Indian Destination Wedding

There are weddings and then there are Indian weddings, trust me when I say this, there is a huge difference between the two.
An Indian destination wedding has so many happenings, drama, dance, music (you may comfortably blame this on the lovely connection with Bollywood. Isn’t it?) oh, and the food in any Indian wedding is always bursting with a variety of flavors and cuisines from around the world. Trust us, we know – we love to eat!

We are a team of wedding photographers and videographers that simply LOVE destination hindu weddings and we want to make
YOUR life a little easier while planning your amazing indian destination wedding.

So if you are currently asking yourself how to bring all that vibes, traditions, flavours onto another country for your wedding you really need to stick with us as we will bring all the behind the scenes planning tips for your mindblowing indian destionation wedding. And yes there will be a top destination wedding list too.  

Are you ready fro this? Let’s go!

Destination Indian Wedding – it all starts with the family

They say parents in India start saving for their child’s wedding since the child is born, and planning a Hindu destination wedding is definitely a lot of fun. It is a grand affair, in India marriage is between the two families and not only the couple. Interesting, right?

 An Indian destination wedding is a celebration that seems like going on and on forever (commonly for a week. Yes, you read that right.) It is more like a reunion of friends and family, indulging in the goodness of yummy food, beautiful clothes, and jewelry, extravagant decore, and wedding setups. 

Well, if all this has caught your interest, you must stick around till the end. Because this read is going to be everything you wish you knew about destination Indian weddings. And trust me, being a wedding photographer and videographer we have had some really beautiful and amazing experiences of capturing Indian destination weddings around the world, and here we have curated a list of the bests.
You will be intrigued to know some really popular Indian wedding destinations, interesting rituals of a Hindu wedding, and other important nitty-gritty of planning an Indian destination wedding. I will insist, if you get a chance, you must once in a lifetime attend an Indian destination wedding. For now, excited much for a fun ride straight into an Indian destination wedding? Let’s get started. 

indian destination wedding

Hindu Destination wedding – why is it becoming popular

Destination weddings are the new win, couples these days choose to just hit the road, board a plane or a boat to get married away in a foreign land. According to me, destination weddings reflect the personalities of the couple, their likes and dislikes, most importantly it tells their story. It is more like getting married to the love of your life while holidaying with your friends and family. Sounds perfect. Right? 

Indian weddings are usually about elaborate celebrations with extended family and the guest list often includes not only friends but friends of friends as well. (yes, you read that right.) 

While couples are now more inclined towards a destination wedding, it gets easier to work on the guest list. Moreover, I have often seen couples ending their wedding day hungry and exhausted from tiring rituals and making rounds to greet guests. But in a Hindu destination wedding set up the couple gets a chance to give their personal touch to the otherwise typical Hindu wedding and actually spend the most important day with the ones who actually hold a dear place in their heart. 

Furthermore, in our busy lives how often can you plan a holiday with your friends and family? Indian destination weddings are like luxurious family vacations full of dance, music, and lots of food. I am sure your family and friends will love you a little more for planning this vacation for them. 

P.S ( I love it when a Hindu bride is more casually dressed for her wedding ceremony on the beach instead of going for the usual heavier look). 

I am sure you must be all in to read more about the exotic and luxurious Hindu destination weddings. And I must say that being a wedding photographer and videographer some of the most beautiful Indian destination weddings I have gotten a chance to capture were at really amazing and exotic destinations. So here, I have curated a list of some really popular locations for hosting a Hindu destination wedding. Excited to read more in detail? Well, let us get started. 

Hindu Wedding Venues – 10 best Indian destination wedding venues

The photographer in me cannot stop thinking of all the magical pictures I can capture, think of a beautiful beachy sunset, or snow-covered mountains, an old castle that reflects the rich history, or even lush green gardens by the lake. Makes an interestingly perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. Right? So fasten your seat belts, I am taking you to some of the most beautiful destinations around the world for a Hindu destination wedding.  

  1. Abu Dhabi / Dubai

`Think of Dubai and all you can talk about is luxury larger than life lifestyle, the beautiful Palm Beach, and the oh so popular Burj Khalifa. Dubai is one of the most preferred destinations for destination Hindu weddings. Most importantly, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the most preferred location for Indian destination weddings because it is very conveniently located between three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. This makes traveling super comfortable for your wedding guests flying from all over the world. (And trust me, your guests will love you for convenient travel).

