Hiring a Wedding Content Creator – ultimate guide

Wedding Content Creator – what does it really mean? 

Sometime ago we shot a wedding where apart from us shooting wedding photography and videography the couple has hired 5 wedding content creators. Yes, you red correctly – not just one wedding content creator, but 5! If you want to know what were they all doing? How did the wedding content creators work along us? What our opinion is, and do we offer those kind of services as well? Well if you came to learn all about hiring a wedding content creator, you are in the right place for sure. 

Is wedding content creation just a trend or is it here to stay? 

The proliferation of social media sites like TikTok and Instagram in recent years has had a big impact on how we consume and share material, including video about weddings. The ability of these channels to attract younger people and reach a wider audience has been skillfully embraced by wedding content providers. They have modified their narrative strategies to fit the concise, visually appealing character of TikTok and Instagram as a result.

TikTok trends have become popular in the wedding industry, and video producers are using them to give their work a modern twist. They include the most recent viral trends into weddings, such as dancing challenges, transition videos, and artistic filters and effects. These trends not only keep guests entertained, but they also provide couples a chance to show off their personality and have some fun on their wedding day. So do I think that content creation is for good staying at weddings? Yes, I honestly believe that anybody can create content as long as there is phone in their pocket. The question is really about the quality, creativity and final results that matter. 

Because what you really don’t want to end up having is tons and tons of useless photos and videos from the day, which simply don’t look good. Keeping quality over quantity should always be the main factor in choosing any wedding vendor, including that of a wedding content creator. 

wedding content creator example

Whant to see our wedding content creation example?

We LOVE giving to our couples their social media version of their wedding videos and photos.

What does a wedding content creator really do? 

A wedding content creator is typically a person equiped in one or multiple phones (sometimes even cameras shooting in horizontal mode) following the couple on the wedding day and capturing all the moments from getting ready up to the party. 

  1. Delivering fast gratification. It might not be the most creative, but definately its the most quick (sometimes real time) return on investment. The wedding content creator give you all or partial material on the wedding day itself.
  1. Highlighting Behind-the-Scenes Moments: TikTok stories present a great chance for wedding multimedia producers to highlight the behind-the-scenes moments that give the wedding experience a richer context. These tales offer a more personal glimpse into the feelings and excitement leading up to the major event, from the exhilaration of getting ready to open conversations with friends and family.
  2. Adopting short-form storytelling: TikTok’s short-form nature forces content producers who  specialize in weddings to condense stories into interesting, bite-sized chunks. They expertly choose TikTok tales that capture the most priceless moments of the wedding day despite having a restricted amount of time and a compelling narrative. TikTok stories offer a distinctive perspective from which the couple’s love journey develops, from touching vow exchanges to joyful dancing sequences.
  1. Getting People and Audience Involved: TikTok stories are interactive by nature, enabling viewers to take part and interact with the material. This interactivity is used by wedding content providers to engage the audience in the narrative. TikTok tales promote a sense of community by involving the wedding guests in challenges, Q&A sessions, or interactive polls.
  1. Trending Challenges and Filters: Since TikTok always introduces fresh challenges and filters, wedding content creators stay up to date with the most recent innovations in order to give their work a modern edge. By incorporating current events into wedding TikTok stories, they add elements to the celebration that appeal to a wider audience, creating excitement and delight.
  1. Sharing Across Social sites: TikTok tales can be shared across a variety of social media sites, expanding their audience. Creators of wedding-themed content cross-promote their TikTok stories on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites so that friends, family, and followers may join in the celebration on the platform of their choice.
  1. Instagram takeover: – can a wedding creator do one, and what does it mean? In a cooperative social media technique known as an Instagram takeover, one person briefly takes control of another user’s Instagram account. For a predetermined amount of time, usually a day or several hours, the person assuming control of the account, also known as the “guest host,” creates and shares material on it. Usually influencers and brand use it as a cross-promotion, more interaction, and exposure to a new audience are all made possible by this tactic. And you can do excatly the same at your wedding day! 

Do you want to see another wedding content creation we made?

This is an amazing example of what an instagram version can look like, if it is made by us.

wedding content creator

Wedding content creator vs wedding videographer/photographer

Coming back to our wedding were we shot videography and photography and the couple has booked an external wedding content creator. It was not easy to work together, because we did not know each other beforehand and did not understand the working style of each other. I believe that at any wedding, all the vendors need to work together in the best way possible to create an amazing experience for the couple. A professional wedding videographer and a content creator both have important responsibilities to play in the documentation of weddings. A professional wedding videographer offers experience in filming, producing cinematic videos that capture the emotional core of the wedding day, while a content creator offers variety and modernity through numerous media forms and engagement tactics. The couple’s preferences, desired style, and the kind of documentation that best captures their ideal wedding memories will determine which of these positions they choose. To produce a multi-dimensional and comprehensive chronicle of their love story, some couples may decide to have both professions work together – any our advice here it to hire both from the same team. 

