Adriana and Fabio’s Unforgettable Lake Garda Wedding

We had the great honor of capturing Adriana and Fabio’s love story while the sun painted the gorgeous sceneries of Lake Garda with its golden hues. We are so, so happy to be chose as the Lake Garda wedding photographer to capture that amazing event.
The day was a rich tapestry of feelings, and treasured moments that will always have a particular place in our hearts.

The story of Adriana and Fabio is one of distance being conquered and love being enhanced. They started their journey as entertainment employees in a Sardinian resort. Brescia and Rome were separated geographically, but their relationship grew stronger. Adriana’s YouTube channel catapulted her into the spotlight in 2014, and Fabio soon followed, launching their joint life and profession. Fabio proposed to Adriana there three years ago amid tenderness and nostalgia, where their story first began.

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Lake Garda Wedding Photographer in Palazzo Monti della Pieve

We could tell this was going to be a special event as soon as we entered the charming location. It was such an amazing experience to be chosen as the Lake Garda wedding photographer as Adriana and Fabio had meticulously planned every part of their wedding day, showing their attention to detail. What is the day’s theme? Colors. And boy, did they enthusiastically embrace it.

Adrianna and Fabio wedding Video

Make sure to watch the wedding video we shot while shooting the photos.

Photographing a Lake Garda Wedding – minute by minute

We eagerly awaited the church’s great entry as excitement mounted. Arm in arm with his mother, Fabio radiated a mixture of anxiety and delight. The ceremony was given an element of innocence by the sight of three cute kids joyously scattering flowers. Adriana walked down the aisle with her father in stunning form, a dazzling smile lighting up her face. This was the moment we had all been waiting for.

The gospel chorus set the mood for an incredibly passionate celebration by filling the sanctuary with mellow sounds. In the flicker of candlelight and the presence of their loved ones, they exchanged vows that were a monument to their enduring love.

As the newlyweds walked hand in hand from the church to the reception location, their journey served as a sign of oneness. The couple wanted a special and inclusive experience, so other guests were greeted by waders at a different entrance.

The show cooking aperitivo, which delighted the palate, and the moving words, which brought everyone in the room to tears, made the evening a feast for the senses. The couple’s charm showed through every aspect of the celebration among the laughter and clinking of glasses.

As the night went on, a mesmerizing fire show lit up the scene and lit up the faces of the couple’s loved ones. The magic carried on in a more private setting under the starry sky when Adriana changed into her bridal attire. The newlyweds’ emotional dances with their parents brought the dance floor to life as the wedding cake took center stage, surrounded by the glimmer of lighting lamps.

Personal opinion from a Lake Garda Wedding Photographer 

One word can sum up their tale: resiliency. Adriana and Fabio’s story is a monument to the strength of love and dedication, going from a long-distance relationship to a partnership that thrives both personally and professionally.May your life together be as vibrant and lovely as your wedding day, Adriana and Fabio. We appreciate you letting us record the romance of your love tale.


Want to see the Instagram Story we shot for the couple?

Our job was not only to become the Lake Garda wedding photographer but also to cover the video footage for the couple as well. Crazy, huh?

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