Joel & Kenzi – wedding vows renewal at the beach

“Its hard to put our love into words. Maybe the words to describe it don’t even exist, but I am
going to try to tell you why I f*king adore you”

I have met Kenzi & Joel at the Black Sand Workshop in Gran Canaria, Spain. Everybody was really excited about their looks and how cool and “intragramy” their were looking.

Kenzi was just stunning and Joel had the coolest beard and tattoos on the island for sure. Maybe I am just different, but for me the most important part is always hidden inside, somewhere deep beneath the coolness. I have asked them to write a letter to each other and express their feeling, that they had never really have time to unveil. Surrounded by friends, ocean and the beautiful wild beach all they could hear was their words that they had written to each other and the song played by the guitarist they did not expect. The kisses and the hugs that came after this, were a lot more than just a random exchange of feeling, they meant the world to them, and are going to stay with them forever. That’s what a vows renewal is all about.

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5 thoughts on “Joel & Kenzi – wedding vows renewal at the beach”

  1. You will burn in hell for this! This is too good for a videographer, you cheater! 😀 Don’t take away my job from me! hahaha! 😀
    Amigo, this is a rocket! A stunning location filled with great emotions of the coolest couple ever! Well done! I wanna be you 🙂

  2. I really love the textures and mood here — and of course the lighting brings them out perfectly!


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