A three day wedding weekend Barcelona

When it comes to capturing the magic of a three-day wedding weekend in Barcelona, there’s no shortage of breathtaking locations, culturally rich moments, and unique experiences. Recently, the SuperWeddings team had the privilege of being the videographers and photographers for Elnaz and Fred, a couple whose union showcased the fusion of Iranian and German traditions in a truly remarkable way. Their journey took us through a surrealistic-themed pre-wedding party at Xavier Corberó, a lavish wedding day at Castell de Sant Marçal, and a laid-back beach party at the Red Fish Restaurant. Let’s dive into the story of this unforgettable three-day wedding weekend in Barcelona organized by the amazing team of Priscila Llorens Wedding planner.

Video from the three day wedding weekend in Barcelona – an absolut must see

As wedding videographers and photographers we have seen a lot of weddings in Barelona and beyoned.
But let me tell you that this three days wedding weekend in Castel de Sant Marsal was simply one of kind.
The surreal party on the pre wedding and the outdoor coctail, followed by a drone show were just mind blowing.

Wedding Weekend day 1 – Pre Wedding Party at Xavier Corberó

The festivities kicked off with a bang at Xavier Corberó, an artful venue that set the stage for a surrealistic extravaganza. Elnaz and Fred, a couple representing two different cultures, decided to embrace this artistic theme. Everyone in attendance was adorned in costumes and masks, creating a whimsical and visually captivating atmosphere that was a photographer’s dream. The surrealistic theme ran deep, with every guest playing a part in making this night unforgettable. I was able to capture the imaginative expressions, the eclectic mix of costumes, and the vibrant energy that filled the venue.

As the hours passed, it became evident that the surrealistic theme not only made for remarkable visuals but also for genuine connections. It was a night of creativity, spontaneity, and unforgettable moments that would set the tone for the next two days of celebrations.

Wedding Weekend day 2 – Wedding Day at Castell de Sant Marçal

The centerpiece of this three-day wedding weekend in Barcelona was the main wedding day at Castell de Sant Marçal. This grand and historic venue offered a picturesque backdrop that added an extra layer of magic to the celebrations. The ceremony, set against the backdrop of the castle’s elegance, was a truly awe-inspiring sight. As Elnaz and Fred exchanged vows and rings, I was there to capture every emotional moment, ensuring that these cherished memories would be preserved for years to come.

From the ceremony, we transitioned to the lavish reception, where guests were treated to an evening of fine dining and dancing. The Castell de Sant Marçal offered a magnificent setting for the couple’s grand entrance and the first dance as husband and wife. As the night unfolded, I had the privilege of documenting the laughter, joy, and heartfelt toasts that marked the evening’s celebrations. The fusion of Iranian and German traditions was evident in the various cultural elements incorporated into the wedding, from the ceremony rituals to the cuisine and music.

Wedding Weekend day 3 – Beach Party at Red Fish Restaurant

The culmination of this unforgettable weekend was a relaxed beach party at the Red Fish Restaurant. This beachside venue provided the perfect setting for guests to unwind and enjoy the Mediterranean breeze. The relaxed atmosphere was a delightful contrast to the grandeur of the previous two days.

As the sun set over the horizon, I had the privilege of capturing the intimate moments and the easygoing, carefree vibe of the beach party. It was a beautiful ending to a weekend filled with diverse experiences and emotions. From laughter to heartfelt conversations, this beach party offered the perfect closure to an extraordinary three-day wedding weekend in Barcelona.

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A three day wedding weekend Barcelona – what made is so special?

1. Amazing location choices

The selection of venues played a pivotal role in making this three-day wedding weekend a resounding success. Each location was carefully chosen to offer a unique experience that resonated with the different themes of the events. From the artistic and surreal ambiance of Xavier Corberó to the grandeur of Castell de Sant Marçal and the relaxed charm of the Red Fish Restaurant, these venues provided the perfect backdrop for the diverse moments that unfolded. They not only set the stage but also enhanced the overall atmosphere, making each event a reflection of the couple’s personalities and the cultural fusion at the heart of the celebration. The picturesque beauty of Barcelona itself added an extra layer of enchantment to the entire journey, making the venue choices an integral part of what made this three-day wedding weekend truly unforgettable.

3. Best Vendors for the wedding weekend celebration in Barcelona

Beyond the venues, the selection of vendors was another key factor in ensuring the triumph of this three-day wedding weekend. From the renowned DJs flown in from Ibiza to the culinary experts who crafted a menu that reflected both Iranian and German flavors, every vendor choice was strategic and played an essential role in enhancing the overall experience. But all love must be handed over to the amazing team of Priscila Lorens weddings who were the incredible wedding planners on that day three days wedding weekend in Barcelona. The ability to collaborate with professionals who not only excelled in their craft but also understood the vision of the couple was paramount. Their expertise brought the events to life, creating a seamless flow that ensured each moment was as memorable as the last. Whether it was the intricate designs of the wedding decor, the vibrant music that had everyone on their feet, or the delicious fusion cuisine that delighted the palate, the vendor choices were a pillar of success that elevated this three-day wedding weekend to extraordinary heights.

4. Fusion of Iranian and German Traditions

Elnaz and Fred’s wedding was a true testament to the beauty of cultural fusion. Elnaz, hailing from Iran, and Fred, a German native, brought together their unique backgrounds to create an event that celebrated the best of both worlds. This fusion was not only seen in the choice of venues, themes, and music but also in the customs and traditions incorporated into the celebration.

From the Sofreh Aghd, a traditional Iranian wedding spread, to the German wedding cake and traditions, this three-day wedding weekend in Barcelona was a true blend of cultures. It was heartwarming to witness the unity of these traditions and the way they were seamlessly woven into the fabric of the celebration.

A three day wedding weekend Barcelona – In Conclusion

The opportunity to document a three-day wedding weekend in Barcelona is a privilege that every photographer and videographer treasures. Elnaz and Fred’s celebration was a testament to the power of love, the beauty of cultural diversity, and the magic of blending surrealism with tradition. From the surrealistic pre-wedding party at Xavier Corberó to the grandeur of Castell de Sant Marçal, the energetic beats of Ibiza DJs, the fusion of Iranian and German traditions, and the tranquility of the Red Fish Restaurant, this three-day wedding weekend showcased the myriad of experiences that make destination weddings truly special.

Every photograph and video clip captured during this weekend is a testament to the love and joy that filled the air. It’s a reminder that, in the midst of different traditions and backgrounds, love is the universal language that brings us all together.

So, as we reflect on this remarkable journey, one thing is clear: Barcelona, with its diverse settings and experiences, provided the perfect canvas for Elnaz and Fred’s love story. And as their love story unfolds, the memories of this three-day wedding weekend in Barcelona will be cherished for a lifetime.

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