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Your search ends here because you deserve the most unforgettable memories, and there’s nothing quite like the magic of Italy to create lasting wedding memories. So, let’s begin by explaining why I believe it would be amazing to become your wedding videographer in Italy.

Picture the romantic backdrop of Italy: the enchanting sound of waves, a gentle breeze on your face, and the warm sun kissing your skin. Isn’t this the dream setting for your wedding day? Absolutely! Italy, with its rich culture and picturesque landscapes, offers the perfect canvas for your wedding session. If you are in search of a wedding videographer in Italy who can craft a unique and captivating wedding story for you, look no further! We at SuperWeddings have had the privilege of documenting numerous weddings across Italy and are eager to not only guide you through the beautiful locations but also enhance your special day. We will tailor the coverage to match your distinct personalities. We invite you to explore our offerings.

Wedding Videographer in Italy – Why Choose SuperWeddings?

Every couple yearns for their wedding day to be extraordinary, a memory that will last a lifetime. It symbolizes the pinnacle of joy and the beginning of a shared journey. It’s imperative to immortalize this grand day and tell its story beautifully. I am an award-winning wedding videographer based in Italy. Alongside the SuperWeddings team, we’ve celebrated weddings that embrace various cultures and traditions, and each experience has been a joy – creating personal narratives for all.

At Superweddings, our mission is to capture these enchanting memories. We envision your wedding reportage as a magical collection of moments, a treasured keepsake. Being a local resident of Italy, I’m intimately familiar with the climate, culture, and ambiance. As your wedding videographer in Italy, I’m not just behind the camera; I’m your trusted local guide. You can rely on me for any assistance in any situation!

If our previous work resonates with you, reach out to us.
We’d love to discuss the essential aspects to consider when selecting a wedding videographer in Italy.

“We are head over heels for our wedding video in Italy – simply exquisite!

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Wedding Videographer Italy – a recent example from Lake Garda

Wedding Videographer in Italy – A Recent Example from the Beautiful Italy

This amazing couple has had one of the most exciting and fun weddings we’ve had the privilege to witness in Italy. What made this wedding unforgettable for us? I didn’t just serve as their wedding videographer in Italy; we bonded while exploring the charming towns, sipping coffee at quaint cafes, assisting with their wedding preparations, and, of course, capturing their most magical moments.

Why Hire a Wedding Videographer in Italy?

To craft an extraordinary wedding reportage in Italy, it takes more than booking flights and a hotel. You need someone who understands the local culture, knows the country inside out, and can help you plan the most significant day of your lives. Someone who can not only weave a unique and personal tale of your wedding day but also guide you in experiencing the country’s best and most fascinating aspects while exploring it together. The adventure is waiting!

If you wish to learn more about Italy and its enchanting locations, we can discuss it via email. Let’s embark on this journey and focus on finding the finest wedding videographer in Italy.

We also offer wedding photography services in Italy.

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Did you know that we also offer wedding photography on in Italy?

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Is It Beneficial to Opt for a Local Wedding Videographer in Italy?

In addition to exceptional skills, having a local Italian videographer is advantageous. Locals have an intimate knowledge of the land, which proves invaluable in case of emergencies, enabling swift and effective problem-solving.

What about having both a photographer and a videographer in one? Yes, you read it correctly. At Superweddings, we offer both wedding videography and photography services. We’ll create a comprehensive record of your wedding, capturing every special moment.

Feel free to peruse our portfolio to see our films and photos. If our approach aligns with your vision and you dream of such mementos, don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

Be bold and share your ideas for a film or photo session. We’re eager to hear your story and collaborate on even the most unconventional visions!

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Is It Worth Investing in a Wedding Videographer in Italy – or Anywhere Else, for That Matter?

Have you ever admired the breathtaking vistas of Italy? Do you relish the ambiance of the Italian countryside? The sun that bathes your photos in a radiant glow? Would you like the assurance of good weather on your most important day?

If you’ve pondered these questions and answered affirmatively to at least half of them, you already have your answer. You don’t want blurry or hazy videos or photos from your wedding day. Consider this: these aren’t just wedding photos or videos; they’re cherished memories that will endure for generations. Your children and grandchildren will view these videos and photos, learning about your beautiful wedding story. Let this reportage mark the beginning of your adventure together!


Wedding Videography in Italy – What Are the Costs?

Italy provides a magnificent backdrop for cinematic wedding videos and photography. Organizing such an event entails various expenses. The cost of filming a wedding varies based on the scope of work, the videographer’s experience, the number of events covered, and other factors. Thus, shooting wedding films in Italy is a fantastic choice for couples seeking to create lasting memories.

Videography and photography service prices in Italy span a range, typically starting at 1,500 euros and reaching as high as 10,000 euros, depending on the extent of coverage. It’s advisable to define the scope of work clearly with the team and discuss your ideas. This will foster a good rapport with the videographer and ensure your vision is fulfilled, mitigating any disappointment.

For SuperWeddings, the starting price for wedding videography in Italy is 3,550 euros, subject to customization based on your needs. We’re always open to crafting a tailored package to bring your wildest ideas to life. It’s your special day, and we’re here to make it 100% yours!

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Wedding Videographer in Italy – What’s the Duration of the Videos?

At Superweddings, we adhere to a simple principle: a wedding film should mirror the essence of the bride and groom! You have the choice of a documentary-style wedding film, offering a more detailed, intimate, and subtle portrayal of your day, typically running between 15-30 minutes.

If you prefer something shorter and more lighthearted, consider a brief video ideal for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. It’s also a delightful addition to an evening with friends – invite them for a joint screening! A creative Italian wedding film typically spans 10-15 minutes.

If you’re uncertain about the style of Italian wedding video you desire, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we’ll navigate the direction to embark upon on your wedding day.

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Wedding Videographer Italy


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Why should I make your wedding videos in Italy?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning filmmaker and wedding photographer.

I live in Spain and Italy and I love working at international weddings. They inspire my creativity and enable me to create a unique souvenir for you.

The work of SuperWeddings can be found in many major magazines such as Harpers Baazar Hong Kong. I also invite you to check my portfolio.

You can contact me – I will be happy to answer all your questions and give you many small tips on how to make you organize your dream photo session.

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Wedding Videographer Italy

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