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Are you and your partner looking forward to hosting the most magical destination wedding in Malaga and all you need now is a
Malaga wedding photographer? And, I am sure since you are not a local, you must be on a hunt for the best wedding photographer in Malaga to capture some dreamiest shots to cherish for a lifetime. Right?

Guess what? Your search ends here. Yes! Look no further.
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Malaga Wedding Photographer – why do you need one?

I would love to be chosen as your wedding photographer in Malaga for your destination wedding but what if I told you that
I would also do the wedding videography? Yes! I am generally happy to walk the extra mile to make your story memorable because I believe that every wedding picture reflects a true emotion and tells a unique story. You might wonder how I can manage both? Wedding photography and videography can be too hectic of a task, but there is a reason for this hustle and madness, and it’s called Magic. 

Please take a moment and scroll down to see how we can together create Magical Moments. We have recently shot an adorable couple, Melissa & Ian, in Malaga and Hacienda Nadales. And here is what they thought about working with us

‘Thank you so so much for the photos and the videos. They are absolutely mind blowing! We are sooooo in love with them. Your work is exquisite!”

Melissa & Ian, Malaga 2021
malaga wedding photographer

Melissa & Ian wedding in Malaga

Make sure to watch this beautiful wedding that we shot recently in the heart of Malaga. And yes we did shoot both photo and video for this amazing couple.

Combining wedding Photography and Videography in Malaga

Aren’t these two just adorable? Oh! I fell in love with Malaga all over again while shooting for Melissa & Ian. 
We do not restrict our scope of work as your wedding photographer and videographer, but our ultimate goal is to make your most special day just beyond perfect and memorable. At Superweddings, we will not only be your wedding photographers in Malaga but also will guide you through the best wedding venues and wedding planners and deal with local wedding vendors.
Not only this, but I would also love to take you around Malaga and plan a fantastic pre or post-wedding shoot at the most stunning and unique locations. Hidden gems are often known to locals. Right?

Why is Malaga a great city for wedding photography?

If you have laid your heart on Malaga as your wedding destination, then I am sure you have a calling for rich culture, stunning views, and sunny sandy beaches.  Now that you have spent some time on my page, you already know my biases toward this city. The city’s picturesque views make stunning backdrops for wedding pictures. There is a little bit of everything to your liking, from old town charms, spectacular coastal roads, historic and beautiful castles, and a modern and vibrant city center. I want to name a few of my favorites – Malaga old town, Plaza del Obispo, Jardines de Pedro Louiso Alfonso, and the list can go on. But, at the moment, I want to focus on helping you find a wedding photographer in Malaga. What are you looking for in your wedding photographer in Malaga? You might love to know why we should be the one shooting for you? Also, did you know that we are one of the best wedding photographers in Malaga? Here is what our clients say about us. 

“Thank you so so much for the wedding photos and videos. They are absolutely mind-blowing! We are so in love with them.Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. “

Melissa & Ian.

Ahh! Alright. Getting back to business, let me share a few things that you must consider while looking for a wedding photographer in Malaga. Let’s get going. 

slub w Hiszpani

Ask us for availability on your wedding date

If you want to work with us on your wedding day and hire us as Malaga Wedding Photographer then simply drop us an email.

Hiring a Wedding photographer in Malaga – Is it worth it?

Well, Yes! It is worth every penny.If you have gone through the wedding video and pictures of Melissa & Ian, and if you took a moment to read the story, you must by now know that it is much more than just shooting a wedding for us at Superweddings.
We believe in creating a magical connection with the client, and I am confident that what I create is different from everyone else. 
Also, I am not writing this because I live in Malaga and I call myself a wedding photographer in Malaga but because we have shot over 300 weddings worldwide. And a photographer always the importance of capturing the deep emotions at the right moment.
Isn’t it? 

How much does a wedding photographer in Malaga cost?

Like everything else in life, you can expect a wide range of costs for wedding photographers in Malaga. The cost for wedding photography depends on many factors like scope of work, expertise, and duration of work. For instance, the cost of wedding photography will vary from an intimate wedding to that of a grand international wedding with an elaborate guest list. Right?But in general, wedding photography in Malaga should cost you around 1500-3500 euros. In my opinion, the cost of a wedding photographer should be fair and respectful to their expertise and the quality of services they provide.  Our wedding photography packages for a Malaga wedding start from 2250 Euros. Still, we are always open to making a custom package depending on the requirement of the couples getting married in Malaga. Feel free to write to us to enquire about a custom package. 

What do wedding videographers do?

The wedding videographers work to create a magical film that tells a story that is about you and your partner, and you are going to cherish it with your daily for a lifetime. They work to capture your most special day and compile it into a video that will always bring you back to the special moments of your wedding day. After many years, when you sit on a lakeside sipping coffee with your partner in your sixties, watching your wedding film, it will still give you those butterflies in your tummy. Isn’t it?Make sure you communicate with your videographer what type of wedding video you would like: a documentary, wedding highlights, or a creative film for your social media. At Superweddings, I love to get creative with wedding films. Have you explored some of our magical wedding videos? If not, do check them out.  

How long is the Wedding Film when you are the Malaga Wedding photographer?

A length of a wedding film depends on the type of wedding film. As your wedding videographer at Superweddings, a wedding highlight wedding film is about 3-5 minutes long, whereas a documentary-style wedding film is about 15-20 minutes long. The duration of the wedding film also depends on the scope of the wedding. What type of wedding film will you like for your wedding? If you are not able to decide at the moment, feel free to write to us if you want to know more about each type. 

How many photos do you offer from a Malaga wedding?

How many photos are too many photos? At Superweddings, I believe in focusing on giving true happiness to the couple at their wedding. Keeping a count of photos is not what I want to focus on as your wedding photographer in Malaga. I want you to explore Malaga, fall in love with the culture, and enjoy your special day, and I want to capture a special candid moment with everyone dear and near who holds a special place in your heart. These are the reasons you will book a wedding photographer for. Right? But to give you an approximate idea, it ranges somewhere between 250-800 photos. Again, the number of photos depends on how many guests you host and how elaborate the affair is. 

 Superweddings as your Malaga Wedding photographers

IF you are planning a destination wedding in Malaga, you now know whom to reach out to. If you read Melissa & Ian’s story, you must have had a fair idea about some amazing wedding venues in Malaga and wedding planning tips to plan your dreamy Malaga wedding. And, being an award-winning photographer, hopefully, I will be able to capture your wedding in Malaga through my lenses. I love to travel anywhere the couple wants me to, but I have a special place for couples getting married in Malaga. You see, I am biased when it comes to a Malaga wedding. Please don’t hesitate to contact me – ask me for a custom package for your wedding photography in Malaga or anything else you need help with. I am all ears and always there to help. Please write to me. 

Malaga Wedding Photographer & Videography – check one of our recent films too

Why should I make your wedding photos in Malaga?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning destination wedding videographer and photographer with huge passion for shooting wedding in Malaga and all Spain.
As SuperWeddings we love  to travel around Europe and the World to amazing locations and venues to shoot beautiful and sometimes a little crazy weddings. Me and my amazing TEAM are ready for you!

I live in Spain and I would love to chosen as your Malaga Wedding Photographer.

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Wedding Photographer Malaga

You can also watch my other amazing wedding videos!

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