Elope in Europe – 25 best places to get married

In the last few years me and my amazing team have traveled all over Europe to weddings and elopements as destination wedding videographers and photographers. Very often our couples write to us and ask – where to get married or where to elope in Europe? What are the best places to elope in Europe? I could not help my self to present to you my personal list on where to elope in Europe – 25 best places to get married or elope in Europe.
All of the references have example photos and videos from our weddings that we shot in those location – giving you a real experience and a more in depth feeling to all the venues and locations in Europe. We really hope that this short guide though all the various location in Europe will help you make a decision on where to elope in Europe.

Are you ready to check the best wedding locations  to elope in Europe? Let’s go:

Elope in Tuscany, Italy

There isn’t anything more special than marrying on the beach with the sand between your toes and the sun beating down on you. Don’t forget to find the best videographer to capture your love and the stunning Italian locations for your elopement in Europe.

There is something about the Italian air. It gets under your skin, warms your heart. Then there are Italy’s natural wonders – the rolling hills of Tuscany. A road trip through miles of green hills, a charming bed and breakfast tucked in the middle of a vineyard, soaking in natural hot springs, sipping Chianti, and walking the cobblestone streets of a medieval village. Many couples seek “Italian escape” when planning their elopement or wedding. Why don’t you look for your perfect „heaven” nestled in the middle of a working vineyard, with stone floors, white walls, rustic charm and a magnificent view over green or ochre Tuscan hills? It’s one of the most-photographed and unmissable wedding and elopement destinations that eagerly plays host to inspired shoots. You need to check our amazing Tuscany Wedding of Alessandra and Diego and our Tuscany wedding of Bianca and Aaron.

Elope in Gran Canaria, Spain

Elopement is all about intimacy and just the two of you. So imagine saying „YES” on a balcony hanging out over the ocean. Or standing on the top of dunes stretching along the coastline, covered with golden sand. And when the sun sets, the light gives the dunes a magical and out of this world look. Or capture this memorable moment during stunning sunset or sunrise standing on the incredible, iconic volcanic monolith. You can even stay for the night to do some stargazing. Play hide and seek with your loved one in the middle of a gorgeous canyon with colored stones and glowing curves. Gran Canaria is without any doubt a location that will impress you with the richness of nature, charming villages with thousands of palms, cottages with covered patios and narrow cobbled streets. A truly magical place where time sees to stop so that you can capture these precious moments. It definitely will be an inspiration for a videographer and a photographer, but what is more is definitely inspiring as one of the best places to elope in Europe. Interesting fact: did you know you can get married in Europe in the winter time – Yes on the Canary Islands. Make sure to check this beautiful elopement on Gran Canaria that we did sometime ago as this is most likely one of the most amazing place to elope in Europe. And you know what? We live here so feel free to contact us about your European Elopement and we plan it together!

Elope in Garda Lake, Italy

Welcome to the gateway of heaven—Italy, one of the most beautiful and romantic countries. We kick off our list on the best places on where to get married to elope in Europe with a few locations from Italy. It’s simply unbeatable as one of the easiest place to elope in Europe.

Garda Lake is a luxury lake destination with plenty of outdoor recreation and a laid back vibe, amazing food, charming lakeside architecture, cobblestone streets, and wonderful resorts. The lake is pristine and a stunning sight to take in. There is plenty of spots on the lake to watch the sunrise.

So for your slice of paradise go to this popular wedding and elopement destination with lovely towns all around it as well as islands to visit, not to mention spas, culture and of course, all that good Italian food. You will be stunned by this beautiful place.

