Samar & Julian – eloping in Lago Maggiore

“Wherever you go, I want to be there too.
Wherever you die, I die there too”

Samar red to Julian her beautiful vows that really moved not only him and their family and friends but also me very deeply. Her words were very touching, emotional and full of love. I could see Julian loose a tear or two and I am sure the wedding guest could read his heart tempo right of his eyes and face.

They came from Germany to Italy to celebrate their wedding day in an amazing Villa Muggia in Lago Maggiore. The area is just absolutely beautiful. Many little towns on a hill surrounded by the Maggiore Lake, with boats and yachts make for a perfect view and a wedding venue location. When you get there you feel that you are in Italy, the food, the music and people are full of color, energy and this positive vibe.

What we did together – was of course slightly different for a typical wedding video. If you watched any other of my films – you know what I mean by that, for me wedding videography is so much more then just the event. It’s the people and their stories.
When we met the day before the wedding it was raining. Well, you might think – “Its Italy why is it raining?”, but truth is love and true emotions between people don’t change with weather. It’s the connection that makes each day full of sun and joy. Nevertheless we did make a lot of great shots on this day and ended up experiencing a lot together.

And the next day, the wedding day? It was just absolutely amazing.

You will find the film at the bottom of this page.

wedding lago maggiore video 123

We did travel through the area and discovered many little magical places. What we were looking for, was a place to write their vows.

lago maggiore elopement

We did go to a couple of churches to find the inner peace and to dig deep into our souls.

lago maggiore weddinggif
lago maggiore wedding gif

But what really meant was not the physical place nor location, but their hearts and souls.

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All that happen next was pure magic.

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Now take a deep breath and watch their story in the film

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