Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding

What you are about to wittness in this blog post will blow you away, trust me! This Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding was truly one of a kind and absolutely unique.
Nestled amidst the enthralling landscapes of Castell de Sant Marçal, a fairy-story wedding unfolded.
Elnaz, a beautiful bride from Iran, and Fred – a super handsome groom from Germany, embarked on a three-day wedding celebration in Barcelona. Let us delve into the fascinating moments of their Castell de Sant Marçal wedding ceremony.
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Day 1: The Surrealistic Welcome Dinner at Xavier Corberó

Before the amazing Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding took place, the couple invited all the guest for a mind blowing to a welcome dinner downtown Barcelona.
The festivities began with a enthralling welcome dinner at the iconic Xavier Corberó venue. Immersed in a surrealistic atmosphere, visitors adorned intricate mask, stepping into a global of creative marvel. Dancers gracefully moved across the space, their movements harmonizing with the beats spun through a well-known DJ from Ibiza. Visual mapping transformed the environment into a tapestry of colors which surrounded the dancing crowds.

Day 2: The Persian Wedding at Castell de Sant Marçal

After an amazing party in Xavier Corberó the heart of the wedding party moved to beat within the Castell de Sant Marçal. Amidst the venue’s lush gardens, Elnaz and Fred said yes to each other on a Persian ceremony. Rich traditions melded seamlessly with the stunning environment, evoking a feel of undying splendor. Following the ceremony, an atmospheric musical live act accompanied the cocktail hour, where an musical trio from Ibiza set a very upbeat vibe for the rest of the night. This Castell de Sant Marçal wedding was truly out of this world.

Castell de Sant Marçal wedding dinner

As twilight descended, visitors collected beneath the open sky for an unforgettable dinner experience. The celestial cover provided a mystical atmosphere, as laughter, heartfelt toasts, and culinary delights filled the evening. The wedding party seamlessly transitioned right indoors where guests danced with unbridled joy, to yet again another superstar Dj from Ibiza.
So if you are looking for inspitation on how to mix tradition, glam and party at a Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding, this is the right place to get all the inspo you need.

Day 3: The Beach Party at Red Fish Restaurant in Barcelona

The third day invited the Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding guests to bask in a carefree beach party at the Red Fish Restaurant. Right on the famous Barceloneta beach, few steps away from Barrio Gottico, this fun venue was the setting on yet another unforgettable day and night experience.

Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding – our opinion

Elnaz and Fred’s Castell de Sant Marçal wedding ceremony went down in the history books as one of the coolest, best planned and designed partied we have ever witnessed. Every wedding is different, the biggest difference are the people, the bride, the groom and their family and friends – but it must be said that if it was not for the wedding to be held in Castell de Sant Marçal I feel like it could have been a little less fantastic. So if you are planning a wedding Castell de Sant Marçal and already know that its an amazing venue an you are looking for confirmation – there you go, it is amazing!

The Bodega Hall has a surface area of 250 m2. If you organize a traditional banquet, it will have a capacity for 125 people, but you also have the option of planning a cocktail reception for 300 people. The Greenhouse Room is perfect for hosting large celebrations as it is approximately 500 m2. It can accommodate up to 800 people if you opt for a cocktail reception and 500 if you prefer a conventional set-up with round tables.

Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding Cost

A Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding Cost may of course vary depending on the amount of the guest, style of the wedding and quality of the vendors. What we have heared from the planners is that the starting cost per person is at a range of 180 euro.
For detailed information please go to the Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding website.

Castell de Sant Marçal Wedding – Location & Contact

If you want to get in touch with the venue and find it’s exact location please have a look at the details below:

Contact details
Sales Manager
Yvonne Insa Sant Cugat a Cerdanyola, s/n
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Tel. (+34) 932 805 936

Get to know the wedding planner of this amazing wedding

Priscila Llorens and her team organized this wedding. You absolutely need to get in touch with her if you are planning your wedding.

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