Elope in Como Lake, Italy

Money, luxury, beauty, elegance, refinement, money once again, private boats, James Bond, Star Wars – Oh yes! Lake Como is the destination you just can’t miss. It makes the perfect elopement location and is less than two hours away from Milan by train. Many of the towns around the lake are upscale resort towns with luxury hotels and villas. It is one of the most beautiful and enchanting places in all of Italy. Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, known for its dramatic scenery, sleepy towns with narrow, steep cobblestoned streets dripping with charm, epic gardens, breathtaking views around every corner. Imagine wandering the streets and sitting down at a cafe along the lakefront promenade for a sip of espresso or Aperol Sprit. In the last few years, Lake Como became one of the favorite wedding destinations. Some of the famous Villas are charming Boutique Hotels located in romantic villages on the banks of the lake and can be rented exclusively for an intimate wedding or an non traditional elopement. Those places of delight wrapped in the magical smell of the blooming wisteria are top romantic destinations perfect for wedding photographers and videographers.

Elope in Rome, Italy

The Eternal City – Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and definitely one of the most magical for an elopement in Europe. For us – it’s a dream elopement destination. Full of stunning historical sites, beautiful art, and most importantly pizza, coffee, and gelato. Every single corner of the city will treat you to the most amazing and breathtaking views being the perfect backdrop for your elopement photographs or a video. For a relaxing afternoon, just stroll around all the stunning buildings, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Forum Romanum, the Trevi Fountain. Slow down and soak up the atmosphere of the city in Piazza Navona or the gardens of Villa Borghese. And of course „when in Rome do as the Roman do”. Sit at a table outside, along a cobbled street, indulge in delicious pasta or Pizza Rossa with a glass of red wine. On a sunny day, lounge out on Aventine Hill on a picnic blanket with a bottle of wine and some cheese and fruit. It is also one of the best places to watch the sunset in Rome, and a few different stone balconies at the hill’s edge create a perfect view. Or head to Aventine Keyhole, where you can look through the tiny hole and see a picturesque view of the city. Hang out with the locals on Spanish Stairs. Or just wander the narrow streets with gorgeous Italian cafes, listen to live performers and take in the vibrant and tranquil atmosphere of this unique city. You need to make sure to check our beautiful Rome wedding in villa aurelia.

Elope in Amalfi Coast, Italy

Just three words – heaven on earth. Over the decades, artists, writers, and musicians have found inspiration from the jewel-like villages and towns along Amalfi Coast which have enthralled visitors with picturesque views, authentic cuisines, and sun-soaked beaches. An insanely beautiful stretch of coastline spilling down the hillside to an azure champagne-like sea. But Amalfi coast is not only about sun-kissed piazzas, dazzling blue bays, picturesque pastel-hued villages, fragrant lemon grooves, it’s also history, art, culture, fabulous Italian food, and sipping fresh, ice-cold limoncello. There isn’t anything more special than marrying on the beach with the sand between your toes and the sun beating down on you. Don’t forget to find the best videographer to capture your love and the stunning Italian locations

Elope in Sicily, Italy

In our imagination Sicily is owned by the Mafia and the Godfather. With Etna like the ghost of a mountain, looming on the horizon, swathed in haze, huffing a constant stream of smoke and an occasional dribble of red-hot lava, clear waters, fine wine and fantastic food, ancient ruins or majestic beaches. Sicily has it all and is the perfect elopement destination. Opt for an herbal amphitheater, to blissfully soak up the Italian sun or watch the sunset over the stunning blue of the mediterranean sea. That’s a sight that’s so charming, you’ll want to see it every night time for a week. And if you love old movies, head to Catania, or Cefalu. Those cities with buildings constructed from dark grey basalt lava rock will be the perfect backdrop for your own black and white movie. And in the meantime indulge in Cannoli and coffee, which are just out of this world. Along the way, don’t forget to wander around the island’s ancient ruins, miraculously well-preserved Greek temples or white cliff steps on the edge of pristine beaches which would make a dramatic and picturesque sight which will be like icing on the cake. Hopefully you already have some good ideas on where to elope in Europe.

