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Barcelona Elopement Videographer

Barcelona Wedding videographer  – Eden and Domi those two lovers are a mixture of culture, colors, sounds and rhythm. He comes from the Caribbean Islands a place full of sun and magnificent ocean  – she from the polish Mountains with endless fields and the immense beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

We went together into the forest just for a few minutes to catch a little fresh air outside of the wedding venue. What I really had on my mind was to let them be together for a while, alone – without any guest or family. Just the two of them enjoying the magic of their vows so freshly held in their memories.  I asked them to be close, to listen to the music that I brought with me and to close their eyes and just inhale the moment and take it all in.

Wedding photography or wedding videography for me is not just a reportage of things happening in front of my eyes, but its really about creating an environment for love to find it’s way between the two amazing people I am capturing.

So why a Barcelona styled wedding session? Well, I always try to look for inspiration on the spot. As I watch so many videos and films but also still photography and instantly connect things from the past to embrace the present moment. And what popped to my mind was a flamenco dancer whom I observed a few years back in Barcelona dancing on the street to the sounds of Spanish acoustic music. All I remembered were the eyes, the sound and the mixture of the two colors red and green.

The film is coming soon in the meantime please feel free to leave a comment and/or watch all my other FILMS

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  1. skills and amazing talent have allowed me to keep on smiling and reliving the day with the couple every time I look at Your photos.

  2. Sebastian you captured the spirit of this Barcelona wedding and the venues so well. You have a wonderful eye for light, and you framing of the shots is fabulous.


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