Riad Marrakech Wedding – Louisa & Alexander WOW!

You may know us as destination wedding photographers and videographers and if you explored our website you know we love to shoot amazing and sometimes super crazy Marrakech Weddings! 
This time we travelled to Morocco to capture this amazing Riad Marrakech wedding of Louisa and Alexander. Little backstory before I go on and on about how amazing this Marrakech wedding was, ok? Louisa & Alexander this super sweet couple from Germany first decided to shoot a pre wedding session with us months before their wedding in Marrakech. And yes it’s also on our website – you will find the link below if you scroll the page. But you came here to find more information about Marrakech weddings so let’s not waste any more time and get right into it! So as I was saying Louisa and Alexander decided to host their destination wedding in a Riad in Marrakech and on this blogpost you will find the coolest photos from that experience as well as their wedding video. But we will not stop right there! We will give you bonus information on a Marrakech Wedding because we know you want to be inspired and get as much information for your future wedding in Marrakech, right? 

Riad Wedding in Marrakech

Have you traveled to Marrakech, do you know what a Riad is? Firstly, let me introduce you to what a Riad is and then you decide if you will consider getting married in a Riad in Marrakech with a whole lot of Moroccan vibe. Sounds good? 
So, a Riad is a traditional Moroccan home with multiple floors that centers around an open-air courtyard more often beautifully done with a garden and a fountain. The origin comes from Arabic as Ryad in Arabic means garden. And you know what makes staying in a Riad more interesting? In my opinion, the open garden area serves as a lounge for guests to have meals and spend fun time together. And sometimes even to host very small pre-wedding rituals. So while your guests get the privacy to stay in their own rooms but the wedding festivities can be more fun when everyone is together for meals and otherwise. I am sure you must have gotten an idea of how amazing this wedding in a Riad was, so here is why I feel it was really a fun event and if you are getting married in Marrakech you must consider a Riad as your wedding venue. When you plan to travel to a completely different part of the world to host a destination wedding, I am sure you want your wedding and every element of it to reflect the true essence of that place. Right? 
Each room in a Riad is decorated with beautiful colors and mostly done in the traditional Moroccan style. Your guests are truly going to enjoy this experience. Am I right or am I right? Also most riads these days offer food services as well, and what better than indulging in the local taste of the local land. Sounds fun?  

Marrakech Wedding Photography

Now that you are already falling in love with the idea of hosting a destination wedding in Marrakech, and you have a fair inclination for Riad as your wedding venue, how about discussing the next big thing? The photographer. Well, that’s what I am here for. We are destination wedding photographers and videographers. We love to travel across the world and help couples make their wedding day the most magical day of their lives. We will not only capture some really candid and beautiful memories but we can also do a really fun and stunning wedding video for you. Would you like to see the insides of how beautifully we have captured the special moments with Louisa and Alxender? You can be a part of this here. Also for any further queries always remember, just an email away my friend. 

Marrakech Wedding – the movie

You think the photos looks cool? Well, wait till you see the move frim this mind blowing wedding in Marrakech.

Top 10 Marrakech wedding Venues

Loved the idea of hosting a Riad wedding in Marrakech? But overwhelmed with the options that Google suggests? Well, I agree, you will many beautiful Riads located in and around Marrakech. But during my visit to Marrakech, I took some time out to explore the place and have curated a list of my favorite wedding venues in Marrakech. Excited much to explore with me? Let us get into it. 

1. La Mamounia

If you are all in for hosting a super luxurious wedding where your guests experience a unique stay in a riad while enjoying the services of a luxurious hotel, then this will be your best bet. This beauty is home to lush green gardens overlooking 8 hectares of land naturally decorated with flowers and trees, an outdoor pool for a magical evening, specialty restaurants to treat the tastebuds, and a traditional Moroccan style spa to unwind. Already falling for this place? Well, I am sure your guests will be a fan forever. 

2. Taj Marrakech

Wish to host a well organized, luxurious, and intimate wedding or elopement in Marrakech? Well, Taj villa, Marrakech as your wedding venue will be your ideal choice. Think of a prewedding dinner on a private terrace, followed by a surreal wedding ceremony beneath 100 years old olive trees, a wedding dinner next to the pool bordered with lanterns. Truly magical. Right? This stunning property has 19 rooms and can accommodate around 40-50 guests. Perfect for an intimate wedding, and in case you plan to host a larger than life wedding with your extended friends and family you can easily accommodate your guests in the nearby hotels or villas. The team at Taj Marrakech will walk the extra mile and help you plan and organize your wedding just the way you have always dreamt of it. I personally loved everything about this property. What about you?  

