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Are you looking for the best Wedding Photographer on Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands?

Are you planning your wedding and you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Gran Canaria of Canary Islands to join you on your amazing day? I live in the capital of Gran Canaria – Las Palmas which enables me to travel super fast to your wedding day.
What if I told you that you don’t need to look no more and that I am already super excited to become your wedding photographer and tell a unique, inspirational and emotional story of you.

Do you know what’s the best part? I will also take care of wedding videography for you!
You might think If I am crazy or had a little too much coffee today (yes I love coffee) to take care of both wedding photography and videography for you, BUT no – there is a reason in this madness and it’s called magic. Please scroll down and you will find out how we can create magical moments together!

Gran Canaria Wedding Photographer – why do you need one?

Well, there is always a need in life for something. I don’t want to write you ten different reasons why you should hire me or anybody to be your wedding photographer, but if you already plan this amazing adventure, wouldn’t it be cool to have this recorded in a unique, tailor-made story for you?

Let me start off by saying that you made a great choice with planning your wedding in Gran Canaria – what an amazing place to shoot! 

Being a wedding photographer is so much more than just owning the newest cameras and lenses, it’s really about empathy for other human beings and sensitivity for what’s important in a given moment. It’s about fun and laughter but also about feeling the weight of how fragile life can be and truly understanding what love really is, and what it will be in the future. 

It’s about humans and their intimate stories.

This is how I view wedding photography and this is why I have become a wedding photographer.

“Sebastian and Super Weddings is definitely another level! Can’t get better then this.”

Kmag Magazine

Combining wedding Photography and Videography in Gran Canaria

I have first started with wedding videography and for many years believed that this the only way I want to tell stories.

But I understood that wedding photography and videography is about telling the same story, using just a little different vocabulary. For me it is about making my couples experience that day to the fullest and allowing themselves to go with me for an adventure even if it means only shooting for a half an hour, it simply has to be powerful. And trust me switching between photos and videos is something I have brought to perfection. 

If you still need to see more then please have a look HERE at a perfect example of a wedding where I was both shooting videography and photography for an American couple and their elopement in Villa Aurelia in Rome, Italy.  

gran canaria wedding photography 360 1

Interested in more Wedding Photography on Gran Canaria?

then you need to check this amazing pre wedding shoot that we did with Louisa and Alexander. We traveled all around Gran Canaria to some mind blowing places such as Arucas Banana Farm or a cave in Baranco de las Vacas.

It was such an amazing experience. We loved it!

Louisa & Alexander

Gran Canaria Wedding Photography & Videography – check one of my recent films too

Why should I make your wedding photos in Gran Canaria?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning destination wedding videographer and photographer. I love to travel around Europe and the World to amazing locations and venues to shoot beautiful and sometimes a little crazy weddings.

I live in Spain but I love travelling.
I mostly work in Italy, Spain, Greece, and France but I am willing to travel anywhere my couples want me.

If you’d like to see how my works look like you can check my latest videos or photos.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me – I am more than happy to answer all your questions and tell you lot’s of little hints on how to make your wedding day in Gran Canaria even more amazing. 

super weddings sebastian nandryka

Wedding Photographer Gran Canaria

You can also watch my other amazing wedding videos!

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