Elope in Lago Maggiore, Italy

Italy’s Garden of EDEN. It’s a place of splendor, full of sweeping views of cobalt blues lake and the snow capped Alps, family-run restaurants dotted along the lakeside, lit up with string fairy lights, Lago Maggiore boasts the most stunning and villas, amazing and enchanting botanical Alpine gardens and ice cream parlors. Just imagine your elopement at a lavish baroque palace which has played host to royalty, with ten-tiered gardens, and home to white albino peacocks gracefully walking the perfectly manicured lawns. Take a boat trip to ferry you around the aristocratic Borromean Islands. Soak up the views of greenery around as the ferry dances over the water glistening like diamonds. So why not consider your elopement in this amazing location full of Old World charm and romantic atmosphere? You can check the full post of Eloping in Lago Maggiore.

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Looking to elope in Europe but feel a little overwhelmed?

Don’t worry – please feel free to GET IN TOUCH with us and ask for help. We know all the coolest places in Europe to elope and we are more than happy to assist you.

Elope in London, UK

Elopement – it’s simply all about love, and intimacy. And London is all about photo-worthy café, ancient pubs, alleys, hidden spots, color, art, and all the history! The city is one of the most famous and photogenic locations in the world!

Many reasons make London such a special elopement or wedding destination. It has some stunningly beautiful and serene lakes to enjoy a relaxing boat ride. Watch the amazing beauty of Hyde Park. How about catching a double-decker bus to your elopement ceremony?

There’s loads of photography inspiration when it comes to London. The Mews Streets are quiet little pockets and green oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Peggy Porschen Cakes – this little sweet shop is a staple. Notting Hill chock full of pastel color homes. Pink, purple, yellow, light blue, you name it! Tower Bridge is a perfect spot for the sunrise and sunset. Neal’s Yard located in the Covent Garden Area is often touted as London’s best-kept secret for photography. Churchill Arms the prettiest pub in London entirely covered with ivy and flowers.

There are plenty of side streets to explore with incredible art that scales the building – it’s awesome! With so much art and color around there is something to suit every couple for their elopement in Europe.

Remember to hire the best professional videographer to capture unique views of the city, you have come to the right place!

Elope in Paris, France

Eloping in Paris must truly be the most romantic thing you could ever do. Ahh…Paris the city of amour, the city of light, the city of fragrance and city of art, where romance and sophistication go hand in hand. How about taking in the sights and posing for pictures in front of the monumental Eiffel Tower and River Seine. Then dash to witness a gorgeous sunset from one of Paris’ rooftops bars. First shop till you drop, and then take a moment out of a busy day to grab a glass of wine or a cocktail. Sit and sip coffee while eating Choux pastry at one of the cafes in nostalgic covered passages, which will be like stepping back in time. And when you want to escape the city’s sleepless spirit and the hustle and bustle of its urban character, there is no better and more romantic way to do so than boating on a lake. After all, Paris is always a good idea…so is to Elope in Europe.

Elope in The Azores, Portugal

Nine beautiful and unique volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic, between Portugal and the United States, offer dramatic scenery and lots of options to get off the beaten track. The stunning green landscape, a handful of towns, several large crater lakes, hot springs, and Europe’s only tea plantations at Gorreana. Not only does the island take pride in their cheese, but also they produce the perfect complement to all that cheese – wine, coming in four varieties: red, white, rose and green/verde. So why not head to the Azores, for an elopement in a volcano. You will want to make sure to hit some of the most photogenic and most instagrammable locations. And remember to find the best videographer to capture all the magic – the light, the mist, and the amazing vibrant greenery. If you decide to Elope in Europe in the Azores – this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Elope in Venice, Italy

There’s something so utterly romantic about running away together…And Venice is just so magical, you can’t help but be enchanted by it. The city will amaze you by its stunning architecture, impressive facades, it will make you feel lost in its web of streets, canals and cross bridges, and charm you by secrecy, mystery and thrill of Venetian masks and balls, and the unusual. Splurge on a nice hotel next to the Grand Canal so that you can watch gondolas pass by while enjoying your breakfast. For an ultimate romantic experience, take a private ride on a gondola in your wedding dress – the only-in-Venice souvenir. Take in the city as you stroll along the canals, and then enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with gelato or Cicchetti at one of the bohemian coffee shops tucked away in narrow streets of Venice. Finish your day watching the sunset along the canals. Find your private piece of the pier and enjoy the breathy and ethereal elegance, indulging soft pastel, orange and purple colors on the Venetian canals. Venice can provide an awesome elopement-style wedding if you want to escape it all and keep things intimate.