Pros and Cons of hiring a Wedding Content Creator 

There are various advantages to working with a wedding content creator:

-Fast turnaround. Typicaly the footage is edtied on a basic level so it can be done really fast.  
-Realtime footage. Allowing for an Instagram takeover the wedding content creator can share 
stories or short tik toks in really time with your followers. 
-Fun activity for your guests. Creating wedding content can be fun and super engaging for your guest; you can all dance or sing together and the wedding content creator will create a music clip out of it corresponding to the current TikTok Trends. 

There are also some disadvantages of hiring a wedding content creator

-No wedding experience. Often it is very young people who create wedding content 
and don’t have a vast history in attending weddings and don’t understand the important moments
that are happening. 
-No past history with the photographer and videographer 
This is a crucial factor for any couple. You want your wedding content creator to work alongside 
your other vendors and don’t interrupt the work of the official photography-videography team. 
-No art behind it.
Of course social media content is quick and fan, but very often it lacks a deeper more emotional story which will bring all the beautiful memories of the wedding day back even in 20 years. 

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Are you ready to Hire us as wedding content creators?

We would love to include in our videography package some amazing wedding content for you, and are super happy to receive a message from you.

Where Can I Find a Content Creator for Weddings?

Wedding content producers might be located in a variety of locations:

-Wedding websites and directories: Wedding content producers are frequently listed on websites with a focus on wedding services.

-Social media: Sites like TikTok, Instagram are wonderful places to find content creators and browse their portfolios.


What Tools Does a Wedding Content Producer Utilize?

The tools utilized by a wedding content creator can vary depending on the sort of material being produced and personal tastes, but many content producers feel that mobile devices, when paired with minor peripherals, offer unmatched flexibility and ease. Let’s look at the necessary tools that a content developer frequently uses to create engrossing stories:

– Mobile Phone: A content creator’s go-to phone is the foundation of their equipment. Modern smartphones come with excellent cameras that can record stunning images and videos. A cell phone is the tool of choice for on-the-spot, impromptu content creation due to its portability and accessibility.

– Gimbal: To maintain steady and fluid filming, content producers frequently employ a miniature gimbal. A gimbal is a portable stabilizer that eliminates jittery movements and permits smooth camera motion. It offers stabilization of the highest caliber for professionals, converting routine photos into moving images.

– DSLR Camera (Optional): Although many content creators primarily use mobile phones, others may also opt to use a DSLR camera. A DSLR can increase content creation by giving you more control over the settings, interchangeable lenses, and advanced functionality. Filming in horizontal mode on a DSLR to fit the typical aspect ratio for videos is a common practice among content producers.

What Is the Price of a Wedding Content Creator?

Based on elements including their expertise, location, the scope of the project, and the services you need, the cost of hiring a wedding content producer can change. A few hundred to several thousand dollars can be spent. To receive accurate quotations and locate the best fit for your wedding, it’s crucial to go over your exact requirements and spending limit with prospective content providers.

The value of a wedding content developer in today’s wedding market cannot be overstated. I sincerely feel that wedding content creation is a beautiful trend that improves how we record and share the magic of love. I am a wedding photographer and videographer. By adding an additional level of creativity and involvement to the wedding experience, it supports our job as visual storytellers.

Wedding content Creator – my personal opinion 

Although the idea of wedding content creation has swept the market, it is important to understand that it is not designed to take the place of the priceless labor done by wedding photographers and videographers. Instead, it functions as a supportive and cooperative member of the wedding team. In order to ensure that the couple’s love and feelings are clearly visible, we photographers and videographers place a strong emphasis on capturing the essence of moments in pictures and movies.

I enthusiastically endorse the incorporation of wedding content creation into the wedding experience as a wedding photographer and videographer. Together, we may weave a tale that will be remembered by couples and future generations out of a fabric of love, memories, and feelings. Let’s embrace this lovely trend while adhering to the classic artistry of photography and filmmaking to make sure that the wonder of love is immortalized in all its grandeur.

Couples can benefit from a thorough and varied portrayal of their special day by utilizing the abilities of a wedding content developer alongside the efforts of photographers and videographers. These experts work together to capture every aspect of the wedding festivities in a seamless manner, preserving every priceless moment.

Wedding content creation offers a new and creative approach to preserve and share the joy of weddings in the ever-changing environment of wedding trends. Couples can treasure their love stories from a variety of angles since it creates new opportunities for engagement and creativity.

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