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What do you feel when you think about your dream wedding? Maybe you can imagine beautiful landscapes, charming buildings and the sound of blue water waves? Do you know it is at your fingertips? Are you planning a wedding and do you dream of capturing your special day in a wedding reportage? I am a south of France wedding photographer who will make your dream come true and show you the charms of Provence, Bordeaux and St Tropez and man other beautiful locations. Together, we will discover the best scenery that will enrich your photos and create a beautiful wedding souvenir. You’ve come to the right place! So if you are looking for a wedding photographer in the South of France – let us be your pick!

Wedding Photographer in South of France – what’s important?

South of France is full of beautiful landscapes, monuments and open air. Organizing a wedding gives you more and more opportunities to express yourself and the feelings you have for each other.

A wedding in this beautiful scenery will be an amazing experience and memory. Especially if you have a love of traveling. Capturing wedding photos in South of France of your special day will be a memento for a lifetime. Especially if you can experience it with your family and closest friends. Wedding photography is all about capturing the most magical day in your life, and I’m here to do it for you.

“OMG our photos are just amazing – I can’t believe it”
Caroline & Steven, South of France

Wedding Photographer South of France – not only photos?

Yes, we can offer you more.

The wedding photography offer in the South of France is becoming more and more extensive and can emphasize the uniqueness of your relationship. Surely you’ve noticed that nowadays most couples decide not only for a photo session, but also for video material. At Superweddings, we can offer you to make videos, and having the privilege of making over 300 wedding videos around the world, I am convinced that we will create true magic together. So yes we can not only become your wedding photographers in the south of France, but also are videographers so we we can offer you a full wedding package in the south of France.

South of France Wedding Photography Inspirations for you

I would like to share with you some unique stories in which I have had the privilege to participate. Let these weddings become a real inspiration for you:

South of France Wedding photographer
Anna & Neal

Anna & Neal planned to organize a wedding in Marrakesh, but due to the pandemic, the wedding had to be postponed and finally took place in Provence. In a region famous for its beautiful lavender fields and wineries. A landscape that can be perfectly used in photos. Do you already smell the flowers and the light wind on your face?

Venue: Le Petit Roulet


South of France Wedding photographer Caroline and Steven

Caroline & Steven told us before the wedding:
“We were introduced through a friend, went on a couple of dates, and the rest is history! I think we’re both pretty laid back, we like to have a lot of fun together, both pretty social, creative, and love to go out for food etc. We live in London, love to travel, but I think the main thing for us is fun.”

And yes that wedding was a lot about fun with this relaxed and intimate vibe. Small but powerfull wedding. Really happy to have worked there as their wedding photographer in south of France.

Venue: Chateau D’aix, Saux


South of France Wedding photographer Emily and Elliot

Emily & Elliot told us before the wedding:

“Our strongest connection is born from our family values. We are so fortunate to have relationships with our respective families and so the wedding is about two families coming together after two years of chaos with covid and having a big celebration. With our friends too.”

Venue: Chateau St. Seurin de Clerbise

After the wedding and receving our south of france photography and videography work:

“Beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you from both of us, for everything Just stunning! Thank you for being patient with us and for documenting memories we’ll cherish forever “


How much is a wedding photographer in south of France?

Price lists of every south of France wedding photographe very. It depends on the quality, style of work and final exepctations. Also a lot depends on your event, the size, amount of guests and if there are things happening late at night as well. Sometimes when couples hire us to be their soth of France wedding photographers they also book us on the day before or after the wedding to have a bigger experience. It would say that approximatelly a wedding photographer in South of France costs around 1500-4500 euro for a wedding reportage in the south of France. Superweddings wedding photography package starts at 2,950 euro. However, it is best to contact me – together we will create a package for you and plan this special day

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 How many photos will you offer for wedding photography in South of France?

I always tell my couples that its not really about the amount of wedding photographies that you receive but the amount of emotions, tears and laughters you will have after watching them. Of course its important to set some estimates, therefore what we typically offer our couples looking for a south of France wedding photographer is about 400-600 photos.

Wedding Photographer South of France

Why should I make your wedding photos in the South of France?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning destination wedding videographer and photographer in the south of France.

The work of SuperWeddings can be found in many big magazines such as Harpers Baazar Hong Kong.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me – I am more than happy to answer all your questions and tell you lot’s of little hints on how to make your wedding day in the South of France even more amazing. 

super weddings sebastian nandryka

Wedding Photographer South of France

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Want to see a another recent wedding that w shot?

If you are still wondering if we are the right match to become your south of France wedding photographers please have a look at our recent work examples.

You can also watch my other amazing wedding videos!

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