Elope in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos -the island of narrow winding streets, white-washed houses, picturesque churches, iconic windmills, and luxurious hotels. Get lost in the narrow streets of blue and white towns. Get up early to have the town just for yourselves. Wander away from the crowds a few alleys further and you will be alone surrounded by white houses with blue, green, pink and red staircases and window frames, smelling the scent of pancakes, warm bread, and bougainvillea flowers. Or have a delightful experience in Little Venice, glamorous fishing village, where waves splash into colorful houses and streets form a labyrinth. Unwind in the sunshine while walking along the shore of the Aegean Sea. This would be the perfect backdrop for your elopement. You can find more photos on this Elopement in Mykonos.

Elope in Santorini, Greece

Let the magic happen in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The pristine white houses, vibrant blue domes dotting villages, dark volcanic rocks and the blissfully calm deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. It will feel like walking into a postcard. Rent a motorbike and explore all small towns which pepper the island, each with their romantic character. Splurge on a luxurious and elegant hotel and bask in the sun by the infinity pool. Sneak a bottle of wine to sip as you relax watching the sunset over the massive and mesmerizing sea cliffs. Nothing says romance like a toast over one of the most magnificent views of the Caldera. Such incredible, awe-inspiring elopement will leave you lost for words. Santorini is simply amazing and definitely one of the best places to elope in Europe.

Elope in Isle of Skye, UK

Have you ever considered saying your vows against a wild backdrop of a windswept island? The Isle of Skye Scotland is one of the most stunning and amazing places on Earth. It is full of surreal natural landscapes, ancient castles, windswept moors, dramatic coastlines, quaint villages, unpredictable weather, and more sheep than people. How about putting your wedding dress and hiking boots to search for those unique locations such as Nest Point, the Quiraing, Mealt Falls and Kilt Rock and you will be treated to the wilderness, amazing rock formations, hills and golden light hitting the cliff sides. This will ensure that your elopement is a really special occasion.

Elope in Barcelona, Spain

A beach is always a good idea… especially when it comes to choosing your wedding location. Just one look at the enchanting beach near Barcelona and you will see the romance and intimacy of eloping – it’s truly something unique!

But Barcelona is not just the beach. It’s a kaleidoscope of colors, it is Gaudi’s masterpiece, fantastic playground of statues, mosaics, stained glass windows, and temples all lit up in yellows, oranges, and blues. It is a photographer’s dream with sharp angles and leading lines of symmetry.

Barcelona is an ideal place to experience sensory overload, filled with vibrant colors and decadent smells. Stroll along streets filled with restaurants, shops, secluded parks to find the hidden gems and unlock local stories. And, at the end of the day watch the sun dipping behind the horizon and illuminating a myriad of candy colors. This magical atmosphere could be the backdrop for any romantic walk scene and most definitely Barcelona, and Masia Egara is a mind blowing location to Elope in Europe.

If you are interested in Eloping in Europe and possibly eloping in Barcelona? Then you need to check our ultimate list of best wedding venues in Barcelona.

Elope in Seville, Spain

If you’re lusting after dreamy Spanish vibes and w perfect wedding or elopement destination, think Seville. It has an ambiance to spare! Between the orange-scented courtyards, stunning architecture, and flamenco dancing in small plazas after dark, Seville is a dream come true. Classy, modern and elegant boutique hotels.

Plaza de España is a fantastic place to take an afternoon stroll, with countless spires and arches, the white stone walls, sparkling stained glass windows, providing an amazing spectacle.

