Villa Erba Wedding: Nicholai Go and Hana Yu’s Dream Come True

If you are looking for inspiration on a Villa Erba wedding from Lake Como, than you need to make sure to check the wedding of Nicholai and Hana. Here at SuperWeddings, we are absolutely committed to the motto “you deserve cooler memories”. We specialize in providing high-quality wedding videography and photography services.
Recently, we had the pleasure of capturing the Villa Erba wedding of Nicholai Go and Hana Yu.

Nicholai and Hana’s Villa Erba Wedding

Nicholai and Hana’s wedding ceremony took place outdoors by the lake at around 5:30, with Villa Erba‘s jaw dropping scenery providing the perfect time for the perfect light. And trust me, there is nothing better than the perfect photography light at your ceremony. Before we shot the Villa Erba wedding we actually did spend a little time together on the day before
were we could enjoy a boat ride around Como Lake and get to know each other a little bit better.

Villa Erba: The Perfect Wedding Venue in Lake Como?

Villa Erba is a historic villa in the heart of Lake Como, Italy. Over the years it has become the wittness of one of the coolest and most high profile parties and events in the region. The villa is definately spacious with many rooms, prep locations, indoor and outdoor ceremony and of course pary location, and on top of that all of this has a very elegant charm.
But the real icing on the cake is the that Villa Erba has this jaw drapping lake view which is an amazing backdrop for
capturing wedding photos and videos – yay! So in my opinion if you are planning a Lake Como wedding and concidering hosting a wedding in Vailla Erba – than, this is definately an amazing choice.

Villa Erba Wedding Cost

Villa Erba is with no doubt a top wedding venue, so it is important to think about the associated costs. From my information a wedding at Villa Erba can vary on various factors like time of year and the specific spaces used, amount of guests, how many hours etc, but a typical Villa Erba wedding can approx around €20,000 to €40,000, unless you want to create something out of this world, which of course can be done with a more custom priced offer.

So you might wonder if thats a lot or not? It might feel like significant expense, yet it is important to keep in mind this most likely includes catering, decorations, lights and music and partly other services too. Considering the location Villa Erba is definately not the most expensive venue in Como Lake, so taking all into account it is very fairly priced in that regard.

Villa Erba Lake Como Wedding: A Dream Come True

For Nicholai and Hana, their Villa Erba wedding was a dream come true. We helped them capture all the most important moments and join them on this amazing day. So If you’re just like them considering a destination wedding in Italy, Villa Erba in Como Lake is definitely a venue worth considering. Hope to see you soon on your Villa Erba wedding.


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