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Whoop Whoop Finca Monasterio Wedding inspiration alert!
Nhung & Roy have decided to host their destination wedding in Finca Monasterio de San Martin, just a little away from the beautiful city of Cadiz in the south of Spain. Nhung met Roy in Amsterdam at work and from what the couple have told us it was love from the very first sight. They live currently in Australia and their Finca Monasterio wedding was truly an international affair.
Due to their nationality  they have decided to have a Vietnamese & Dutch wedding ceremony. Did this fusion of both cultures worked out magic on that wedding day in Finca Monasterio? Well it’s for you to find out below. 

Finca Monasterio Wedding – a dream destination

The couple have chosen to host an outdoor ceremony in the Finca Monasterio gardens, surrounded by lush greenery and stunning mountain views. The reception was also placed outside were table decorations and lights really made the day become even more eyecatching. Finca Monasterio de San Martin is a historic estate located in the heart of the Andalusia in the south of Spain super close to Cadiz. To be honest its actually super stunning and with the right decoration Finca Monastario weddings become truly beautiful. And trust me we have seen so many different Finca weddings – this one is pure gold.  The estate dates back to the 17th century! Back than it was a monastery therefore it’s name “Finca Monasterio” Over the years, it was renovated and  became a luxurious finca (or as some people say villa) , – it currently has this amazing garden, a grand ballroom, and lreally great accommodations for you and your guests.Today, Finca Monasterio is famous for its weddings. So if you are looking for Finca wedding, than Finca Monasterio should be top on the list. 

Why Hosting a Wedding at Finca Monasterio is a good idea – 3 reasons that will help you decide.

  1. Amazing Scenery: Finca Monasterio is simply so lucky to be established in an amazing location where you can have a mountain view in your ceremony. This is really WOW!  It’s also well communicated with the Malaga airport (around one hour drive). 
  2. Luxurious Guest Accommodations: Very often couples wonder which Finca to choose for their wedding because they don’t only want to have an amazing wedding venue but also want to host their guest on the same location. And if you go for a Finca Monasterio Wedding you can really do that. 
  3. Finca Monasterioa Wedding Vendors: A lot of best wedding vendord want to work in beautiful places, from catering, decoration, music up to us – wedding photographers and videographer.  We definately would love to come back to another Finca Monasterio wedding. 

Finca Monasterio Wedding Photography and Videography

As wedding photographers and videographer we absolutely love to work at Finca Monasterio.
Therefore if you are planning to to organize your wedding in the heart of Andalusia and would love to have
lifetime memories in the form of photos and creative vidoes – make sure to get in touch with us
for you Finca Monasterio Wedding.

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