The Ultimate Guide to Abu Dhabi Wedding Venues

As a wedding photographer and videographer, me and my SuperWeddings team we had been lucky to capture some amazing weddings in Abu Dhabi – both indian and western ceremonies. This blog post about best wedding venues in Abu Dhabi is our personal view on the top wedding hotels, villas and beach front restaurants. While you read our list of the top wedding venues in Abu Dhabi we will also include snippets of our work in both Abu Dhabi and abroad, as there is a big chance that you are still not sure which wedding videographer and photographer team to choose for your Abu Dhabi wedding celebration.

Hint from the author: all the underlined Abu Dhabi wedding venues names are clickable and they will direct you to its local website.

Best Wedding Venues in Abu Dhabi – My Recommendations

When it comes to the best wedding venues in Abu Dhabi, there is no really such a thing that the best for all the couples.
Every of cour couples has different tastes, needs, amount of guests invited and of course budget.
I will keeep my recommendations lists very short and place only two Abu Dhabi wedding venues their – basing on my own experience while shooting photos or videos in that venue and simply experiencing an amazing time on the wedding.
My top Abu Dbabi wedding venues picks include:

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi 

We were invited by Sonam and Shranik to capture their stunning Indian wedding in Abu Dhabi in the Park Hyatt.
I must say the wedding was absolutely amazing and a big part of it was due to the venue. Located on Saadiyat Island, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi is a luxury hotel with astunning waterfront venue. The venue offers both indoor and outdoor space with multiple options of arrangament of both ceremony and dinner celebrations.
Please make sure to check the video that we made in Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi for this amazing Indian wedding of Sonam and Shrenik.
Total Capacity: 800-900 guests

Rixos Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi 

Again another waterfront venue, Rixos Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi were we had the pleassure to shoot a gorgeous western wedding for Claudia and Ryan. This Abu Dhabi wedding venue offers a luxurious and elegant setting with the seaview write in front of you. The hotel has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a beautiful beachfront area and a stunning ballroom.
Total Capacity: 500 guests

Best Luxury Wedding Venues in Abu Dhabi – 5 Most Expensive Venues

If you’re after a seriously luxurious wedding experience, Abu Dhabi has got you covered with some seriously fancy venues. These places are top-notch, offering all the bells and whistles you could ever need, and are sure to leave your guests in awe. Check out my top picks for the priciest wedding venues in Abu Dhabi – remember all the underlined Abu Dhabi wedding venues are clickable.

Emirates Palace

This hotel is seriously iconic, and it’s one of the fanciest places in the world. Lots of big-deal events and weddings happen here, and when you visit that Abu Dhabi wedding venues it’s actually easy to see why. The building is absolutely jaw dropping, and the ballroom is super grand – if you get hitched here, it’ll be a day you’ll never forget.
Total Capacity: 2000 guests

St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Oh man, if you want to get hitched somewhere seriously gorgeous, you gotta check out St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort. This place is right on the beach… I mean right there! It’s really perfect if you’re looking for a classy, glam wedding with top location.
Total Capacity: 800 guests

Zaya Nurai Island

Have you been to their website? I sure have and I instantly fell in love with the vision of being there with family and friends and just having all this beauty around me. This private island resort in Abu Dhabi features luxurious villas and beachfront bungalows (yay amazing!)
Total Capacity: 2200 guests

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi 

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi is seriously one of the best wedding venues around in Abu Dhabi. They’ve got everything you might need for your Abu Dhabi luxury wedding starting with amazing views, fancy ballrooms, and a high quality team that will make everything workout for you. Plus, you and your guests will feel like royalty with all the luxurious services they have got on their offer.
Total Capacity: 530 guests

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara 

To be honest each of every of this wedding venues is a masterpice. Hence there is another one. This Abu Dhabi wedding venue is located in the heart of the desert. It might be smaller than the other ones above, but its also very different.
This luxurious desert resort offers stunning views and and a unique way to celebrate your wedding.
Total Capacity: 300 guests

Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is seriously the bomb when it comes to outdoor weddings – the weather is almost always great (apart from the months when its too hot) and the entertainment options are simply out of this World. You’ve got tons of options too, from beachfront spots to desert oases. Trust me, any of these outdoor wedding venues in Abu Dhabi will totally blow your guests away.

Saadiyat Beach Club

My dear future bride if you still have not had enough beach front jaw dropping venues in Abu Dhabi there is another one!
The crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches that will take your breath away. It’s the perfect backdrop for a beautiful and intimate ceremony that you’ll remember forever.

Total Capacity: 500 guests

Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara 

For a truly unique outdoor wedding experience, consider the Desert Islands Resort & Spa. Perios – plain and simple buy strongly recommended. One of the best outdoor wedding venues in Abu Dhabi.
Total Capacity: 300 guests


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photographer & videographer team in Abu Dhabi?

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Best Small Wedding Venues in Abu Dhabi

Not all the Abu Dhabi weddings are huge and glamorouse, sometimes they also are more casual and relaxes, hene a list of small wedding venues in Abu Dhabi that will make your wedding feel like it was a huge night!