Moving ahead, you will be spoilt for choices for wedding venues, from a luxury beach resort to a swanky five star hotel for your hindu destination wedding. And while planning a destination wedding it is important that your wedding celebrations are unique and comfortable and your guests are entertained at all times. Dubai has a lot to offer to keep your guests, exploring the city will leave your guests amazed. I have travelled the world as a wedding photographer and videographer and according to me, Dubai is the most versatile and charming location to host a destination Hindu wedding. Because Dubai has some similarities with culture, hosting an hindu wedding is very accommodating. 

  1.  Barcelona

 Well, you may call me biased here. But Barcelona has it all. Think of the warmth of the Spanish sun, sandy beaches, stunning architectural landmarks, and romantic landscapes. I understand hosting a destination Hindu wedding miles away in a  foreign land can be a fete in itself. Because Hindu weddings involve minute details to be taken care of, there are rituals that need extra attention and arrangements to be taken care of. But Barcelona is very cooperative and comfortable as a destination to host big or small events. 

 Being a wedding photographer and videographer from Spain I can vouch for the breathtaking views of the wedding venues in Barcelona. Moving further, food is a very important ingredient of hosting a fabulous hindu wedding. Right? I am sure your guests will fall in love with the rich and flavourful Spanish food. From finding a right wedding planner to hosting a beautiful romantic Hindu destination wedding in Barcelona should not be any less than a cake walk. You can choose from the plethora of choices for wedding venues. Whether hosting a beach wedding, an old school romantic wedding, or even if you wish to go all out and host a really luxurious and exotic wedding. Barcelona has something to offer for every kind. I am sure the Spanish sun and sand will not disappoint you. 

You can also have a more detailed read here: Top Wedding Venues in Barcelona

  1. Lake Como

One can never fall short of mesmerizing backdrops for weddings when in Italy, scintillating lake views, splendid architecture, and romantic cities whisper the tales of the past. Lake Como is one of the most popular destinations for Indian weddings in Europe. If you are an Indian or have a connection with India, you must know about their love for bollywood. Lake Como is the most preferred destination for Hindu destination weddings because some of the very famous Indian Celebrities chose Lake Como as their wedding destination. Watch your dream fairy tale wedding come true by the beautiful lake in a luxurious villa. From hosting an intimate wedding to executing a four day long grand affair, Lake Como has something for everyone. Right? 

  1. Marbella

If you are looking to host a destination Hindu wedding with an element of fun and relaxed vibe then Marbella is the best choice. If you wish to tie the knot while you and your guests enjoy the sea, sunshine and sip on sangrias then you can never go wrong with Marbella as your wedding destination. Marbella is home to beautiful beach clubs, lush green golf courses and stunning botanical gardens and mountain views. Marbella has a very comfortable connection with both air and road transport which makes commuting convenient for the guests.

Moreover, should you wish to explore the wedding venues in Marbella,I am sure you will enjoy the list of our personal favourites – Unique Marbella wedding venues

Also we would love to help you with anything to make your wedding a memorable one. Being a wedding videographer and photographer we have worked with many wedding planners and vendors and have a first hand experience of it all. And we would love to share it all with you to make your day just as you have ever imagined it to be and capture your beautiful smiles through our lenses. 

  1. Tuscany

If I had to pick my favorite destination in Italy it would be hands down Tuscany. Do you know why? Quaint villas, majestic castles, medieval wedding villages, and luxurious resorts, you name it and Tuscany offers it all. Tuscany is the dreamiest location for a destination Hindu wedding in Italy. El​​egant wedding venues, perfect for your wedding reception with big spaces, ideal till 300 people or more (that is what Indian weddings are all about. Right? Big group of family and friends dancing to the tune of your happiness.) If you wish to get married in Tuscany, the first important step is finding the right venue for your marriage, and when we see a Hindu wedding you will love the huge lush green lawns and other small beautiful locations for various other ceremonies like heena or haldi ceremony. 

