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Before I start, let me tell you Valencia is a beautiful place for hosting a destination wedding. Unlike Barcelona it’s still a little but less touristic but almost the same beautiful and intriguing. As you are probably now surfing the internet about venues and inspirations for your Valencia weddings at some point you will be looking for best wedding photographer in Valencia as well.  As the title says, your search for a wedding photographer in Valencia ends here because I enter the picture here. And pictures are all that I can do the best, and I hope by the end of this read, we will discuss your wedding pictures, and I will be your wedding photographer in my Valencia
– my hometown. 

And you know what, you will be happy that I will be not only your wedding photographer in Valencia but also your local man, who knows the ins and outs and all the lovely hidden gems in and around Valencia. 

So without any further ado, let us talk more about wedding photography in valencia. Ready?

Do You Know Why Valencia Is A Beautiful Place To Host A Destination Wedding?

Well, we all know Valencia as home to the most popular football teams; all the Valencia CF fans jumping in the house?

 But, apart from this, Valencia welcomes the wedding guests with the bright sun, warm evenings, and breathtaking landscapes. Are you convinced already? Now imagine all this combined with unmatched urban energy and nightlife. It sounds beyond perfect for hosting a destination wedding. Right?

And, being a wedding photographer in Valencia, I could not help but notice natural and wild beaches, crystal blue waters, and warm picturesque sunsets that will make the most stunning natural backdrop for wedding pictures. 

You know what? I can go on and on about how beautiful wedding photography in valencia can be, but, at the moment, I want to focus on help[ing you find the best wedding photographer in Valencia. 

(secretly wishing by the end of this read I am the one capturing your most special day)

“Sebastian and Super Weddings did a fantastic job capturing our wedding in Valencia – we truly love it”

Josh & Patricia, 2022

Valencia Wedding Photographer

Is It Worth Hiring A Wedding Photographer In Valencia?

Ok, now tell me, what do you do to return to the memories when you think of your most memorable vacation or party? You look at the pictures from that day. Right? 

I am sure you do not want hazy and unclear wedding pictures when you look back at them with your family on your tenth anniversary. Or you do not want any moment left uncaptured and want to have it close to you captured for a lifetime. Right?

Now, you know hiring a wedding photographer in valencia is worth every penny. And if you hire the best one who is a local, who knows the place well, it will help you make the optimum most of your investment. 

And I would like to steal a moment here to tell you that I have lived my life in Spain and captured over 300 destination weddings. I love to take the off roads to explore a new hidden gem, have a meal at a local eatery, party like the locals, and make you fall in love with your wedding destination.

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer In Valencia Cost?

Henry David said – “the price you pay is the amount of life you exchange for it.” 

I am sure you will not mind spending a justified amount for the memories of the most special day of your life that you will cherish with the generations to come. Because some things in life are priceless, they are valued not by the amount of money but by the emotions and feelings attached to them. 

But, it is also essential to know the waters well before you dive. Firstly you should know that the cost of wedding photography depends on the photographer’s scope of work and expertise. It varies depending on the wedding type, whether it is a big fat wedding with events lined up for three days or a cozy, intimate ceremony with just a few dear ones.

To give you a fair idea, wedding photographers in valencia should cost you somewhere between 1500-4000 euros. 

You may find a photographer that must be just starting and offer you a lower price but make you ask for their previous work samples and connect with their previous client for their professionalism.

At Superweddings, packages for wedding photography in Valencia start from 2250 euros but feel free to reach out to us with any specific request. We believe in making connections rather than building a client database. 

Please note: Also, if your partner wants a last-moment pre or post-wedding session, we will be happiest to accommodate it for you, so you know you can reach out to us for anything. And I will get back to you.

How Many Photos Will You Offer For Wedding Photography In Valencia?

If you have spent some time on my page looking at wedding pictures and films, you will know that I am a wedding photographer because I love to create magic and memories for people. While at work, I do not believe in keeping a count of the number of photos because there can never be enough memories in life. Right? One should never keep count of memories but focus on building them. 

At Superweddings, I will not miss a moment, not a single crazy laugh, a warm hug, a broad smile, and a group picture. Each moment with every guest is worth capturing. Because they hold a special place in your heart, and that is all that should matter on that day.

But, to give you a little clarity, before you finalize your wedding photographer in valencia, the number of wedding pictures should range between 250-800. This number depends on the work’s scope and the wedding type. 

Please note: I am up for it if you or your bride want to do a special wedding picture session with your girl or guy. We love to do all the crazy and impromptu shoots at Superweddings, So feel free to write to us.

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Wedding Photographer Valencia

Why should I make your wedding photos in Valencia?

Hey! I am Sebastian, an award-winning valencia wedding photographer. I live in Spain, but I love to travel the world and explore destinations. And by now, I am sure you that I am a wedding photographer by passion. Putting on my wedding photography shoes is therapy for me. 

If you haven’t seen some of my unique yet crazy wedding films and pictures, you must spend some time on my page to get to know my work. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything, even if it is beyond wedding photography in valencia.

See you in the mailbox, buddy.

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Wedding Photographer Valencia

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