best wedding photographer in Mallorca to capture your most special day with loved ones. Right? 

Well, you have landed on the right page.

Mallorca Wedding Photographer – why SuperWeddings?

I am an award-winning destination wedding photographer in Mallorca, Spain. If you invest your 5 minutes in reading this further, I am sure your search for a wedding photographer in Mallorca will end with this read. 
Also, because you have chosen a wedding destination close to my heart, I would love to be your wedding photographer in Mallorca. And not only this, I would love to show you around the best places in Mallorca. Because the best people to explore a foreign city is with the locals. Agree? 
And you know what, I can help you plan a pre or post-wedding wedding shoot in some of the most amazing locations.
It’s lovely to spend some quality time with your partner just before or after the hustle of the wedding festivities. Isn’t it?
If you already like this idea, please write to us, and I will be happy to discuss this further.

“Sebastian and Super Weddings is definitely another level! Can’t get better then this.”

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Combining wedding Photography and Videography in Mallorca

Talking about wedding photography, do you know that most couples these days also book us to shoot their wedding video?
At Superweddings we can offer you to shoot both videography and photography for the Mallorca wedding. Having the privilege to shoot over 300 wedding videos worldwide, I am confident that I can sprinkle magic while capturing your love story for the world. Creating a wedding video is like capturing the special moments filled with craziness, fun, laughter, and emotions on the most special day of your life and putting it together perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle.

Mallorca Wedding Photography & Videography – check one of our recent Mallorca Weddings

I received an email saying – “I am a Dutch girl marrying a New Yotker in Mallorca.” I instantly knew in my heart that this wedding was going to be crazy fun.
And, you know what Ann and Ross loved about Supperwedding? Apart from being their wedding photographer in Mallorca, I was their local man. I helped with my sources and contacts to help them with the wedding planning. I believe in walking an extra mile with you and showing you around the city, catering to all the queries beyond Mallorca wedding photography. So do not hesitate, please write to me. Trust me; I will help you in my best capacity to not only become your Wedding photographer and videographer in Mallorca but your guide and friend to help you experience your day the best way possible.

Why is Mallorca an ideal city for wedding photography?

Whether you plan a barefoot wedding on the beach on a sunny day? Or a rustic wedding in the church on a hilltop? Or would you love a classic luxurious wedding in a 5-star property? Mallorca has it all. Mallorca is home to beautiful scenic views, making a perfect natural backdrop for your dreamy wedding pictures. 
Wedding photography is all about capturing candid moments, and when the wedding backdrop is shouting with natural beauty, pictures will come out stunning. Do you wish to know more about some of the hidden gems in and around Mallorca that can be a perfect spot for your wedding photography? Well, please write to me, and we shall talk. 

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What should you look for in a wedding photographer in Mallorca?

Someone excellent at wedding photography – obviously. Duh! Before we move further, are you already feeling overwhelmed dealing with many people for wedding planning?
I am sure a Mallorca wedding planner, vendors, wedding venue owners, and many more. So, when you look for a wedding photographer in Mallorca, you should look for someone who can also be your wedding videographer. Yes! You read that right, and this can reduce your burden of dealing with two parties and will make logistics and other expenses light on your pocket.
And, of course, you by now very well know that at Superweddings, we are an expert at doing both. So if you loved the fun video of Avion and Peter, write to us, and we will be over the moon to be your wedding photographer and videographer in Mallorca


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Is it worth hiring a wedding photographer in Mallorca?

Before we explain this, let’s go through a couple of side-questions:

  • Are you the one who is managing the wedding by yourself?
  • Are you traveling miles to host your dream wedding in Mallorca?
  • Have you and your partner had a crazy story about your love?

If you nod to even one of the above questions, you must hire a wedding photographer in Mallorca. And trust me, it is worth every penny. Mallorca is a beautiful city with stunning picturesque views, and you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to capture a cozy or crazy moment with your partner here. And especially when you have traveled from another part of the world to get married in this beautiful city, why not create memories that you can cherish forever. 
I am sure you wouldn’t want grainy and unclear pictures clicked by an extended relative or friend as your wedding memory. Wedding photography is about capturing the most magical day of your life, and you deserve picture-perfect memories for a lifetime. And for all of this, you know whom to write to.


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How much does a wedding photographer in Mallorca cost?

In my opinion, no one size fits all. The cost of a wedding photographer in Mallorca or anywhere in the world depends on the photographer’s expertise, the scope of work, etc. If you still need an approx idea to plan better, you will have to shed somewhere between 1500-4500 Euros for a wedding photographer in Mallorca. And, at Superweddings, the package for wedding photography in Mallorca starts at 2950 Euros. 
But, if you have a specific budget or wish to create a custom package, I am always open to discussing and creating one for you.
So, do not hesitate and shoot your queries.

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 How many photos will you offer for wedding photography in Mallorca?

As a destination wedding photographer in Mallorca, I do not focus on the number of photos because I believe that every couple deserves cooler memories. For me, the hustle is about capturing the emotions, the moments filled with anxiety and happiness both at the very exact moment. 
At Superweddings, I always deliver happy memories with every individual who holds a special place in your heart and is part of your big day. I do not want to keep count of wedding pictures and videos. But, at the same time, I understand it is essential to have a fair idea about such details while dealing with photographers for a destination wedding in foregin land. 
Generally, a wedding photographer in Mallorca will offer 250-800 photos. Now, this depends again on how elaborate the event is.

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Wedding Photographer Mallorca

Why should I make your wedding photos in Mallorca?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning destination wedding videographer and photographer.

I live in Spain and i love workig on international weddings.
The work of SuperWeddings can be found in many big magazines such as Harpers Baazar Hong Kong.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me – I am more than happy to answer all your questions and tell you lot’s of little hints on how to make your wedding day in Mallorca even more amazing. 

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Wedding Photographer Mallorca

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