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Interested in the best Luxury Wedding Videographer for your wedding?

I don’t want to sound bold, or anything but my experience, amount of high end weddings shot, luxury wedding venues and countries in the world attended and traveled, allow me to really deeply understand the needs of couples looking for a luxury wedding videographer or photographer (we actually do both luxury wedding videography and photography – but you can read about that little later too).

You are carefully planning your wedding day into every detail, hiring the best luxury wedding vendors and arranging together with the wedding planner for the most breath-taking venue. And I am sure the wedding dress of the bride will be jaw dropping.
All those moments were your closest friends and family gets together will be priceless and unique and therefore you really need someone who can capture all those beautiful memories in the best way possible, you simple need someone with a lot of experience in luxury wedding videography.
What I believe a luxury wedding videographer or frankly any wedding videographer or photographer should first and foremost be responsible for – is to really anticipate those moments that will come up organically and naturally, moments that you can’t
just call to be shot again. So you really need to have this sense of expertise and experience. But even more, you need
to be sensible towards people and raw emotions that you will take from your wedding day for eternity.

A Luxury Wedding Videographer – do you really need one?

Well, there is always a need in life for something or someone that is simply making your experience better. Please don’t get me wrong it’s not about me writing you a ton of different reasons why you should hire me or anybody to be your luxury wedding videographer, but truth is – that you are already planning your one in a life time adventure, you invest your time, resources and a lot emotions and you are most likely inviting international guest from all over the World. Wouldn’t it be good to have someone who has experience in such mind blowing, luxury events and can truly offer you high end wedding videography standards and extraordinary services?

“Our wedding in Seville, Spain was a dream come true and we are so happy to have chosen Super Weddings as our luxury wedding videographer to shoot our wedding video! Amazing work”

Cat & Max
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Luxury Wedding Videographer – why SuperWeddings?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning luxury wedding videographer and photographer that travels the Globe with my amazing couples to their mind blowing luxury wedding and elopements. I speak 4 different langauges which enables me and my team to really connect with you, your guest and your family.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me right away and to start your beautiful adventure by booking the right luxury wedding videographer for your mind blowing wedding.

Please have a look at some of our recent  luxury wedding videography

Below I will show you a few examples of some of our recent films as luxury wedding videographers.
Please keep in mind that every couple, every wedding venue and simply every ceremony is so much different from one event to another,
therefore we always try to look for what is really unique about that give couple. We are always interested in your story and how beautiful and touching it is when combining it with the amazing footage from your wedding day. I believe this is really what matters when hiring a luxury wedding videographer – is about honesty, raw emotions, creativity, trust and empathy

Luxury Wedding Videorgapher Seville, Spain

Luxury Wedding Videorgapher Abu Dhabi, UAE

this couple always wanted to elope in Spain. We guided them with our Elope in Spain ultimate guide as we are amazing destination wedding videographers and photogrpahers

Planning to Elope in Europe?

Many of our amazing high end weddings take place in Europe and so we have made a list of 25 best wedding venues in Europ to Elope.
You should really check it out!

What are the best luxury wedding destinations in the World?

Are you also considering a destination wedding? Is it Paris, Tuscany, Marrakesh, Barcelona or Como Lake?
Or a different location in Europe or the World? And are you looking for the best luxury wedding videographer that
will travel to your wedding venue worldwide to make your experience even more awesome?
Then just possibly I am the right person to guide you through the locations at your wedding day! 
As a destination wedding videographer and photographer, I travel the world and explore all those amazing places in Europe and other places in the World.  If you found my website then chances are that you are looking for a luxury wedding videographer to join you on your wedding day or elopement. I honestly can’t wait to hear from you.

Top 5 wedding venues from a luxury wedding videographer

Below I would also love to give you a few hints and ideas about the most amazing luxury wedding venues that we have worked so far.

  1. La Mamounia in Marrakesh, Morocco
    Our Wedding | Venue’s website
  2. Masia Egara in Barcelona, Spain
    Our Wedding | Venue’s website
  3. Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Spain
    Our Wedding | Venue’s website
  4. Villa Aurelia in Rome, Italy
    Our Wedding | Venue’s website
  5. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Our Wedding | Venue’s website
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Luxury Wedding Videographer – frequently asked questions

Do you need more information on luxury wedding videography? Would like to know exactly how we work and what service can we provide for you? Feel free to check out our FAQ where we explain it all!

You can also watch my other amazing wedding videos as luxury wedding videographers!

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