Feeling spoiled for choices to choose one favourite destination for your Indian destination wedding? Well, not too soon. I have five more in store for you. And by the end of this read you will love it all. Let us go further with this and explore the next destination. Ready? 

  1. Marrakech

Love the Arabian vibes? Well, my dear Marrakech is the perfect choice for your Hindu destination wedding. Every little detail you have ever imagined for your perfect Indian destination wedding can be fulfilled right here, in Marrakech, Morocco. This place gives a magical experience for that little romantic heart beating right there. Think of sweeping deserts, grand mountain ranges, rich ancient history and culture. Moreover, Marrakech is very conveniently located in Morocco which has a comfortable commute if most of the guests are travelling from Europe. Furthermore, oh the arabian food, the burst of flavours of uniquely spiced food has a similarity with Indian taste palette (as they say in India, a spread of good food makes up for anything else in an Indian wedding. Right?) You and your partner will love to paint your dream destination Hindu wedding with beautiful Arabian colours and can very comfortably host wedding functions both outdoors and indoors. Marrakech has a very warm and soothing sunshine throughout the year. 

The photographer in me is already tingling with the happiness that these beautiful Arabian colours will add to your wedding pictures. Can you picture it too? 

  1. Gran Canaria

Have you, like many other couples, dreamt of tying the knot with your loved one gazing over a stunning sunset and crystal blue caribbean sea? Sounds so romantic to me. What about you? Whether looking for a grand Indian destination wedding or an intimate one, Gran Canaria will serve something for you. This beautiful island is home to beautiful blacksand beaches, sand dunes, prominent mountains, enchanted fairy-tale forests, it has everything with the perfect mild hint of warmth of the Spanish sun. While planning a Hindu destination wedding in Gran Canaria you can consider a beach wedding, a wedding in the garden, or a rustic styled wedding overlooking the mountains and the caves.

 Already convinced at Gran Canaria?

Would you like to explore some amazing wedding venues for your Indian destination weddings in Gran Canaria? Well, this thoughtfully curated list of Best Gran Canaria Wedding Venues should be of some really great help. 

  1. Santorini

Love a romantic sunset overlooking the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea? Well, Santorini from the eyes of a photographer has the most spectacular treasure of jaw dropping views. Think of your Hindu wedding setup with whitewashed houses with the backdrop of volcanoes and impeccably beautiful blue water. Sounds straight out of a dream. Right? Well, you can go all out and host the wedding ceremony on the yacht and maybe host your other rituals and ceremonies by the beach. Every location has a dreamy backdrop to back your wedding pictures and will put your guests in awe. 

Also, please excuse me for this, but I might end up stealing the couple more than often to click some mushly romantic and stunning wedding pictures. I am sure you wouldn’t mind that. Would you? 

indian destination wedding in santorini
  1. Mallorca

Mallorca offers stunning panoramic sea views and beautiful mountain vistas. It is home to tons of little villages nestled close together with some gorgeous beaches and rustic villas. I would go all in for a rustic countryside Hindu destination wedding in Mallorca. What do you think? If you are up for hosting an intimate Indian destination wedding with your near and dear ones Mallroca is the place for you. Moreover, if your family and friends would mind travelling to far away land of the Caribbean or Maldives, this should be a great fit for you. Mallorca has flexible and quick flight options for your guests to commute comfortably. 

And if you have stuck around us so far on this read, you would agree that Indian weddings are so much about music and dance and take my words on this, Mallorca has a wealth of brilliant Djs who would create an instant vibe that you and your guests would love. Dancing the night away with your friends and family is what makes weddings fun. Right? 

  1. London

 A true Indian at heart but look forward to getting married in a very urban setting keeping your rituals at place? London my friend. It is London for you. Believe you me, your destination Hindu wedding in London will be an amazing urban styled wedding that will leave your guests with memories of fun, and entertainment. London is home to beautiful and modern architecture, it offers delicious and amazing cuisine from across the globe, great  for shopping and entertainment experiences. As discussed above, a perfect destination wedding is where your guests are enjoying the ceremonies and also entertained otherwise.

London has so much to explore and your guests will enjoy not only the wedding but also the holiday with friends and family. You can go for a wedding venue that suits your  budget and vibe from the plethora of wedding venues it has to offer. And very comfortably find a wedding planner that understands your style and personality. 