Take a romantic boat ride down the canal. No singing gondoliers though. Or enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through the square with the wind running through your hair and taking in all the breathtaking views of fountains and broad avenues lined with palm trees. Find your way through a maze of indescribably beautiful tile-covered rooms, chambers, towers and gardens of Royal Alcazar. They will leave you in awe. Looking for a perfect and romantic way to end the day? Stroll down Guadalquivir River especially at sunset, sipping an ice-cold Cruzcampo while munching tapas. You will bring back some epic shots. Seville is one of our favorites and best places to elope in Europe. Check this amazing elopement from Seville.

Elope in Madrid, Spain

Why no to travel to Madrid to tie the knot? There’s a lot o charm to the capital of Spain. With its classic architecture, churches from past centuries, beautiful sprawling urban parks, street art, hip streets, and interesting neighborhoods, Madrid is a perfect elopement destination. So vibrant and metropolitan. Full of chic hotels and equal amazing rooftop bars with sights to behold and a perfect backdrop for exquisite photographs. Want some more? Head to Templo de Debod for the best place to enjoy a magical sunset while having a picnic, playing the guitar and just enjoying the company of your other half. Or exchange your vows in the Crystal Palace, a marvel built of glass and iron. The mixture of the futuristic structure and its surrounding nature is amazing. After that spend some time rowing boats around the nearby lake. Stroll along the most beautiful street La Latina or Malasaña, which hosts some of the most incredible street art. And for the most heavenly breakfasts enjoy perfectly deep-friend churros dipped in thick and creamy hot chocolate.

Elope in Malaga, Spain

Sleeping in, enjoying a cup of coffee with your loved one and adventuring around a beautiful city. It sounds like a blissful dream of a wedding day. The answer is Malaga. A place of birth of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas, Situated along the Costa Del Sol, and known for its high-rise hotels and resorts settled on yellow-sand beaches, palm-fringed promenades, whitewashed villages, seafood, and Mediterranean coastline. Malaga will blow you away with its beauty. For an amazing experience wander the ruins of the Roman Theater that will transport you back to Roman times. Take a royal stroll on the Kings Pathway pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge. The Alcazaba in Malaga is one of the city’s greatest landmarks. Here you will find some of the most breathtaking views out to Malaga from the top of the castle. Then get lost in the stunning Botanical Garden, a place of calm and tranquillity, walk through the tropical forest and take in the sights, smells and sounds. If you’re looking for a bit of romance, watch the sunset at Playa Baños del Carmen. A beautiful backdrop for your elopement photos.

Elope in Marbella, Spain

The Mediterranean glamor, year-round sunshine, Michelin-starred restaurants, marinas filled with high-end yachts, golf courses, designer boutiques, a flashy marina, long beaches and with the Sierra Blanca Mountains as a backdrop – Marbella has everything to enjoy a luxury elopement-style wedding. Stay at one of the amazing villas with s beautiful pool, rattan outdoor furniture, perfect patio, decorated with hand-painted ceramic murals. In the afternoon chill in a beautiful, private garden lined up with lemon, orange, avocado, and olive trees. Marbella will surprise you with a mix of places – charming white-washed streets dotted with colorful flower pots, roads fulls of palm trees, mountain views, lush gardens and banana plants, colorful buildings, and tiles. The old town will be a real discovery for you. A labyrinth of narrow streets, colorful balconies wrapped in bougainvillea, and churches. Find shade in leafy Alameda Park with beautiful benches dressed in azulejos, hand-painted traditional Andalusian tiles that represent the monuments and history of the city. Or chill with a cocktail or a glass of a lovely Spanish wine or Sangria and watch the sunset over the city.What else can you ask form one place? This elopement location will be love at first sight. Check here this amazing elopement from Malaga.