The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa

The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa is definately an option worth considering for couples who are looking for a tranquil and intimate wedding venue in Abu Dhabi. What really maked this resort so special are the beautiful garden areas that overlook the golf course. Definately worth considering.
Total Capacity: 300 guests

Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri

The Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri is a luxurious waterfront hotel that is perfect for small weddings with big ambitions.
Your instagram feed with prove I am right. The hotel offers a variety of venues, including their private beach, garden, and ballroom.
Total Capacity: 160 guests

Best Alternative Wedding Venues in Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit is an internationally famous motorsports venue. Usually it is full of oil, gas, noisy engines and crowds but sometimes it also offers a unique wedding experience. The venue offers a variety of spaces to choose from, including their pit lane and roof terrace. Yas Marina Circuit can accommodate up to 2000 guests (wow).
Total Capacity: 2000 guests

Arabian Nights Village

Arabian Nights Village is a stunning desert venue that offers a unique wedding experience in Abu Dhabi. Wedding on a desert right? How cool is that! The Abu Dhabi wedding venue is perfect for couples who want to have a traditional Arabian wedding in the open sky in the desert. I can already see the amazing wedding photos we could create there.
Total Capacity: 300 guests

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers is yet another stunning wedding venue with breathtaking views over the Abu Dhabi skyline.
The hotel has a variety of venues to choose from – including their beautiful ballroom and terrace, which can accommodate up to 800 guests. Its one of the most famouse places in Abu Dhabi, therfore it could not miss out on our best Abu Dhabi wedding venues list.
Total Capacity: 800 guests

Abu Dhabi Wedding Venues Prices

Abu Dhabi offers a variety of wedding venues to choose from, and prices can vary depending on the venue, time of year, and number of guests and of course – how wild you want to go! Remember: you can always ask us for advice.
Generally, luxury wedding venues in Abu Dhabi can cost anywhere from AED 500 to AED 1,500 per person, while smaller wedding venues can cost anywhere from AED 200 to AED 400 per person. It is important to keep in mind that additional costs, such as decor, entertainment, and photography &videography (yes us!), can add to the overall cost of the wedding.

How Much Is a Wedding in Abu Dhabi?

The cost of a wedding in Abu Dhabi can vary depending on a number of factors, including the venue, time of year, and number of guests and many other things such as entertainment, food and if you like to host a multi day wedding event or a small elopement. On average, a wedding in Abu Dhabi can cost anywhere from AED 50,000 to AED 500,000 – but of course this is the Emirates, so sky is the limit!

Can You Get Married Legally in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, but before you start planning your perfect day, there are a few things you should know. To make your marriage legal, you’ll need to get a marriage license from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. You’ll just need a valid passport, a UAE entry visa or residency permit, a pre-marital medical certificate, and two witnesses who are over 21 and have valid ID.

Now, different nationalities might have different requirements, so it’s always best to check with your embassy or consulate in Abu Dhabi for specific guidelines. But, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure, don’t worry! There are plenty of amazing wedding planners out there who specialize in arranging weddings for non-residents. They’ll hold your hand through the process and make sure everything is perfect for your big day.

So, go ahead and start planning your dream wedding in Abu Dhabi. We can’t wait to see all the amazing memories you’ll create!

Working with a Wedding Planner in Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking to have the most amazing wedding in Abu Dhabi, you need a planner who can make your dream day come true! So, here are some of the best wedding planners in Abu Dhabi that can help you plan the wedding of your dreams:

Here are some recommended wedding planners in Abu Dhabi:

  1. The Purple Chair: These guys are so talented when it comes to creativity and attention to detail. They’ll make your wedding look like a fairy tale!
  2. Carousel: If you’re looking for a luxurious wedding, then Carousel is the way to go. They’ve worked on some of the most glamorous weddings in Abu Dhabi!
  3. Event Chic Designs: These ladies are all about creating unique and personalized weddings that fit your style perfectly.

Types of Weddings in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a melting pot of cultures, and that is reflected in the types of weddings that take place there. Usually we are invited to Western, Multicultural or Indian Weddings to Abu Dhabi. But if you are celebrating a different kind of wedding in Abu Dhabi – we are more than happy to come as well!

Western-Style Weddings: Western-style weddings are becoming increasingly popular in Abu Dhabi. They typically involve a ceremony followed by a reception with dinner and dancing. The bride wears a white gown, and the groom wears a suit or tuxedo – but of course there are no rules, you can be as creative as you wish choosing your outfit and ceremony style.

Multicultural Weddings: With so many cultures represented in Abu Dhabi, multicultural weddings are quite common. These weddings typically incorporate traditions and customs from both the bride and groom’s cultures, so very often you have Sikh ceremonies combines with a Christian one – in Abu Dhabi there are no boundries when it comes to weddings.

Indian Weddings: Indian weddings are known for their vibrant colors and elaborate ceremonies. They typically involve multiple events on various days, including a mehndi ceremony, sangeet, and the wedding ceremony itself. The bride wears a traditional red and gold sari, and the groom wears a sherwani.


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