Also do not forget to click a romantic picture under the iconic London Eye in your wedding outfits. Sounds like a perfect one, if you love to ditch the usual Eiffel tower vibes. 

I hope these amazing and beautiful destinations will help you find the one that you fall in love with for your destination Hindu wedding. But, but,  we are not over yet. I have a bonus. (yes you read that right.) 

Indian Wedding In Italy

An Indian Wedding in Tuscany

would you like to check this amazing Indian wedding that was celebrated in Tuscany, Italy?

Indian Destination Weddings in Maldives – bonus wedding venue

Maldives, a tropical paradise that speaks of luxury and beauty. Imagine saying your wedding vows on a jaw dropping beach bathed in golden sunlight and crystal blue waters. Blissful. Right? MAldives is swamped with many luxury private resorts to host a wedding on an island. Your Hindu destination wedding in Maldives will be perfect and fun because other than the picturesque views there is  a lot more that will keep your guests engaged and entertained and leave them awestruck by the beauty of this place. Moreover because it is at close proximity to India (with just an air distance of 4-5 hours) you can hire wedding planners and agencies from India to give the authentic Indian vibe to your Hindu destination wedding in Maldives. 

And what better place than Maldives to unwind and relax with family after the madness of a wonderful fun filled wedding? You can also choose to spend this post wedding days with your better half as a kick start to your honeymoon. 

Don’t even get me started on the amazing pictures that can be clicked on this heaven on earth. I am sure you and your partner will walk back refreshed after spending the most special days of your life here in Maldives. 

Ok now that we have travelled the world and explored some of the most stunning destinations across the globe for your Indian destination wedding. I hope I have helped you zero down to a few options that you really have fallen in love with. Moving on to the next big thing. 

abu dhabi wedding photographer 8 1

This is what Sonam & Shrenik had to say about our work in their Indian destination Wedding:

“We are incredibly lucky to have worked with him. The whole family has watched the wedding film over and over again – still in awe.  He was extremely professional but also so sweet and friendly which made the whole that much better. I couldn’t thank him enough for giving me such wonderful everlasting memories. His work is truly storytelling at its best!”

Indian destination wedding cost

Let me burst a myth here. It is often assumed that Indian weddings are elaborate affairs of 5-6 days and a grand celebration with huge guest lists and hosting a destination wedding will fuel up the wedding budget. But, this isn’t completely true. 

Being a wedding photographer and videographer I have got a chance to closely observe the new way of hosting Indian destination weddings. While hosting a destination wedding, couples now choose to hit the destination of the wedding with only the near and dear family and friends (so the usual guest list of say 500 people is shortened to 200). And the six days wedding is divided into two parts where you spend pre festivities or a post wedding reception in the hometown for the extended family and friends. And your most important two days of the wedding, you can spend with people very close to your heart and who would actually mean the world to you. (woh! Did I just put you out of a big guilt of not being able to invite each one on your list for your wedding? Well, thank me later for it. Let us get going further.)

The cherry on the cake is the natural and beautiful backdrops. Yes, a natural stunning backdrop covers up your decor element and saves you a big amount of your wedding budget. Bonus, a collection of stunning pictures that you can cherish as memories forever.

So, I hope you now have an idea of how you can get your desired destination wedding within your budget. And most importantly you will agree that it is not expensive but definitely it is very exotic and beautiful. 

Hindu destination wedding packages  –  what makes the cost?

Now that you know your facts well that hosting a destination Indian wedding will not break your bank, instead it can save you the downpayment of your new house. (yes! You read that right.) If planned well and mindfully you can save drastically on your Indian destination wedding. Even though every couple is unique and has different criteria, expectations and budget for their wedding, there can be no one plan that fits everyone. But here, we have tried to simplify the ingredients that together make your destination wedding budget. Ready to break the ice? Let us get started with the first one? 

  1. Venue

The most important part of planning a destination wedding is to select a destination that suits your vibe and that relates to you as a couple. Also needless to mention this directly indirectly drives all the other factors of the budget of your indian destination wedding. 

While zeroing down to a destination you must consider how convenient the commute id from your home land. A direct and flexible connectivity will save you travelling expenses of your guests and yourself. 

