Gay Wedding in Ibiza – James & Jules

James & Jules have invited us to shoot their amazing gay wedding in Ibiza. They have chosen this absolutely mind blowing venue Pure House Ibiza where magic happened!
We travel to many places and see different venues, but trust me this place in Ibiza is just one of a kind.
Jules and James travelled all the way from France to celebrate their same sex wedding in Ibiza with many international guest, who were so stylish that it felt like every photo or video take was just another vogue front cover.

Same Sex Ibiza Wedding – The video behind the wedding

It was really cool working on James’s and Jules same sex wedding in Ibiza – from the getting ready when people where chilling in the pool up to the beautiful outdoor ceremony up to the coctail hour and house music party that went into the late morning hours. But enough said – let’s watch the video from that amazing same sex wedding in Ibiza that took place in Pure House Ibiza.

Planning a Gay Wedding in Ibiza: A Guide to the Perfect Destination Celebration

Ibiza is definately a very popular wedding destination for many same-sex couples looking to tie the knot. This Balearic island offers amazing white beaches, super crazy nightlife, and the people on Ibiza are very open minded. Ibiza simply has a welcoming atmosphere for all, making it really a perfect gay wedding destination. So If you’re planning a gay wedding in Ibiza I made a little step by step guide here below to help you better plan your gay wedding in Ibiza.

  1. The legal side of things in Spain:

Before planning any destination wedding really you want to first make a decision if you want to plan a formal wedding or a symbolic one. I would always recommend having a symbolic wedding over a official one simply because of the paper work which might take forever to process in Spain. But if you want to go for the legal one than you need to know that Spain has actually legalized gay marriage in 2005 and ever since Ibiza has become a top destination for same-sex weddings.
If you want to learn more about how to plan an elopement in Spain please check this full elopement guide.

  1. Choose Your Ibiza Gay Wedding Venue:

This is a big one! Ibiza has soooo much to offer when it comes to venues from very relaxed ones to more upper class luxury locations up to very boho/wild locations. Ibiza is really a dream come true when it comes to wedding venues. I think looking for gay ibiza wedding venues is actually a fun part of the planning.
We made a list of the best ibiza wedding venues to help you.

  1. Gay friendly Vendors:

The right vendors can make or break any wedding – so make sure to choose your people wisely.
A gay wedding in Ibiza also requires the right people who will understand your vibe and make your day even more special.
So if you are still undecided on who will take your photos or video we would love to be considered as the videographers or photographers, or both.

4. Plan Unique Experiences for your Ibiza Gay Wedding

Ibiza is a heave on earth when it comes to activities. There is a huge party and event scene on the island which attracts many different artists and performers who can really spice up your day. If you look closer at the video above you will find that
James & Jules have booked this beautiful girl and a vocalist to their gay wedding in Ibiza and this was such a bomb on that night!


I mean planning a gay wedding in Ibiza is like a dream come true. The island is probably the most open minded place on earth with the coolest and most beautiful people. Is rich in culture, beaches, clubs and wedding venues.
So if you are hosting a gay wedding in Ibiza – you will have a lot of fun and hopefuly you will call us to spend the day with you.

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