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Are you looking for the best Wedding Photographer in Marbella?

Chosen Marbella as your wedding destination? Well, this is definatelly a hell of a choice! Marbella is simply amazing and we are extremely happy to tell you a little bit about out work and why I and or my team could become your Marbella wedding photographers.

I am Sebastian, an award-winning destination wedding photographer in Marbella. I live in Spain, but I love to travel the world and capture weddings. I believe in exploring the world and helping a couple make cooler memories. By the end of this read, I hope I will be your wedding photographer in Marbella because I wouldn’t want to miss another magical wedding in Marbella. 

Marbella is so special to me as a wedding destination. I have captured some really fun weddings here. Ok, let me tell you, I am going to be your local man for the wedding in Marbella. And my dear, you are in for plenty of confusion. Don’t be scared — confusion in a positive way. Marbella is a stunning place with plenty of beautiful wedding destinations, whether you are in for a posh grand wedding affair, a rustic wedding in the countryside, or a beach wedding. Marbella is a perfect destination for any wedding. 

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Marbella Wedding Photographer – meet the author

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am the creative director of the brand SuperWeddings.
We truly believe you deserve cooler memories and every wedding we go to is yet another chance to create timeless memories for you and your family.

Why Is Marbella A Beautiful Place To Get Married?

If you are getting married in Marbella, you will be happy to know that Marbella is one of the few cities that witnesses the bright Spanish sun for 320 days a year. Marbella is situated on the mediterranean sea in the foothills of Sierra Blanca. It offers a view of the sea and the mountains from every part of the city. The city offers the most stunning natural backdrops for your wedding pictures. Not only this, Marbella has flower-filled balconies, white-washed houses, and romantic streets for a special pre or post-wedding shoot. 

I am sure I can give over hundreds of reasons to get married in Marbella and why this is the most stunning place for wedding photography but let us now focus on the wedding photographer in Marbella. 

“Sebastian and Super Weddings created amazing memories fur us and the family. A great choice!”

Joyce & Kylan, Marbella 2023

Combining wedding Photography and Videography in Marbella

Is It Worth Hiring A Wedding Photographer In Marbella?

If you have decided to pack your bags and travel with your friends and family miles away from the comfort of your home to get married in a city, I am sure this day is really special in your life. And you wouldn’t want to miss a moment from this day.
Am I right?

Of course, a friend or a family member can play the role of your wedding photographer in Marbella, but you want pictures to be perfect, just like your wedding moments. And only a professional who is killed and has experience can do this job best. I have been a wedding photographer for over a decade now. And you know what makes my work worth it? I receive emails from my couples after a few years of their wedding when they look back at their wedding picture and still fall in love with it afresh. 

Hiring a wedding photographer in Marbella is absolutely worth it. It is best if you hire a local because Marbella has beautiful, unexplored hidden gems that will make stunning backdrops for your wedding pictures, and only a local can take you around those places well. I have lived my life in Spain, and I make sure to not only capture beautiful pictures, but I make the couple build a connection with their wedding destination. 

Ok, now that you know it is in your best interest to hire a wedding photographer in Marbella, I am sure you have questions about the cost and a few others. Let us discuss a few frequently asked questions.

Are you looking for the best wedding venues in Marbella?

I have curated a list of unique wedding destinations in Marbella, and I am sure this will be a read you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.

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How Much Does A Wedding Photographer In Marbella Cost?

As said by Jeffrey Loria, “The real value of art is not always revealed by the price set upon it.” 

Photography is an art, and the wedding photographer is skilled in capturing the moments in a fraction of seconds because plandids can never match the magic of a candid. Right? I am sure you wouldn’t mind paying a fair price for the memories from your most special day. These pictures will be a part of your treasure box that you will pass on to generations. You wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of that. Right?

But, you must have a fair idea of the factors that influence the charges of the wedding photographer in Marbella. No one price fits all, and the fee depends on the scope of work and the level of expertise of the photographer. It also depends on the type of wedding, like a cozy one-day intimate wedding, a grand three-day affair, or an elopement for a few hours with just close friends and family. 

At Supperwedding, for wedding photography in Marbella packages, the starts from 2250 Euros. And as said, this varies depending on the scope of work. So feel free to reach out to us with your specifications.

Please note: Marbella has some stunningly picturesque views for wedding photography if your partner wants a last-moment pre or post-wedding session. We will be happy to accommodate it so you know you can reach out to us for anything. And I will get back to you.

How Many Photos Will You Offer For Wedding Photography In Marbella?

If you have browsed through some of the wedding pictures from Supperweddings, you will know that it is my passion, and I focus on creating magic every time I shoot a wedding. And while shooting a wedding, I focus on capturing moments, and I do not pay attention to the number of photos; I want to catch every happy teary eye, every wild smile, and all warm group hugs. 

But, it would be best if you always had an idea about everything related to hiring a wedding photographer in Marbella. The number of wedding pictures will range from 250-800. You must know that the number of photos depends upon the scope of work, events, and guests. 

Please note: If you would like to do something fun like recreate your parent’s wedding pictures on your wedding day or do a shoot with your cousins or girl and guy gang, we are always up for it.

 So feel free to reach out to us via email. 

Package 1 – Creative Wedding Photography in Marbella

This is our entry package for your Marbella Wedding Photography.
It’s an 8 hour service where we shoot the getting reay, ceremony, dinner and first minutes of the party.

  • Prewedding online meeting
  • Approx 350-450 photos
  • Drone Footage
  • 8 hours on the wedding day
  • Online gallery with photos
  • High Quality of work
  • Travel & Accomodation
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Package 2 – Full Wedding Photography in Marbella

In this full wedding photography package of 10 hours on the wedding day. Your Marbella wedding will be represented on more photos and you will also receive the chance to spend time with us on a pre wedding photo shoot on the day before.

  • Prewedding online meeting
  • Approx 550-750 photos
  • Drone Footage
  • 10 hours on the wedding day
  • 2 Hours on the day before
  • Online gallery with photos
  • High Quality of work
  • Travel & Accomodation

Package 3 – Wedding Photos + Video in Marbella

Yes this is the crème de la crème of out offer and we can not only offer Marbella wedding photograhy but also videography.
I am sure this will be a great combination of budget savings and having all in one hands and all the amazing memories shot in one style.

  • Prewedding online meeting
  • Creative Social Media reel of up to 1 minures
  • Creative Highlight Video of 3 to 5 minutes
  • Full Wedding Reportage of 12 to 15 minutes
  • Approx 650 photos
  • Drone Footage
  • Online gallery
  • 10 hours on the wedding day
  • 2 hours on the day before
  • High Quality of work
  • Travel & Accomodation
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Marbella Wedding Photographer that can also shoot videos for you

Please have a look at a recent example of a wedding film by SuperWeddings. If you book us as your Marbella wedding photographers
please make sure to inquire about creating a video for you as well.

Why Should I Be Your Wedding Photographer In Marbella?

As you already know, I am an award-winning wedding photographer from Spain. But, I love to travel and explore the world; I will be not only your wedding photographer in Marbella but also your local man. I will not only capture your weddings but also help you find your dream destination wedding venue, a wedding planner or anything you need help with for your wedding. I aim to assist people to live their most memorable day just as they have dreamt. Clicking wedding pictures is therapy for me. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a wedding photographer in Marbella. And even if you need help with anything else in Marbella or all of Spain. 

So see you in the mailbox. 

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Wedding Photographer Marbella

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