Moving ahead, choose a destination that has venue options that fit in your budget depending on the kind of wedding you are looking forward to hosting. Like a private luxury resort wedding will have a higher budget (but can be made cost effective if booked well in advance). Booking the wedding venue takes away the major chunk of your wedding budget usually. 

(Pro tip: do not shy away from asking your local wedding planner to get involved in the negotiations of the wedding venue cost).

  1. Logistics

Next most important aspect is logistics, you will need transport facilities for your guests, for agencies to operate smoothly (bring in the favours, gifts and other wedding essentials), and also transport will be required in case your guests are exploring the destination. Moreover, you will need logistics services if your place to stay and wedding venue is not in the same premises. And make sure you arrange for a logistic service for you to visit the wedding venue to check on the arrangements before the wedding ceremony. 

  1. Hotel

In case you have opted for a wedding venue that has no stay in rooms for you and your guests, you will have to make arrangements in a hotel in close by vicinity for you and your guests to stay. Also you might want to book the hotel for an extended two or three days in case you wish to stay back and unwind with your friends and family. If you choose to do so, you can negotiate well with the hotel and ask for a great deal. 

  1. Catering

When hosting an Indian destination wedding, it’s always a good idea to go all out on the food. India has some really rich and interesting flavourful dishes to offer and if you could give your guests a taste of it, I am sure they are going to love experimenting. It is advisable to speak with your wedding planner to provide you options for caterers who offer multi cuisine food options. And keep a slightly higher budget for food, if you wish to explore various cuisines. 

Some wedding venues have in house catering and provide an all inclusive package. It differs on what kind of wedding venue you are opting for. 

(Pro tip: never skip on including the local cuisine in your wedding menu, when in a foreign land it is a very good idea to try and experiment with the local food to taste the authenticity of the destination and vibe with it.)

  1. Vendors

Hiring vendors for floral decorations, wedding return favours, gifts and other wedding essentials. Also you might need to hire agencies for music, or logistics. These are the points where you have to be really careful, as sometimes being in a foreign land you can be easily tricked and charged more. Do your research, also you can choose to involve your wedding planner to negotiate with the vendors. Being a little mindful here might save you some big bucks. 

  1. Dress

Finding a dream dress for your Hindu destination wedding should not be much of a hassle, thanks to multi designer stores all across the world you can now go for the dress that you have always dreamed of getting married in. you can either choose to directly connect with the designer on the internet or social media platforms, or you can also choose to go via a wedding trousseau consultant. The budget of a wedding dress varies depending upon the designer that you go for and how heavy or light you wish to go with the dress. 

(P.S. from the point of view of the photographer, I feel pictures come out really beautiful when a Hindu bride is dressed in her best bright coloured lehenga or saree outfit wearing her beautiful smile on). 

  1. Jewellery

Indian parents start investing and preparing for their child’s wedding at a very early age of the child. In most cases the wedding jewellery is often a pass-on of emotions and love and blessings from generations which not only holds a high monetary value but very high  emotional values. But, wedding jewellery often depends on the taste of the bride and groom, some like to go all out and blingy and opt for travel friendly jewellery for destination weddings. Which is more safe to travel with. Whereas, on the other hand others opt for fine jewellery but simple and classic pieces. And the budget for wedding jewellery depends on what you opt for. 

Ok then! I hope all these points will help you draw a line of budget for your Indian destination wedding, or else if you are a wedding planner then this will certainly help you plan a crisp and clear budget for your client. Let’s move ahead with getting into the details of the Hindu wedding ceremonies. 

Hindu wedding ceremony  – how to plan a destination wedding

A Hindu wedding is vibrant and needs intricate planning as it has many rituals and mini ceremonies leading to the main wedding ceremony day. I will take your time here and would get into a little bit of finer details here, so that it helps you plan the wedding better. 

  1. Hindu wedding rituals

The rituals and traditions of Hindu weddings vary widely depending upon the region but the three key rituals are kanyadan, panigrahan, varmala and saat feras. Which explains that firstly, the father gives away his daughter to the would-be spouse. Followed by the acceptance and union of the couple by holding each other’s hands and being tied in the knot of love, respect and marriage for eternity. And then the couple exchanges the flower garlands. And lastly, the saat fera (saying the wedding vows) and taking a round around the fire for each promise you make to each other. Sounds interesting. Right? 

