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We love to create unique wedding videos for creative and joyful couples.
Life is to short for BORING weddings, right? If you want to say yes, you better do it having the biggest smile on your face
with friends and family who will rock the night and dance their shoes off.
Sidenote – most likely we will be one of the first on the dance floor!

“Sebastian is the most unique wedding videographer in the World. That’s a fact.”

Kmag Magazine

So most definitely you are planning your amazing and you don’t want to ruin your memories by hiring someone who will make yet just another wedding video for you? You want more, you want raw emotions, artistic story, candid moments and a unique perspective of your elopement? Then yes, yes, yes and one more yes to let’s create some amaze-balls memories that will stay with you forever and will destroy your Facebook or Instagram wall when you post it to share with the world.

Unique Wedding Videographer – why do you even need one?

Well, there is always a need in life for something. I don’t want to write you ten different reasons why you should hire me or anybody to be your wedding videographer, but if you already plan this amazing adventure, wouldn’t it be cool to have this recorded in a unique, tailor-made story for you?

Here at Super Weddings we don’t believe in a modus operandi, production brief or detailed editing outlines.
Simply because every wedding day is so much different, every couple has its own, intimate and unique story and action takes pary in yet another location – which makes our work as wedding videographers and photoraphers the best job in the world.

Most likely have we attended over 300 weddings so far and no matter whether it was a intimate beach elopement in Gran Canaria, an industrial party in Berlin or a glamorous high end wedding in Rome or Abu Dhabi, we have loved each of our couples – because they are so unique.

“Sebastian and Super Weddings is definitely the best choice. We love our wedding film”

Sara & Giulio

Please have a look at one of my recent unique wedding films

This unique wedding film was shot in the Paghera Gardens in Italy

Whats makes a wedding video unique? Top 3 reasons behind unique wedding videography

Reason 1. The work Philosophy

I strongly believe that my unique wedding videos have changed the way most people perceive wedding videography.

You’re probably thinking, “Sure, sure,” right now. You may be right, but the facts speak for themselves: most pre-2017 wedding videos were essentially the same – planning, best man speech, ceremony, reception and that’s all, folks. 
If you think about it, the wedding day looks exactly like that. 
We enter someone’s house, there is a make-up artist prepping the bride. The maid of honor stands behind with a big smile and is not worried of what is going to happen.
“Are you sure we’re going to make it?” the mother calls from out of nowhere. Next, we’ve got the first-look, then the ceremony and when its over we go party.

If your idea of a wedding day coincides with what you just read, you have two choices. You can close the tab, remove my website from your computer memory, or you can take a deep breath and write me a message below – so we can together create a new reality, one that is yours and truly unique. One that will change not only how you perceive That Special Day but also give you power and energy the to think and experience live a different way. This is really what unique wedding videography is about

Reason 2. Trust and Commitment

A few years ago I had a chance to create one of my most uniqe and artstic wedding videos ever. It was shot in Isle of Skye, Scotland.
As we drove from Edinburgh towards the Isle of Skye, we were slowly losing contact with the world. I mean it literally – the phone lost reception, the radio was silent and the mountains were expanding around us. This journey was becoming more akin to that of NASA astronauts than just three people wanting to experience a “Pinterest Elopement” in the wild. 

I wouldn’t say we really wanted that anymore, though. Sure, we watched dozens if not hundreds of weddings and elopements from Skye, but, somewhere deep down, we probably all believed this is not why we journeyed through to the other side of Europe. We didn’t want to be another photo cover and another like on Facebook. Since the radio stopped playing any decent music, one of us, I think Tomek, played Bon Iver’s ’22, A Million’ from a playlist downloaded on his phone. And so the voice and music of this American band accompanied us for the next few hours. 

When it got darker, we saw our Airbnb in the distance and a handful of animals, including several horses, along the way. We left the car and approached them. 

Mia, dressed in her wedding gown, was watching the animals while I talked to Tom about my strong urge to do something crazy.
I asked him:

-“Do you trust me?”
-“OK, so forget about all those images and references that you have about weddings or this place. Just seize the moment and don’t think about it.” 

There was an old bathtub filled with rainwater and a bit of mud close by. I approached it with Mia. I asked her if she could jump in, take a deep breath and immerse herself completely until her face was covered with black sludge.

A few seconds later, I had the camera in my hand and Mia was below the water surface. 

You can watch this Unique Wedding Video from Isle of Skye here

Reason 3. Decide to really be Unique

Someone once asked American actor Mark Wahlberg how did he manage to become one of the most famous actors in 21st century American cinema. 

You know what he said? 
“I knew I wasn’t the most talented or the most handsome, but one day I woke up and decided to become one of the best.” 

Everything is about making a conscious decision and translating it into action.  I never decided to become a wedding videographer, it was something that really occurred to me organically in my past life when I underwent a big transformation from a business person into an artists. But you know what? When I have realized “Ok I am a wedding videographer now” what do I want about it? I then decided to be the most unique wedding videographer out there.
Because I found out that my heart really beats in a different and unique way.

Why should I make your uniqe wedding video?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning destination wedding videographer and photographer.
I love to travel around Europe and the World to amazing locations and venues to shoot beautiful and sometimes a little crazy weddings. Every time I can’t believe how lucky I am to call myself a unique wedding videographer – it’s really not a job is a way of life!

Together with my amazing team we work in Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, and France but I am willing to travel anywhere my unique couples want me to places as far as Dubai, Mexico, Bermuda or the USA.

If you’d like to see how my works look like you can check my latest videos or photos.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me – I am more than happy to answer all your questions and tell you lot’s of little hints on how to make your unique wedding day even more amazing and yes you got it; become your unique wedding videographer.

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You can also watch my other amazing wedding videos!

This uniqe wedding video was shot in Gran Canaria in Hacienda del Buen Succeso
This unique wedding video was shot in Seville in Hotel Alfonso XIII

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