3. El Fenn

A true definition of luxury with authenticity. If you are the one who wants to experience the authentic Moroccan vibe yet keep the comfort of contemporary European luxurious accommodation, then this is a good choice. And you know what’s best at El Fenn, no two rooms are identical. Interesting. Right? Every room reflects something unique, some have a pop of bright colors while others give a soothing pastel feel. This beautiful property is home to 31 rooms, three swimming pools and a 1300 square meter roof terrace. Perfect to comfortably accommodate guests and host wedding ceremonies. Not only this, but the property also has 2 cocktail bars for you to dance the night out and extend the after-party with your family and friends and then end the festivities relaxing at the spa. Perfect. Right?

4.  La Sultana

Hosting a La Sultana Marrakech wedding is an invitation intimate, richly colored experience that reflects respect for traditions and contemporary services. I am sure your guests will be awestruck at the art of their hospitality. This exclusive piece of art is home to 28 rooms and suites that are beautifully decorated to host your guests and provide a comfortable stay. The list of luxuries does not end here, how about enjoying a dip in the in-house heated pool with your friends and family. Think of the wedding ceremony hosted in a luxuriant garden or even on an open roof terrace, I am sure the will come out stunning. Isn’t it? Enjoying this ride that bursts with rich cultural experiences and an authentic Moroccan vibe? We have some more hidden gems yet to explore to make your wedding in Marrakech a memorable one. So let us get going. Ready?

5. Sakkan

Sakkan means a place where you feel good, you are happy, you feel at home. And this was my first feeling for this place. Louisa and Alexander hosted their wedding at this stunning wedding venue in Marrakech, and that’s when I fell in love with this place instantly. The warm essence in the welcome, the professionalism, and the attention towards small things are now beautiful memories. I am so confident while I say that have mastered the art of hospitality. This piece of art with essence of luxury and comfort is home to rooms, suites, and a stunning roof top bar & restaurant to treat your tastebuds. You can easily accommodate up to 60 guests and enjoy the most memorable day of your life with your loved ones. Do check out the attention paid to the small details of how well this riad is decorated and I am sure you will fall in love with it in the pictures. 

6. Palais Namaskar

Think of a wedding venue in the desserts that shouts ‘I welcome you with all my heart’. The true meaning of Palais Namaskar is a reflection of beauty, luxury, and comfort enriched with Moorish essence. Sounds like an exotic holiday venue. Right? Well, this amazing wedding Marrakech is an outstander, beneath the Altas mountains naturally decorated with 12 acres of lush green gardens and 4 acres of tranquil lakes. It Is perfectly done to host your guests in 41 suites and private villas equipped with contemporary luxuries. You will be spoilt for choices to host the wedding ceremony by the lake, or beneath a century-old tree. The team at the venue will walk alongside to do the most gorgeous wedding cake and organize the wedding festivities. I am sure your guests will forever talk about the stunning wedding here. Anything else to be taken care of? Well, we are always there to help you with that.

7. Scarabeo Camp

Lovesome adventure? Wish to get married on an adventurous holiday with your friends and family? Well, I love the idea. Let us hop on the plane together. And this is why I have the best-found suggestion for a wedding venue in Marrakech. It is the Scarabeo Camp, staying here will give you all the feels of being part of an expedition from the golden age. If you love to travel on a journey to simpler times then this is the place for you. Think of staying in tents, with your head in the stars and eyes fixed on mountains, by the side of a warm bonfire. Sounds like magic to me. True? From the eyes of a wedding photographer, the camp is an excellent backdrop for a wedding ceremony, cocktail, and romantic dinners. And that is why it is one of the most popular wedding venues in Marrakech. Stumped with the variety of wedding venues that Marrakech has to offer? Well, this is not it,  let’s explore some more.

8. Kasbah Tamadot

How about taking your wedding vows while you feel the soft breath of fresh mountain air, imagine a wedding ceremony in a stunning lush green garden with Atlas Mountain as the backdrop of your wedding pictures. My lenses can already visualize some stunning wedding pictures. That is the magic of this place. This is one of the most luxurious and popular wedding venues in Marrakech and has won several accolades for its spectacular and distinctly designed rooms, suites, event rooms, and the art of hospitality. The team at Kasbah Tamadot is truly an expert in organizing both intimate and large-scale weddings and elopements. I am sure you and your guests will fall in love with your new-found home in Marrakech and would always want to come back to it. 