P.S. An interesting fact is that many couples these days make their own promises that they make to each other instead of sticking to the usual ones that the priest speaks). What would you choose? 

  1. Hindu wedding ceremonies

As said above Hindu weddings involve various mini ceremonies and this can vary according to the region, but again few common ones are Ganesh Pooja, Heena, and Haldi.

First and foremost ceremony to kick start the wedding is ganesh pooja, this pooja is all about taking blessings from the Lord Ganesh for a happy marriage life and smooth functioning of the wedding ceremonies. In India, it is believed that lord Ganesha takes away the obstacles and blesses with happiness and prosperity. 

A Henna ceremony is where the bride’s hand and feet are adorned with intricate and beautiful henna, also the family members get henna done on their hands and dance to some traditional folk music that sets in the wedding vibes in the house. 

(P.S. It is believed that the darker the colour of the henna turns out to be the more the couple will be in love.)

And lastly, a Haldi ceremony, this ceremony is where family members of the bride and the groom apply a paste of turmeric to make the bride and groom look glowing and beautiful. 

  1. Hindu wedding symbols

There are two symbols that define a Hindu wedding, firstly, when the groom applies sindoor on the head of the bride (maang bharna). And then when the groom ties a necklace (referred to as mangal sutra) around the bride’s neck. 

(Being a photographer, I love when a newly wed Hindu bride adorns the sindoor and mangal sutra.)

Very often I have met couples who really wish to host a destination wedding but are worried of not being able to comfortably and conveniently perform their rituals in a florigh land. Thanks to the globalisation, nothing in today’s time is difficult to arrange in any corner of the world. Moreover,  finding an appropriate wedding planner will help you fly away to a foreign land and take along your traditions, beliefs, rituals, and get married in the traditional way you would have in your own home land. 

You must be now thinking if you would be able to find a wedding planner, who would help you bring your dream destination wedding to life? Well, I have got your back here.  Being a wedding videographer and photographer I have gotten a chance to work with many wedding planners around the world. I have specifically curated a list of wedding planners who have successfully planned Hindu destination weddings in foreign land. Feel relieved already? Let us get into the details of it. 

Hindu Wedding Planner

By now you must have a fair idea of the details and nitty-gritties that goes into planning a perfect Hindu destination wedding. And you will agree with me here that a lot of it depends on the capability of the wedding planner you are working with. It is of utmost importance that you work with a wedding planner if they have a past experience of executing a destination Hindu wedding. This will simplify the process of communication as the team will have a rough idea about what planning and executing a Hindu wedding is all about. And they will carefully take the charge of making arrangements for very small details of the wedding ceremonies. 

Here is a list of some wedding planners who have successfully executed Hindu wedding across the world. 

  1. Maharani weddings

At maharani weddings, they believe every couple deserves a wedding of their dreams. They believe that  irrespective of what is the destination of the wedding, the traditions and the rituals should be followed to the T. And they put their best foot forward to make your wedding day smooth and  the best day of your life. At Maharani Weddings they successfully planned and executed many Indian weddings across the globe. Here is the link to read in detail.

  1. Tamarind Global weddings

Tamarind global weddings is known for creating unforgettable wedding experiences across all its vertices. Planning a Hindu destination is what they have the best for the past ten years. And having their foot stepped in the industry for over a decade they have executed grand and luxurious weddings  across the world. Here is the link to read in detail.

  1. Shaadi Squaad

The Shaadi squad events have been known for executing many celebrity Indian destination weddings across many parts of Europe. They were the wedding planners for the destination wedding of a famous Indian cricket player and bollywood actress. They are an expert at planning and executing luxurious intimate and grand Indian destination weddings. Here is the link to check the details. 

Indian Destination Wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer and videographer myself I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of working with a wedding photographer who understands your style and who understands the traditions of a Hindu wedding to capture the moments at the right time. Moreover we can help you plan your destination hindu wedding in some of the most amazing locations out there, as we know a lot of venue owenrs, locations, and vendors and can make your life a lot easier!

So if you enjoyed this blog post and are ready to plan your amazing indian destination wedding makre sure to have us on your team.

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