Mallorca Spain Wedding – Ann & Ross

There are really few words to describe how amazing this Mallorca Spain wedding was. What comes in mind is “WOW was this real?”
Yes, it was – absolutely! Ross & Anna decided to host their party in a true international maner. They had friends and family coming all over the world from places such as California, Belgium, Spain or Dubai. Ross & Anna (which is short for Annastasia) are also a great example of a multi cultural couple themselves, as she was born and raised in the Netherlands and he is Irish, but they both live in NYC.
So what made them choose Mallorca Spain for their wedding? Well, come on – this island is simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

The getting ready

This Mallorca Spain Wedding was held in this wonderful Finca Son Mir and everything happend there, from the getting ready up to the ceremony and party. Actually many of the friends were models, singers, influencers or entrepreneurs giving us a true opportunity to work in a very vibrant environment.

The Wedding in Mallorca, Spain

I remember the weather being perfect in Mallorca on that wedding day. It was not too hot, but it was not cold by any means either – it was just right. All the guests went to the ceremony location and waited till Anna accompanied by her father appeared in her beautiful wedding dress at the altar. Ross was right there waiting for her, loosing a tear or two and he could not just wait till she says the “yes” word.

Mallorca Spain Wedding – my 3 personal reasons

The words ‘getting married’ can send shivers down the spines of many. If you are one of those people add to your planning the vision of hosting a Mallorca Spain wedding and what you will feel will be shivers of excitiment! Mallorca is such a beautufil island that combines a touristy feel with history, culture and great little beaches.

The food is to die for

You can be sure that there will be no shortage of delicious food at your Mallorca Spain wedding. Some of the most famous dishes that you can expect to be served include paella, tortillas, fish and seafood and a lot of vegetable dishes, and you know what was really cool about this specific wedding of Anna & Ross? Their wedding was 100% vegan – crazy huh? I am personally vegan so that was a great treat for me.
Also if you are reading this and need any advice on good places to eat in Mallorca feel free to get in touch.

Breathtaking landscapes and architecture

One of the most beautiful places to get married in Mallorca is in Son Sant Joan. You’ll be walking on a sandy path surrounded by lush green palm trees with the sound of the ocean in the background. If you want to get married in a more urban setting, you can do so in Palma de Mallorca. The architecture and buildings are enough to make a person stop and stare. You can also get married in the Cathedral of Calvià. The Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in the world and is a great place to get married. Getting married in Mallorca will give you access to some of the most beautiful landscapes and architecture in the whole world. You’ll be able to look back on your wedding photos and see a part of the world that you might not have been able to visit otherwise.

You’ll have amazing vendors to help you pull it off

Mallorca is home to many amazing wedding vendors who can make your wedding dreams come true. You can find wedding planners, photographers, caterers and other vendors who specialize in weddings. If you want to get married in Mallorca, you can be sure that you’ll find a vendor to help you make it happen and if you are still looking for a wedding venue we have create a top Mallorca wedding venues list for you.

anastasia ross  mallorca spain wedding

Do you want to check the video from this wedding?

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