Elope in San Sebastian, Spain

Sensational San Sebastian features all you will ever need to have wonderful a destination wedding. It’s one of the most vintage and incredible cities in Europe. This postcard city often referred to as a “mini-Paris” will enchant you. Overlooking the crescent-shaped bay with calm clear waters, San Sebastián is located on Spain’s northern coastline amongst scenic mountains making it an impossibly charming city. Bask in the sun on La Concha Beach or take a stroll along the seaside to slowly introduce yourself to the wonderful landscape of perfect white sandy beach backed by stone arches. Wander around the heart of San Sebastian, a maze of quaint cobblestoned streets of art nouveau Old Town. Indulge in a fancy meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant or hop from place to place to experience magical bites known as pintxos. Elope to San Sebastian, an elegant and unique location surrounded by the beauty of wild nature, a bright but decadent architecture, and sparkling turquoise coastline.

Elope in Tenerife, Spain

You still can’t choose your perfect wedding or elopement destination? Do you dream of some exotic far-away lands? You will be blown away by the natural beauty of Tenerife. From ethereal moonlike landscapes to enchanted forests, to alpine scenery, to an Asian rice terrace scene. Get lost in La Masca, the village at the end of the world located in an impressively isolated and picturesque gorge. It reminiscence to Machu Picchu and surrounding misty landscape at sunrise is simply magical. For a slice of nature head to beautiful Anaga Rural Park and wander in the of the intact rainforest. At some point, you may end up in the middle of the laurel forest. Stray away from the crowds and share a moment on the top of a dormant volcano watching the sunset and the night sky. Or have one of the natural wonders of Tenerife, Los Gigantes as the backdrop to your special ceremony. With its charming black beaches, watched over by the great volcano, 800-year-old Dragon Tree, picturesque little towns with cobbled streets, art galleries, true colonial style restaurants and bars, Tenerife is one of the best locations for your destination wedding and a paradise for a videographer

Elope in Fuerteventura, Spain

Oh, a this can be wedding day to remember! Exchanging vows in a marine cave or standing on the edge of a pier, with sunlight throwing sparkles on the water. For the more secluded location, have a picnic in the shed of pine trees or head to lush gardens in Betancuria. Climb one of the large dunes and enjoy marvelous views of the coast and paradise beaches, and a picturesque lighthouse as the backdrop. For a touch of wilderness go to Cofete Beach or explore Barranco de Los enamorados, an amazing canyon with unusual landscape and rocky formations. Fuerteventura is an intriguing blend of nothingness and wildness. It’s rugged, windy and full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. It will create stunning scenery for your elopement or wedding video. If you are still not sure where to plan your wedding in Europe, you need to consider to elope in Fuerteventura.

Elope in Lanzarote, Spain

There’s something so tranquil about being by the ocean. The turquoise water, blue skies, and breeze can set a scene beautifully for a coastal elopement. Black lava rocks, turquoise Atlantic water, white sand of Lanzarote crating such surreal landscape and contrasting colors will stimulate all your senses. With its modern architecture, striking artworks dotted around the island, Lanzarote is one of these locations that is quite a hidden gem. Cactus Garden – a unique and relaxing place to wander around, overlooked by an authentic mill (as a backdrop). On a black sand beach, you will feel like walking on the Moon. Rugged shore creating a labyrinth of caves where on a windy day you can admire a beautiful performance when the masses of water flow into the caves and splash into the air. And for a jaw-dropping beautiful sunset head to Famara Beach and you will be treated to the sigh of the cliffs reflected in the calm crystal waters. Still not enough? Then exchange your vows by The Green Lagoon where its intense, bright green contrasts with surrounding black lava and orange rocks creating incredible scenery. Or descent into another world in the iconic lava tunnel housing a restaurant, museum, gorgeous pool and a cave auditorium. Rare, medium-rare or well done? How about having your steak grilled over the heat coming straight from the volcano? And in the afternoon experience some wine tasting at an old vinery. When it comes to Lanzarote, you will be spoilt for choice with so many romantic moments between you two just waiting to be captured by a perfect videographer.

Bonus List: of best places to Elope close to Europe

if you are considerin to Elope in Europe and you are looking for the best venues and location on where to get married in Europe you might as well consider the places that are close to Europe and are still one of the best places to elope in the World.

