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If you are looking for a Gran Canaria Photographer, or would like to get inspired for your next pre wedding shoot on the Canary Islands, or most likely you are planning a wedding or elopement and are still not sure which location in Spain or photographer to choose? Well, make sure to stick with me on this blog-post as you are about to witness some magical, jaw-dropping moments that I shot on various locations of Gran Canaria – the capital of the Canary Islands.

Gran Canaria Wedding Photography

Louisa and Alexander were supposed to host their beautiful wedding in Marrakesh, Morocco earlier this year (with me shooting it of course) but sadly they had to postpone it until next September. Nevertheless we felt the need of shooting something special together, to really emphasizes their love, connection and this special time in their lives. After exchanging a couple of messages we quickly realized that they will fly over from Cologne in Germany to visit us here on the magical Island of Gran Canaria and that we will have a pre-wedding/elopement shoot. What is more Louisa has asked me to shoot some extra footage for her modelling portfolio, as she is really drawn into fashion, how could possibly say no to this, right?

Gran Canaria Photography Spots – my top choices

I am sure you have seen many photos of the Barranco de Las Vacas on the web, but frankly many of them don’t resemble it’s biggest treasure – the light. The light inside the Barranco is so soft, diffused by the brown-red volcanic rocks making it perfect for any fashion, or wedding photo shoot. It’s absolutely gorgeous and probably one of my favorite places on Earth to take photos or capture video. Louisa in case you were wondering was wearing this light almost silky black dress from ZARA, with this gorgeous MANGO hat and big golden earrings from ASOS. Alexander was dressed in Tommy Hilfiger shorts and a POLO shirt. This natural ravine is located in the Agüimes province at the southeast of the island.

We were in luck as there were not to many people around the barranco at this time (pro tip: try not to go on weekends, as many tourist visit then) so we could start right of the bat. The most common photo of the Barranco de Las Vacas is the big volcanic rock located in the center, where people usually stand on it in groups and take selfies, but what if we explore its geometry and borders where light meets shadow?

That’s exactly what we did.

Gran Canaria Landscape Photography

We were initially planning to visit the famous Maspalomas Dunes in the south of Gran Canaria, but they were recently closed down for the public in order to allow nature reconstruct a little.
If you are curious on how they look on photos you can check one of my older photo shoots HERE.

Luckily Gran Canaria isn’t called “El Continente en Miniatura” (Miniature Continent) for no reason. There are many other places on the island that would give us the same feeling and atmosphere.
One of them are the sand dunes of Tufia. As the sun was going down on us pretty fast, we had no time to waste (I thought that we maybe shoot for 40 minutes), but we then discovered that the absolute darkness, a led light, and soft sand make for the perfect “shoot in the dark” photo equation. Alexander was helping me a little with the light and me and Louisa shot some amazing, and creative photos together. When I tough we have finished and we already packed up the car and I saw them sitting inside I instantly knew I had to get out and shoot from the outside of their Fiat 500. I had this cinematic look on my mind, inspired by some of the mid 80s films like Miami Vice. Like – why not, right?

Gran Canaria Elopement Photographer

If you follow our work on Instagram of Facebook you surely know the famous Alba & William Banana Elopement that went viral online?
I decided to come back to the amazing platanera (banana plantation) in La Hacienda del Buen Suceso located in Arucas in the north of Gran Canaria and portrait Louisa and Alexander in the banana alley.
I mean come on, who is not dreaming of a photo like this? Louisa also had the yellow ONLY dress to match the outfit to colors of the bananas.

Gran Canaria Destination Wedding Photographer

After spending an amazing time in the car driving through the banana plantations and listening to the Netflix “Narcos” theme song we were headed more to the north, to finally see the ocean!
We arrived in Faro de Sardina, after a quick stop on the way in my super secret location where the sand is absolutely red and looks like a scenery from Mars. Faro de Sardina is a peaceful place with no tourist around and if you get there on low tide you can walk talk the rocks below the lighthouse for an amazing view. If on the other hand you arrive on high tide in winter time you might experience some amazing huge waves. Probably not the best place for a swim, but an amazing one for paying nature its tribute. Honestly, can’t really imagine a better job then being a photographer and videographer on Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Editorial Photographer

Ageate is a beautiful little pueblo situated in the very north of Gran Canaria, way passed the mountain of Galdar. The Puerto de las Nieves is a famous port where you can either eat some local fish-based dishes or get on the Fred Olsen ferry to Tenerife. What we did – is we went to this small but absolutely breath taking little beach. When you dive in the water you have the feeling you are swimming on a different plant with the huge cliffs in the back, right where the Atlantic Ocean finds its way to this little bay. For me personally there is nothing better as diving in with my camera into the water and make some underwater shots with my couples. No better way to finish up the day as Gran Canaria photographer!

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Gran Canaria Photographer – Wedding, Elopement and Landscape photography

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