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An amazing Puglia Wedding in Italy captured by SuperWeddings

How booking the right Puglia Wedding Videographer can make your memories a lot cooler!

Did you chose Puglia in Italy to become your wedding destination? If yes – then you made a great choice to celebrate, dance, eat and have fun with family & friends in one of the most beautiful and magical sea views that Italy can offer. Now it’s time to find the perfect  Puglia wedding and elopement videographer and photographer to make this Italian dream possible. 

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This wedding that we want you to experience with us is a real story that was captured by us last wedding season. Hopefully when you scroll down and watch those Puglia elopement photos – it will give a better understanding of the atmosphere that you will find in Puglia. Also if you are still not decided which Puglia wedding venue you should choose for yourself, then hopefully after watching this you will come to some conclusions and Puglia has so much to offer. First you need to know about the cities located in that area of Italy such as Bari, Alberobello, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, and Ostuni.

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Puglia Wedding – What are the best venues?

Second of all the wedding venues in Puglia also differ from each other as there are beautiful hotels, palazzos, beach clubs, villas and most importantly places called a Masseria. If you wonder what a Masseria actually means – it is used to describe an fortified house or an old country house located on the estate. Is is only used in the region of Puglia and well, it is also very often a Puglia Wedding Venue.

The wedding of Joyce and Alan took place in a Masseria near Trulli village called Tenuta Monacelle.

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I must say it’s really a great place to throw a party! There is a pool, many bars, a great restaurant and an awesome outside area for the wedding ceremony and reception – so many things to be covered as a Puglia wedding videographer and photographer. Honestly can’t wait to come back to Puglia and shoot in one of those amazing venues. 

Puglia Wedding Videographer + Photographer

The wedding video from this wedding in Puglia, Italy is coming soon so make sure to follow our work on our websiteInstagram and Fanpage, but I would love to show you some of our wedding films example and also explain a little about
why I believe you shoot choose me and my team as your Puglia Wedding Videographer + Photographer.

Please have a look at one our examples of wedding videography from this other Italian Wedding in Boho Style.

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Planning a Puglia Wedding?

Do you need someone to help you make the best choice, hire the most amazing vendors and give you many tips and tricks how to make you Puglia Wedding even more amazing?
We are not only Puglia Wedding Videographers and Photographers but we also have a huge experience with Worldwide wedding and can share with you everything we know. And you know what’s the coolest part? We will share it all for free!! So let’s stary your journey and make your Puglia Wedding the biggest adventure of your life.
If you made it this far there is not other option but to inquire our availability and book your own Puglia Wedding Videographer.

Why should I make your wedding video?

Super Weddings is an award-winning destination wedding videography and photography brand. We create passionate wedding films all around Europe in places like Italy, Spain, France, Greece but you can find us behind the camera as far away as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong or Australia!

Super Weddings can take care about your wedding, elopement, engagement or just another crazy story! For us this is so much more than just a wedding business – it’s a way of life. So if you enjoy watching one of our wedding films and you feel like this is exactly what you are looking for, please write us as soon as possible and let’s create some magic guys!

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