  1. Marrakesh, Morocco
  2. Dubai, UAE
  3. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Elope in Marrakesh, Morocco

Although it is not in Europe, you should consider this location. First walk through the spice markets, the first sip of sweet mint tea, and you will be in love. Morocco is exotic, tantalizing and incredibly beautiful. A feast for the senses and especially for the eyes. One of the most iconic locations for an elopement. It’s colorful and crazy, a beautiful mess of busy markets and amazing architecture – an utter paradise for a videographer or a photographer. The culture is truly unique, and visiting here will be unlike any other trip you’ve taken.

Every single corner has something new – it’s a total sensory overload of vibrant patterns, colors, and textures. Day or night you will find wonderful madness here.

Explore all the maze-like streets and souks filled with spices, stay in a traditional riad, experience Moroccan cuisine, relax in a hammam spa, go glamping to enjoy a luxury tent with king-size beds, camel riding, Berber drum circles, and stargazing — it’s AMAZING. The Sahara is pure magic — sunset in the dunes will be one of the best moments of your life. It will feel like a magical adventure with the universe blessing your marriage. Altought it’s not technicaly a part of the best place on where to elope in Euro – Marrakesh is fairly close!

Elope in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is not just a city, it’s the most incredible megacity in the world. Dubai is often called the “City of Records”. The biggest, the tallest, the most luxurious, the deepest – you name it. This sleek and futuristic city strives for excellence and you can expect world bests around every corner. And on arrival, you will be welcomed with a personal fireworks display or a cappuccino sprinkled with gold dust. Dubai will exceed all your expectations. If it’s a cruise through the Dubai Marina on a traditional Dhow with a drink in hand to admire the impressive architecture. A picnic on hot sand or beautifully tended lawns of the beach. A Miracle Garden in the Desert with a colorful fairy tale world of millions of flowers – a percent backdrop for your photos. The vast desert where after dune bashing you can admire the sun going down, fire show, typical Arab dances, and belly dancing. And if you love bling, visit the Gold Souk, a dazzling labyrinth of walkways where gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds compete to catch your eye. Dubai managed to achieve so many world’s bests, becoming a playground for the rich and famous, and the Dubai Frame will tell you why. If you run out of ideas for a perfect elopement, why not take it to the sky in an air hot balloon? This location will leave an indelible impression on you and we hope to become your next wedding videographer Dubai.

Elope in Abu Dhabi, UAE

It is another sparkling jewel in the Arabian desert. Abu Dhabi is a bit more traditional and authentic than Dubai, which means you will get a better glimpse into the Emirati culture and traditions.

Why don’t you opt for the sunset in the desert with an incredible backdrop to exchange vows? The sun sinks below the sand, turning the dunes orange and red along their sinuous curves. Watch the colors fade to purple and the sky light up with stars while sitting a handwoven carpet on the sand and listening to a traditional serenade. It’s magical. If you seek some respite from the sun, go to the blissful Oasis full of date palms, orange, fig and mango trees throwing their cooling shadows on the ground. Explore the oasis on foot, enjoying the contrast between it and the desert surrounding it.

If you want to experience something entirely offbeat and escape the flashy steel skyscrapers., stroll in Mangrove National Park being home for flamingos, scuttling crabs and herons. Then go on a kayaking tour of the mangrove forests that cling to the islands around Abu Dhabi. And for the romantic late afternoon visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which redefines beauty. It boasts more than a hundred domes, decorated with crystals, gold, hundreds of chandeliers and luxurious hand woven carpets, intricate glass-work, mosaic tiling, incredible carvings, huge marble pillars, gemstones embedded within carvings and much more. And then enjoy the dinner on a boat cruise off Abu Dhabi’s coast for some of the most scintillating views of the city’s glittering skyscrapers, just as dusk sets over the city. Such an incredible, awe-inspiring location will make it hard to believe it’s a real wedding.

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