9. The Capaldi Hotel

Dreaming of saying your wedding vows at an oasis of romance and luxury? Then this boutique retreat is the best-suited wedding venue in Marrakech for you. The Capaldi Hotel is home to 23 rooms and suites decorated beautifully with modern amenities. Imagine a wedding ceremony in the fragrant garden surrounded by olive trees giving the authentic Moroccan vibe. I am sure your guests will fall in love with the swimming pool, traditional Moroccan spa and the cherry on the cake will be a movie theater only for you to enjoy a chill and relaxing evening to unwind with the wedding festivities. Sounds like a perfect setting. Right?

10. Amanjena

If hosting a super luxurious wedding is on your mind then, oh boy! Amanjena will never disappoint you. It is the best choice you can make to host your dream wedding in Marrakech. Think of a wedding ceremony in an atmosphere of Arabesque ornaments, Berber carpets, and the glow of 1001 candles and lanterns. Or choose to say your wedding vows at the vast reflective Bassin, then dance until dawn, when a celebratory breakfast is served with the rising sun. magical. Isn’t it? Sounds surreal. Right? And wedding reception at the dramatic courtyard flanked with fountains carrying rose petals. I am sure the team of Amanjena will walk the extra mile to effortlessly fill your wedding with an extra dose of romance and charm

Here Is Why You Should Plan Your Wedding In Marrakech

If you fancy a destination wedding at the trending and hottest place, then you should go for Marrakech without even giving second thoughts. And, no, I am not saying this out of my love for all things Moroccan. Whether you are located in Europe or in the UK, Marrakech is conveniently located with just an air distance of under 5 hours. I am sure your guests will love experiencing the rich African culture while on your wedding trip. Marrakech is a magical place to get married with beautiful sunny and warm weather throughout the year. (Pro tip: According to the locals and experts, the best time to get married in Marrakech is Late Spring to Early Autumn and if you would love a winter wedding in Marrakech then you should opt for a late Autumn to early spring. ) Marrakech offers the best of both worlds, you will find stunning wedding venues in Marrakech for both big fat and intimate weddings. Also, you will find amazing wedding venues if you wish to host a budget wedding in Marrakech or even if you dream to make it a luxury affair. I am sure you have already how deeply I have fallen in love with Marrakech for a destination wedding. So shall we move ahead and get to know this place a little more to help you plan your dream destination wedding in Marrakech? 

Frequently Asked Questions abour Marrakech Wedding

  1. How much does a wedding in Marrakech Cost?

This is the first and most asked question while planning a destination wedding, but I am afraid there is no honest and straight answer to this one. The cost of a wedding utterly depends on the wedding venue, the outfits, the catering service that you choose. As said, Marrakech is a beautiful destination to host both luxury and budget weddings. But to give you an approx idea, to host an average wedding in Marrakech the overall wedding should cost you around 15000-20000 dollars. But yes, in case you wish to know the photography and videography expenses in detail, then feel free to hit us up. 

  1. Can you get Married in Marrakech?
  • Yes, non-nationals can comfortably get married in Marrakech, but the process and technicalities can vary depending on your resident country. So it is advisable to check with your embassy and do the needful according to the requirements. 
  • You can choose to legally get married in your home country and host the wedding ceremony and extend the celebrations in Marrakech to avoid any legal formalities. 
  • Same-sex marriages are not yet legal in Marrakech. 
  • You will have to obtain a certificate of legal capacity to get married in Marrakech and in some cases, you and your partner might get interviewed to understand the nature of your marriage. 
  1. How does Moroccan Wedding go?

A traditional Moroccan starts with the legal wedding first followed by the festivities. As the first thing, the bride and the groom sign their wedding contract, this is called Drib Sadak. Followed by the wedding festivities at the bride’s house, Hammam is a day dedicated to the beauty and purification of the bride with her family and close friends. Then is the Heena party the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with beautiful henna and also the groom’s family is invited, and they bring gifts for the bride. And lastly, the big day. This is the wedding celebration day with traditional Moroccan rituals. It is a beautiful and surreal sight, I am sure this read has helped you plan your dream destination wedding in Marrakech. We would love to help you plan one with you. If there you love how we captured Alexander and Louisa’s wedding, we are here to help you make beautiful memories for a lifetime. Happy wedding my friend!

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Louisa & Alexander – the pre wedding shoot

In the beginnning of this post I promised you the pre wedding shoot of this amazing couple. There you go!

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