Finca Morneta Mallorca Wedding

If you are planning your wedding and possibly considering our services or even maybe planning
a Finca Morneta Mallorca wedding yourself, then you should definately stay with us and check this beutiful
wedding of Ilka and Marcel. Situated amidst the stunning scenery of Mallorca, Ilka and Marcel experienced an incredibly captivating nuptial weekend at the magnificent Finca Morneta. Their celebration took place over three unforgettable days, each giving a unique experience that combined the warmth of their love with the beauty of Mallorca. From the enchanting interiors to the captivating shoreline, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Before Finca Morneta – Welcome Dinner in Tree House

A delicious welcome event at Palma de Mallorca’s Tree House kicked off the celebrations. Amidst the lively bustle of the city, attendees convened for a night full of excitement and friendship. With its expansive vistas and cozy atmosphere,
The Tree House created the ideal setting for conversation, laughing, and the start of a weekend full of happy festivities.
We always love to come back to this location where people dance, Djs play and everyone can enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the marina. Great place!

Finca Morneta Mallorca Wedding – Ilka and Marcel

At the breathtaking Finca Morneta, the essence of Ilka and Marcel’s marriage came to life. The ceremony and wedding party took center stage on the second day, which served as the culmination of their celebration. In front of Mallorca’s breathtaking scenery, the couple exchanged vows and celebrated their union with loved ones. The Finca Morneta was the ideal backdrop, perfectly encapsulating their dedication amid the grandeur and rustic appeal of this extraordinary location.

After Finca Morneta Mallorca Wedding – Catamaran tour

The third day of the festivities took an exciting turn with an enthralling boat cruise around Mallorca. The guests set out from Palma de Mallorca to visit some of the most stunning beaches on the island. With Mallorca’s picturesque coastline as a backdrop, the catamaran tour offered passengers moments of sheer ecstasy as they relaxed in the sun, took cool plunges in the blue waters, and made lifelong memories.

Finca Morneta Mallorca Wedding – our opinion

In conclusion, Ilka and Marcel’s wedding at Finca Morneta in Mallorca was a fusion of elegance, adventure, and heartfelt moments. From the welcome dinner at the Tree House to the catamaran tour’s carefree vibes, every element reflected the couple’s unique love story. Finca Morneta, with its timeless charm, provided the perfect backdrop for this celebration, leaving a legacy of joy and love in the heart of Mallorca. For us as wedding photographers and wedding videographers
the wedding venues is always an important factor on how the final results will look like. I must say that the Finca provided an amazing space for the wedding but also considering the architecture and space just wow!

Finca Morneta Mallorca Wedding Cost

Beyond the magic of the occasion, one important factor to think about is the expense of the wedding. The wedding at Finca Morneta was indeed magical, but it also raises a useful question. Knowing what to expect financially from such an idyllic destination wedding enables prospective couples to make well-informed plans and design a celebration that fits both their needs and their budget. From what we talked to the cooridnator Anna, she told us that the starting price of renting Finca Morneta for a wedding event is at 4000 euro.

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