Music Video clip production in Gran Canaria

Music Video clip production in Gran Canaria

Are you a musician, you have a band or simply create amazing music that the world needs to not only hear but also watch? Are you looking to produce a music video clip in Gran Canaria? The island is a perfect place to shoot your next music video!

There are so many amazing landscapes and locations around the island that will make the creative juices flow like crazy. We can create a script together, shoot underwater and create a super unique music video. Watch an example below:

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Interested in shooting your music video on the Canary Islands?

I am not only a Gran Canaria music video videographer but I am also a music producer, being released on many platforms such as Spotify – which gives me a very big perspective on how can I actually help you create something amazing for your next music video clip production on Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Music Video Clip Production

Gran Canaria Music Video Clip – BELICE “Made in Santa Cruz”

Shot on the Black Magic Pocket 4k in multiple locations on Gran Canaria. We had a very small crew of me behind the camera and two people helping out with the light and fog machine, nevertheless we created a mind blowing visual experience.
I would be more then happy to shoot your next Gran Canaria Music Video clip production, yes!

Gran Canaria Music Video Clip – OSHIN “Visual Poem”

Please have a look at this Music video clip that we shot in Gran Canaria for this super talented artists from Berlin – Oshin. What we did here went far above a regular video production as we have received 4 different music tracks and were supposed to arrange them in a new way to match the video and include them all in one music video clip. After all we came out with this beautiful story and a visual poem. Absolutely loved it.

Gran Canaria Music Video Production

Together with my wife and our amazing local team on the Canary Islands we are more then happy to assist, plan and execute your next music video clip production. Simply say hi and let’s start your adventure!

Super Weddings is simply Amazing

“I had come across Superweddings Film on Instagram, while researching someone perfect that would match our style for our adventure.

Sebastian’s work just stood out. From his stunning cinematography and storytelling to the amazing music – we knew we had to reach out to him.
SuperWeddings films and photography are truly artistic and we knew he would tell a beautiful, real story. We are incredibly lucky to have worked with him. The whole team has watched the film over and over again – still in awe.
He was extremely professional but also so sweet and friendly which made the whole experience that much better. I couldn’t thank him enough for giving me such wonderful everlasting memories.
His work is truly storytelling at its best! “

Gran Canaria Music Video Clip Production

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