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Your Search Ends Here because you deserve cooler memories, and oh boy there is nothing better then some great Ibiza memories, so let’s start explaining why I think it would be cool to become your Ibiza wedding videographer.

Imagine the sound of waves, a light breeze on your face, and a wonderful sun. Isn’t such scenery a dream on your wedding day? Of course, it is! The Spanish Balearic Islands are just such a place. Contrary to appearances, sunny Ibiza is not only crazy parties until the morning. This island has two faces that harmonize with each other and offer the perfect setting for a wedding session. If you are looking for a Ibiza wedding videographer who will create such a unique wedding reportage for you – you’ve come to the right place! We – SuperWeddings have been to many ceremonies in Ibiza and will be happy to guide you around the island and make your day even more amazing. We will suggest what solutions will be the best and we will adjust the reportage to your unique personalities. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Ibiza Wedding Videographer – why SuperWeddings?

Every happy couple wants their wedding day to be special and remembered for life. It is the quintessence of happiness and the beginning of a new, common path in life. This great day must be properly immortalized and told. I am an award-winning wedding videographer working in Ibiza. Together with the SuperWeddings team, we have recorded weddings with infusions from different cultures and traditions, and each time we have loved the experience – creating personal stories for both of us.

In Superweddings, our mission is to capture magical memories. We want the reportage from the wedding day to be a magical collection of memories and a keepsake for life for each couple cooperating with us. I am from Spain, so I know the climate, culture, and spirit very well. I will not only be your wedding videographer in Ibiza – I will be your local man here. You can count on me with everything in every situation!

So if our reports have stolen your heart, write to us – We will discuss in detail the things you should know when looking for a wedding videographer in Ibiza.

“We love our wedding video from Ibiza – simply beautiful!

Esther & Dennis from Holland on their Ibiza wedding video.

Ibiza Wedding Videographer – James & Jules

OMG! That ibiza wedding was just so CHIC I can’t even believe it. You have to make sure to watch that video below

Ibiza Wedding Videographer – a recent example from the Baleares

Ana and Ross, It was one of the craziest and most fun weddings we have ever wittnesed on the Baleares Island. A Dutch girl is marrying a New Yourker with Irish roots on Mallorca – with guests flying in from all over the globe. And you know what made the wedding memorable and fun for us? I wasn’t only their Mallorca wedding videographer; we bonded while we explored the town, sat by quaint cafes, helped them with their wedding, and of course, captured their most magical day. 

Why to have a wedding videographer on Ibiza?

To prepare an extraordinary wedding report in Ibiza, it’s not enough to book tickets and a hotel. You need to experience this adventure with someone who knows the local culture, knows the island like the back of his hand, and will help you plan the most important day of your life! Someone who can not only create a unique and personal story of your wedding day but also help you experience this time in the best and most interesting way by exploring the island together. Everything is ahead of us!

If you want to know more about Ibiza and its magical places, we can discuss it by email. Now let’s get started and focus on finding the best wedding videographer in Ibiza.

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We also offer wedding photography on Ibiza

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Is it a good idea to choose a local wedding videographer in Ibiza?

In addition to excellent skills, it would be good if your photographer was a local Spanish male. No one knows the land better than the locals. In the case of an emergency, a local wedding videographer will be able to contact the appropriate people and help solve any problem.

How about a photographer and videographer in one person? Yes, you read it right. At Superweddings, we can be both a wedding videographer and a photographer. We will create a comprehensive report of your wedding, capturing every special moment.

Be sure to check what films and photos we have in our portfolio. If we are on the same wavelength and you dream of such souvenirs – be sure to write to us with any questions.

Be bold and talk about your ideas for a film or photo session. We are curious about your story and we will be happy to create even the craziest visions together!

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Is it worth hiring a wedding videographer in Ibiza – or any other place in the matter of fact?

Have you ever browsed the stunning views of Ibiza? Do you like the atmosphere of the Spanish islands? The perfect sun that gives your photos a fabulous quality? Would you like to be sure of good weather on the most important day of your life?

If you have thought about the above questions and answered at least half of them in the affirmative – you already have the answer. You don’t want hazy, fuzzy videos or photos from your wedding day. Think about it differently; these are not just wedding photos or videos. These are memories you will cherish for a lifetime. These videos and photos from your wedding will be seen by your children and grandchildren, thanks to which they will learn about your wedding story. Let this reportage begin your adventure together!


Ibiza Wedding Videography – how much does it cost?

Ibiza is a beautiful scenery for movies and wedding photography. The organization of such an event involves a certain amount of costs. The prices of filming a wedding depend on the scope of work, the photographer’s experience, the number of events, and others. So, shooting wedding films in Ibiza is a great idea for happy couples!

The prices of videography and photography services in Ibiza vary and range from 1,500 euros to as much as 10,000 euros. It is best to clearly define the scope of work with the team and discuss your ideas. This will allow you to establish a good relationship with the photographer and fulfill your vision. You will also avoid disappointment.

In the case of SuperWeddings, prices for videography of a wedding in Ibiza start from 2950 euros and vary depending on the scope of work. We are always open to creating a custom package for you, so don’t hesitate to write to us with any questions. We want to implement even the craziest ideas! It’s your day and let it be 100%!

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 Ibiza Wedding Videographer – how long will the videos be?

In Superweddings, we follow a simple rule – a wedding film should identify itself with the bride and groom! You can opt for a documentary-style wedding film; it will be a little more detailed, intimate, and subtle. A wedding documentary usually takes about 15-30 minutes.

If you want something short and more fun, you can also choose a short video, perfect for social media. It will look beautiful on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. It will also be an interesting addition to an evening with friends – invite them to a joint screening! A creative ibiza wedding film lasts about 10-15 minutes.

What’s more, if you still don’t know what style of Ibiza wedding videos to choose – write to us! Together we will choose the direction in which we will sail on the wedding day.

We hope that we have answered most of your questions and explained briefly what our work consists of. We’ve answered your questions about an Ibiza wedding videographer and how to find one (we’ll be over the moon to be the one for you).

You must know that our priority is to create memories; Our goal is to capture tears of happiness, the twinkle in your eyes when you look at the bride, a warm hug, sensual memories – just your happiness in the company of your loved ones. Let’s create some magic together.

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Wedding Videographer Ibiza

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Why should I make your wedding videos in Ibiza?

My name is Sebastian Nandryka and I am an award-winning filmmaker and wedding photographer.

I live in Spain and I love working at international weddings.
They inspire my creativity and enable me to create a unique souvenir for you.

The work of SuperWeddings can be found in many major magazines such as Harpers Baazar Hong Kong. I also invite you to check my portfolio.

You can contact me – I will be happy to answer all your questions and give you many small tips on how to make you organize your dream photo session.

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Wedding Videographer Ibiza

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